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Claude Young

Miami Music Week Events
March 16 - Ultra Music Festival
March 21 - Drumcode @ Treehouse
March 23 - Waveform Recordings @ Shelborne
New In The Mood EP Available Now on MOOD Records
Nicole Moudaber is heading to Miami, along with the rest of the international dance music congiscenti, for three scheduled dates pulling the classic Music Week trifecta - Ultra Music Festival, a pool party and nighttime party. This on the heals of her successful MOOD Records launch with the recently released In The Mood EP, which is now available worldwide.
Miami Music Week is always an essential time on the schedule of any DJ. Nicole's first appreance at Ultra Music Festival will be on Saturday, March 16, when she plays at the Carl Cox & Friends Arena alongside her mentor and friend. Next, on March 21st, she will join fellow technophile Adam Beyer at his Drumcode party at Treehouse. Finally, Nicole will close out the week at the Shelborne, were she will play at the Waveform Recordings party alongside her The Journey Begins EP collaborator Victor Calderone.
On Monday, February 25, Nicole officially launched her new label MOOD Records with her own In The Mood EP. Centered on a tightly programmed, funky groove, simmering chords, and the considerable vocal talents of Hosie, the orginal bursts with energy and is ready-made for energetic dancefloors. Nicole's b-side rework takes things a bit deeper, stripping back the beat and removing much of Hosie's original vocal. Sitting in between the two is Nathan Barato's remix, darker than Nicole's original, while still holding on to the funkiness of the original.
Nicole Moudaber @ Miami Music Week
March 16 Ultra Music Festival (Carl Cox & Friends Arena)
March 21 Drumcode @ Treehouse (323 23rd St., Miami Beach)
March 23 Waveform Recordings @ Shelborne Pool (1801 Collins Ave, Miami Beach)





Fedde le Grand launched a sneak attack on music fans around the world, unleashing his latest secret remix weapon, Nikki Williams’ ‘Glowing’, on the planet’s leading music download site www.beatport.com.





Released on Chamelion Entertainment, le Grand’s edit of ‘Glowing’ is typical Fedde; huge melodic swells of keyboards and organs underpinning Williams’ original vocal cut, crashing up against fist-pump inducing, syncopated rhythmic stabs and immense warping electronic drops that are sure to induce an epidemic of ‘jump-up’ syndrome whenever the track is dropped.


Williams is already being touted by parent label Def Jam as one of the new stars of 2013 and le Grand’s remix of ‘Glowing’ will certainly go a long way in establishing her in the ears of music fans everywhere.


Nikki Williams – ‘Glowing: The Remixes’ (Fedde le Grand Remix) is out NOW on Beatport.

Miss Kittin Unveils Music Video For 'Bassline'

Miss Kittin today released the music video for 'Bassline' the second single from her forthcoming album 'Calling From The Stars' (April wSphere).

The music video was directed by Andrew Woodhead, who has previously worked with Justice, Break Bot, French Fries, Aeroplane and more.

Boasting a career that spans three decades and long-term collaborations with The Hacker and Felix da Housecat, Miss Kittin’s sound is as brilliantly unpredictable as ever. New single ‘Bassline’, available now and as an EP on 25th March, marries vocal melodies with pop sensibilities of the highest form and demonstrates exactly why the sound of Miss Kittin remains as relevant and fresh as ever. Described by Nowness as "A black Ballardian dancefloor illuminated by a setting sun provides the science-fiction backdrop to Parisian dance music heroine Miss Kittin’s new video for 'Bassline'.

Watch the video here - feel free to embed or share:

'Bassline' also signals the directorial debut from Andrew Woodhead, who described the video as follows: “The video for Bassline symbolises the steps of a club dance floor, how they start off lonely then change over the course of an evening into a frenzy of dance. With inspiration drawn from movies such as Knight Rider, Total Recall and old Pepsi commercials, a bright punchy universe was created to dance upon.”

W&W teams up with Armin van Buuren on “D# Fat”

Listen to the track in its entirety here


Armin van Buuren & W&W

“D# Fat”

Out now, exclusively on Beatport: http://bit.ly/DFatbP

Striving forward in the ever-evolving game of dance music, three visionary producers join forces. Armin van Buuren pairs up with the big boys of W&W. And for the love of musical evolution, big bass and highlight moments, they bring us ‘D# Fat’.

Armin’s been a fan ever since W&W burst onto the scene with the seductive sounds of ‘Mustang’. In the meantime, the Dutch rookies have come to take the lead in the next generation of EDM producers and the tunes hit in at warp speed. Following the official ASOT550 anthem, the unforgettable ‘Invasion’, is the next step in their career: to team up with Armin van Buuren. And so they did.

‘D# Fat’ will be one of the shining highlights of the ASOT 600 world tour, but is sure to spread its glow long after the celebrations have ended. A genuine mix of warm melody, scintillating details, big bass action and techy trouble. Fat with a capital F indeed.

W&W North American Tour Dates

March 16 – Beyond Wonderland – San Bernardino, CA

March 24 – Ultra Music Festival – A State Of Trance 600 - Miami, FL

March 28 – The Guvernment – Toronto, Canada

March 29 – Opera – Atlanta, GA

March 30 – Madison Square Garden – A State Of Trance 600

March 31 – Bal En Blanc – Montreal, Canada

May 4 – Wonderland – Edmonton, Canada

Simian Mobile Disco Premiere Full 'Live' Album Stream

'Live' Released Digitally Today via Delicacies

"Armed with a battery of machines, and having honed their knob-twiddling chops during years of gigs in clubs big and small, they've got the art of live techno down to a science." - SPIN

Today marks the digital release of the awaited 'Live' album from Simian Mobile Discoon their own label, Delicacies. Recorded with no edits from their December 7th, 2012 performance in Philadelphia, 'Live' is a true depiction of the duo's musical prowess and ability. Links to preview the album on SPIN and buy on iTunes are below. 'Live' will be released physically on April 15th.

Listen to the full album on SPIN.
Buy the album on iTunes.


Carl Cox, is of course, one of the most well-known and iconic fixtures in dance music. He transcends all musical boundaries and gives his invigorating brand of sonic avarice to the masses. There is nothing like a Carl Cox event, and people come from far and wide to experience one of these epic nights. His passion for music has never waned and the synergy between Carl and his audience is powerful and palpable.

The Smile. The Music. The Energy.

This is Carl Cox

3/6 - Brooklyn @ Output https://www.facebook.com/events/498349806889204/?fref=ts

Batter up, party people – Fedde le Grand is back! The Dutch legend returns to the road and he’s doing it in style; teaming up with event goliath Ultra Music Festival for their sensational new tour concept ‘Road To Ultra: A Long Way From Home’.




From March 1st, Fedde will slam down across the United States of America, hitting a run of house music hotspots before descending on the Main Stage of Ultra itself in Miami. Bringing with him the double-whammy talents of Sultan & Ned Shepard, le Grand is in no mood to take any prisoners and will be unleashing a whirlwind of new music straight from his own studio onto salivating dance floors below.


That new music will, without a doubt, include the brand new track and Road To Ultra official anthem ‘Long Way From Home’. Co-produced by Fedde, Sultan & Ned Shepard, the single is a funk-fuelled electronic roller that is sure to set dance charts around the world on fire.


To celebrate the start of the tour, fans can get in on the action to win some amazing prizes including tickets to dates across the Road To Ultra tour and to the Ultra Music Festival itself! Here’s how you can get involved…




Find Fedde! Spot Fedde’s tour bus on the road, capture it on your camera and you could be in with a chance to grab one of five pairs of tickets to the Ultra Music Festival (Weekend 1). Simply upload your picture to either Twitter or Instagram making sure to include the hashtags #FLGmycontent, #ROADTOULTRA, @feddelegrand and @ultramusicfestival [Instagram] or @ultramusic [Twitter].




Give Fedde a call – phone in to the Dark Light Sessions voicemail on 0031 76 737 0121 to share your most exciting, most hilarious or most downright epic ‘Long Way From Home’ moment and you could win tickets to a ‘Road To Ultra’ tour date near you – just don’t forget to tell us which Road To Ultra city!


Email in a photo that best captures your ‘Long Way From Home’ experience, putting the Road To Ultra city of your choice in the subject line. Again to win, just upload your picture to either Twitter or Instagram making sure to include the hashtags #FLGmycontent, #ROADTOULTRA, @feddelegrand and @ultramusicfestival [Instagram] or @ultramusic [Twitter].



Fans can get their very first listen to the track in this exclusive tour promo video – but tune in to the world famous BBC Radio 1 on Saturday night (February 23rd) after 6pm and not only will you be able to catch Fedde as he talks live and exclusive with presenter Danny Howard about the tour itself, but you’ll also get to hear a whole lot more of “Long Way From Home” plus his epic new remix of Nikki Williams’ ‘Glowing’.



Road To Ultra: A Long Way From Home

03/01 – HQ @ Revel, Atlantic City NJ

03/02 – Pacha, NYC NY

03/03 – Prime, Boston MA

03/04 – Westcott Theatre, Syracuse NY

03/06 – Elektricity, Pontiac MI

03/07 – The Mid, Chicago IL

03/12 – La Zona Rosa / SXSW, Austin TX

03/13 – Club Chaos, S Padre Island TX

03/14 – Stereo Live, Houston TX














Sasha’s Involver 3 is one of the most anticipated electronic music albums of the year. Lying at that halfway point between traditional mix album and original work, Sasha has woven together a stunning 2 CD set, reworking each individual track into a cohesive, flowing mix that moves from shimmering Balearic ambience to deep house and atmospheric techno.


Album highlights include tracks from The XX, Little Dragon, Foals, ThermalBear, Blondes, Ananda Project, James Zabiela, Keep Shelly In Athens and beyond, plus a new production from the man himself featuring Kicki Halmos. And whether the tracks are previously unheard exclusives or known favorites, Sasha’s remixed each and every one for this album (full tracklisting below).


While many of his peers have become pallbearers for yesterday’s sounds, Sasha has remained on the bleeding edge for over two decades – not through some grand master plan, but simply through his own appetite for new sounds and artists, and an unshakeable belief in progress. The Involver concept has always been indicative of this, each release representing a nexus of current ideas and movements within dance music.


Sasha’s imprint, Last Night On Earth, has quickly established itself with releases and remixes from ThermalBear, James Teej, Max Cooper, Ghosting Season, Hiatus, Thomas Smith, M.A.N.D.Y, Layo & Bushwacka, and Sasha’s own collaborations with James Teej and Krister Linder. The label’s output follows a similar path to Sasha’s current DJ sets, with a focus on electronica, leftfield techno and deep house, and the kind of soundtrack you’ll hear him play at Berlin’s Panorama Bar, London’s Ministry of Sound or Tokyo’s Womb.


Sasha will support the release of “Involver 3” with a run of dates through the USA this February and March. In addition to shows in Miami, Denver, San Francisco, St. Louis and Dallas, Sasha will be extremely active during Miami Music Week. On March 21, Sasha sets sail on his “Last Night On Earth Sunset Cruise” which offers the finest in dance music in an extraordinary setting. On March 23, Sasha takes to the SLS for the “Never Say Never Pool Party,” while he closes the week out on March 24 at Set with the official global Involver 3 launch party featuring Cassy and Three. With Sasha’s profound influence on the history of dance music and his connection to the USA these events are not to be missed. It’s the perfect cap to the beloved Involver series.






CD1 - (All tracks have been specially remixed by Sasha for this album)

1) Taragana Pyjarama (Feat Kicki Halmos) - Growing Forehead   (Sasha Involv3r Remix)

2) ThermalBear (Feat Arrows Down) - Turn The Tide   (Sasha Involv3r Remix)

3) Little Dragon - Crystalfilm   (Sasha Involv3r Remix)

4) The xx - Chained   (Sasha Involv3r Remix)

5) Benjamin Damage & Doc Daneeka (Feat Abigail Wyles) - Battleships   (Sasha Involv3r Remix)

6) Ultraista - Smalltalk   (Sasha Involv3r Remix)

7) Ananda Project - Moment Before Dreaming   (Sasha Involv3r Remix)

8) James Zabiela - The Healing   (Sasha Involv3r Remix)

9) Blondes - Wine   (Sasha Involv3r Remix)

10) Keep Shelly In Athens - DIY   (Sasha Involv3r Remix)

11) Sasha (Feat Kicki Halmos) - Shoot You Down

12) Foals - Late Night   (Sasha Involv3r Remix)


CD 2 - (All tracks have been specially remixed by Sasha for this album)

1) Taragana Pyjarama (Feat Kicki Halmos) - Growing Forehead (Sasha Beatless Remix)

2) ThermalBear (Feat Arrows Down) - Turn The Table (Sasha Beatless Remix)

3) Little Dragon - Crystalfilm (Sasha Beatless Remix)

4) The xx - Chained (Sasha Beatless Remix)

5) Benjamin Damage & Doc Daneeka (Feat Abigail Wyles) - Battleships (Sasha Beatless Remix)

6) Ultraista - Smalltalk (Sasha Beatless Remix)

7) Ananda Project - Moment Before Dreaming (Sasha Beatless Remix)


Tracklist - LP


LP 1

Side A

1) Taragana Pyjarama (Feat Kicki Halmos) - Growing Forehead (Sasha Involv3r Remix)

2) ThermalBear (Feat Arrows Down) - Turn The Tide (Sasha Involv3r Remix)


Side B

1) Benjamin Damage & Doc Daneeka (Feat Abigail Wyles) - Battleships (Sasha Involv3r Remix)


LP 2

Side C

1) James Zabiela - The Healing (Sasha Involv3r Remix)

2) Ananda Project - Moment Before Dreaming" (Sasha Involv3r Remix)


Side D

1) Ultraista - Smalltalk" (Sasha Involv3r Remix)


LP 3

Side E

1) Blondes - Wine (Sasha Involv3r Remix)

2) Keep Shelly In Athens - DIY (Sasha Involv3r Remix)


Side F

1) Sasha (Feat Kicki Halmos) - Shoot You Down




Sasha North American Tour Dates


Feb 22 – Treehouse – Miami, FL

Feb 23 - Beta – Denver, CO

Feb 28 – Vessel – SF, CA

Mar 1 - Club Euro - St Louis, MO

Mar 2 - It'll Do – Dallas, TX

Mar 21 – Last Night On Earth Sunset Cruise – Miami, FL

Mar 23 – SLS – Miami, FL (Never Say Never Pool Party)

Mar 24 – Set – Miami, FL (“Involver 3” launch party w/ Cassy and Three)




















Toolroom Records mark the 10-year milestone with a landmark release from

Sander van Doorn, Mark Knight and Underworld: the almighty “Ten”

Featuring artwork designed by MM (AKA Maxim from The Prodigy)

Watch the official video


Sander van Doorn & Mark Knight V Underworld



March 4 (Beatport Exclusive)

Toolroom Records

After a decade of defining releases, worldwide sell-out tours, no.1 hits from international artists, countless industry awards & millions of downloads,Toolroom Records mark the 10-year milestone with a landmark release fromSander van Doorn, Mark Knight and Underworld: the almighty ‘Ten’.

Combining 3 musical minds of such prestigious value could only ever result in a colossal release, especially considering the individual heritage of each contributing artist. Delivering a vocal performance akin to no.1 smash‘Downpipe’Underworld are once again poised to define a generation of Toolroom fans thanks to Karl Hyde’s signature lyricism echoing out across an expertly crafted electronic landscape. Making his debut on the label, Sander Van Doorn’s legacy in the world of electronic music is unparalleled, and so it’s only fitting that for such a landmark release he lend his trademark energized sound to the Toolroom Records catalogue. Mark Knight completes the trio of undisputed heavyweight producers, offering his label expertise to complete the ramped-up energetic workout of techno grooves and classic club riff that comprise the distinctive ‘Ten’.

Featuring original artwork from MM (Maxim from legendary British dance act The Prodigy), ‘Ten’ is only the beginning; this is the start of a brand new decade of Toolroom Records. Make the celebrations yours and join Toolroom in remembering 10 years of amazing music throughout the rest of 2013.










Maceo Plex Mixes DJ-Kicks

Out April 30 On !K7 Records
Is it possible to zero-in on the sound of the future by re-contextualizing music of the past? Maceo Plex’s meticulously crafted DJ-Kicks mix aims to do just that. “For the last three years at least, the big trend has been early ’90s house,” he says. “Everything’s a throwback. I think it’s the right time to put out something that’s a little more deep and futuristic again.” So while Plex’s mix includes tracks that are up to 20-years old, the selections highlight timeless qualities he feels are missing from contemporary dance floors, and the music is painstakingly re-edited for emphasis. “Most of the tracks are really old, so they needed freshening up,” he says. “A lot of them were missing percussion, or some other element I thought they could use. I think it’s time for people to move on to rediscovering what electronic music is all about, which is moving forward. That futuristic sound, which is timeless.”

But isn’t it a bit of a contradiction, trying to bump electronic music out of a retro rut by looking to a different set of old records? Plex, whose real name is Eric Estornel, reasons it thus: “A lot of the music on there is old, but basically has the sounds and the type of vibe that I think is missing these days. I went through a lot of new music. I didn’t want to select anything that everyone is playing at the moment and I definitely didn’t want to select anything that was already out on digital. The whole mix is comprised of vinyl-only tracks that are not going to be out on digital other than the DJ-Kicks mix. To do that I had to go through a lot of new music and a lot of old music, and there wasn’t much new music that I really loved. I mean I love a lot of new music, but there wasn’t anything that I wanted to represent what I’m trying to do with the mix.”

Estornel has certainly come up with a forward-thinking set that doesn’t sound like much else out there. It opens with “Spatial Lobe” by Monsters From ID, a lost gem of electro typewriter beats and cosmic bleeps by two brothers from Northampton in the UK, who also released under the name Bitstream. “That is one of my favourite tracks of all time,” says Estornel. “It’s a really deep emotional electro track.” “New York Is Alright” by TV Baby, a throb of low-resolution low-end and caustic vocals, bleeds into Estornel’s collaboration with Michael O’Sullivan, “When It All Comes To This,” which sees acid house poetry set against a menacing tech house groove. “The way they go together is a really important moment in the mix,” he explains. “It’s a really good groove; futuristic but really soulful and funky at the same time.” The thread that runs throughout the mix is a compelling darkness. “The whole mix is very dark,” agrees Estornel. “But it’s varied as well. It’s really boring to stay one style. If you’re a lover of music, you don’t love one style. I think it’s important to travel through different styles.” The end result is an education, a lesson in how electronic music for the dancefloor is done with intelligence.

If the custom treatment of older tracks sounds likes a long-winded process, it was. “It took me at least three months. I went through my own stuff and previous DJ-Kicks mixes. Y’know, research. I think it is the most important mix series so I wanted to make sure it was music that I really loved and I want to hear in five or ten years time.” Estornel continues: “I think one of the biggest moments is “Racing Tracks” by Visnadi, the edit that I did. It’s got these racing car sounds and I think that the edit came out really well. It’s a pretty strong moment.” 

In time-honoured tradition, the mix contains an exclusive track (in addition to the ten new re-edits). Maceo Plex’s “Galactic Cinema” is a muscular and suitably off-world house chug. “I’m kind of known for a couple of big disco records and some really deep bassline house tracks. This track is much darker, but still pretty sexy and soulful. The whole thing is dark and futuristic.”

“This mix is kind of my legacy, or, at least, part of it,” says Estornel, by way of a parting thought. “In ten or twenty years I’m going to want to go back and listen to this mix and I hope it’s still fresh.”

Who knows. It sounds pretty timeless right now, though.


01.     Monsters From ID / Spatial Lobe
02.     Voice Stealer / Evaluation
03.     Stingray313 / Defect
04.     Mathias Schaffhäuser / Nice To Meet You (Maceo Plex Edit)
05.     TV Baby / New York Is Alright (Blak Spun Mix)
06.     Maceo Plex & Mark O'Sullivan / When It All Comes To This
07.     Lab Insect aka Nomenklatür / Oh Happy Day (Maceo Plex Edit)
08.     Kimbu Kimra / Raise The Dead (Love From San Francisco Dub)
09.     Mattski / Escapism (Maceo Plex Conversation Remix)
10.     Eric Volta / Rez-Shifter (Maceo Plex Remix)
11.     Visnadi / Racing Tracks (Indianapolis Drive Mix / Maceo Plex Edit)
12.     Maceo Plex  / Galactic Cinema (DJ-Kicks)
13.     Move D / Sandmann (Maetrik Edit)
14.     Zeta Reticula & Freaks / Creeps (Maetrik Fusion Edit)
15.     Jaydee  / Payback (Maceo Plex Remix)
16.     S.A.M. / Nangijala (Maceo Plex Reggae Edit)
17.     Turner / Multiorgel (Schneider TM Mix)
18.     Maceo Plex / Mind On Fire

US tour dates:
14th March: Mansion - Miami, FL
15th March: Beyond Wonderland Pre Party @ Exchange, LA
16th March: Beyond Wonderland at Downtown LA, LA
17th March: Ultra Music Festival, Miami, FL
20th March: Ellum Showcase at Electric Pickle, Miami, FL
24th March: Last Resort, Miami, FL

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