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Claude Young

Art Department's Social Experiment 003 Out Now on No.19 Music
New Worldwide Tour Dates Announced
Art Department's long-awaited, debut mix compilation is now available for purchase onBeatport and iTunes
"With the “Social Experiment” series,  White,  No.19 Music, and Art Department are proliferating a new form of house music for the newly-aware EDM masses." - Consequenceofsound.net

Art Department, one of the most respected and renowned names in the electronic music underground, have officially released their first ever mix compilation. Social Experiment 003 is now available worldwide on No.19 Music.

"This is Art Department’s first ever mix comp and I’m doing it on my record label with my whole team who has been there since long before the start. It’s a big thing. It’s projects like this that feel like defining moments for us and inspire us." - Jonny White

With Jonny White as a founder, it was only natural that No.19 Music would host the duo's first compilation mix. The release features fourteen tracks with some of the biggest and brightest names in electronic music making an appearance. Unheard cuts from the likes of Jamie Jones, My Favorite Robot and Art Department themselves - the whole thing is tied together seamlessly with the duo’s creative vision.

"The dancefloor is a social experiment." - Kenny Glasgow

Bookended with Art Department exclusives in the shape of “Into the Dust Intro” and “Insomniac,” the mix takes an emotive and intense journey through the realms of twisted house music, deep techno and after-hour grooves, fusing uplifting vocal compositions with rolling instrumental workouts as only Jonny & Kenny know how. “Robot Heart,” the new single from Art Department, BLUD and Shaun Reeves, also makes a welcome appearance, with the sultry London vocals of one Damian Lazarus. Add to the mix the likes of Carl Craig, Robert Owens, Jakkin Rabbit, Fuckpony, DJ Hell, Brian Ferry, Tale of Us and Ali Love - there is truly no shortage to the musical talent on offer here, and the selection shines from beginning to end.

Art Department have announced a large series of upcoming tour dates, spanning mutiple continents, appearances at both weekends of Ultra Music Festival and a Social Experiment at Cafeina Lounge. A complete list of those dates is below. 

Art Department Tour Dates
**Denotes solo performance by Kenny Glasglow
March 01 Chicago, IL @ Venue TBA**
March 02 New York, NY @ SRB**
March 14 San Francisco, CA @ Public Works**
March 16 San Bernadino, CA @ Beyond Wonderland
March 17 Miami, FL @ Ultra Music Festival
March 20 Miami, FL @ Wall (The Modern Love Affair)
March 22 Miami, FL @ Cafeina Lounge (Social Experiment)
March 24 Miami, FL @ Ultra Music Festival
March 28 Toronto, Canada @ Maison
March 29 New York, NY @ Highline Ballroom
April 05  Porto, Portugal @ TBD
April 06  Basel, Switzerland @ Nordstern
April 07  St. Julians, Malta @ Cosa Nostra, Sky Club
April 12  Lisbon, Portugal @ Zero
April 13  London, UK @ Brixton Academy
April 18  Rome, Italy @ Goa Club
April 19  Milan, Italy @ Amnesia
April 20  Bari, Italy @ Jubilee Club
April 21  Musile Di Piave, Italy @ CirQ
April 26  Leeds, UK @ Canal Mills
April 27  Dublin, Ireland @ Hidden Agenda, The Button Factory
April 28  Moscow, Russia @Arma17
May 04  Stockholm, Sweden @ F 1-6 / Fotografiska
May 05  Nottingham, UK @ Stealth Nightclub
May 07  Paris, France @ Chalet De La Porte Jaune
May 08  Berlin, Germany @ Panorama Bar
May 09  London, UK @ Boiler Room, Personal
May 10  London, UK @ Egg
May 10  Brighton, UK @ The Haunt
May 11  Scheveningen, Netherlands @ Naturel Beachclub
May 17 Boston, MA @ Bijou (Together Festival)
May 25  Upminster, UK @ Damyns Hall
May 26  Detroit, MI @ Movement Festival

"This is a great snapshot of a talented production/Djing duo, and an essential purchase for any house-head" - Mixmag

"Social Experiment 003 is an after-hours adventure into the perverse seduction of tech-house." - Consequenceofsound.net

"Longtime Canadian buddies, techno/house stalwart Kenny Glasgow and and No.19 label owner, Jonny White are one of the only tag-teams to revolutionize underground dance music that don’t hale from Europe." - Vibe
"Deep house mavens Art Department are one of the hottest acts in dance music today." - Lessthan3.com

"Social Experiment 003 is a worthy endeavour indeed" - Ibiza Voice

Crookers Launches New Label, Ciao Records, with Giga/A Go Go EP as Premiere Release

Phra Chats About Taking Sole Control of Crookers w/ Rolling Stone

Hey Fiona,

2013 will be Crookers’ best year to date. A recent split of the Italian duo late last year has led to Phra taking on the Crookers moniker as a solo act, and now it’s straight to business as he launches his new imprint, Ciao Records, with a two-track EP titled ‘Giga/A Go Go.’ A treat to Crookers fans old and new, the maiden release captures the essence and vitality of the original Crookers sound while incorporating years of new inspiration and influence.

Read the interview about the split on Rolling Stone
Preview the EP on Soundcloud
Buy the EP on Beatport

'Giga' builds slowly, creeping to a mammoth Electro bounce peppered with an exclamatory "Ugh!" here and there for good measure, while 'A Go Go' is an industrial-sounding monster reminiscent of the 'Il Cattivo' era but simultaneously showcases a formidable, grungy snarl unlike any Crookers release on record. Needless to say,'Giga/A Go Go' is only the beginning of the next chapter.

Ciao Records will be the avenue for Phra’s creativity and passion for all genres. In the same vein as his friend Skrillex’s OWSLA imprint, Phra will curate a varied catalogue spanning the spectrum of dance music.

Finally, each new release on Ciao Records will come with A Few Words From Phra. Here’s the first installment…

“Hey, it's me, your future best friend. The one who is always gonna remind u to brush your teeth when you’re drunk after a long night in the club...but that's another story. This is the first 2 Crookers tracks (for everybody suggesting I should lose the S from the name, I can now announce that I’m around with a new crew, a MC and a 45 piece orchestra. So leave me alone and God bless the S!) These tracks you’re about to hear sound a lil bit old AND a lil bit new, a lil bit cool AND a lil bit not cool. But as my Grandmama always use to say, "In the middle is just right". So try to enjoy it as much the people who sweat their ass’s off out on the floor … it’s music to dance to assholes.” - Phra

Ian Pooley & Spencer Parker - Thirty Six EP

1. Lerchen Und Eulen

2. In My Head

3. Lerchen Und Eulen (Radio Slave Remix)


Also Out On Vinyl At The Following:




​Since meeting in Berlin a few years ago, Spencer Parker and Ian Pooley have enjoyed long and prolific music careers both individually and as a duo, with past releases on Tsuba, Rekids, Cabin Fever and Plus 8 to name a few. Hitting the ground running in 2013, they return for another helping of underground house on Josh Wink’s Ovum imprint, following up from 2010’s Kinderteller EP.

Upon hearing the first two and a half minutes of Lerchen und Eulen you could be forgiven for thinking you were in for a potentially punishing workout. A relentless bass line undulates below 808 claps and ride cymbals, which in turn sit alongside a singular chord sequence that serve to lure the listener in. Then out of nowhere, they’re caught off guard with a secondary hook, creating a call-and-response pattern that somehow recontextualizes the entire song as a soulful beach-party groover, reinforced further by effervescent arpeggios and latin percussion.

In My Head is a masterful lesson in stripped-back, minimalist aesthetics. Pulsing synths dance around a driving, hypnotic drum-groove, with carefully controlled hi-hat volleys and skittering percussion underpinned by throbbing sub-weight. Mysterious androgynous vocal snippets drift in and out of the mix, swelling and morphing over the chugging bassline stabs that push the song ever forward. This, quite simply, is unadulterated; ‘lose-yourself-at-four-in-the-morning’ dance floor bliss, engineered with the guttural precision of two techno producers comfortably sitting at the top of their game.

Lerchen und Eulen (Radio Slave Remix) is a weird and wonderful trip, with a crisp, solid drum pattern being about the only element of the song, which manages to retain some sense of normalcy. Elsewhere, distant, spaced-out pads orbit around an unintelligible vocal sample, which positively drips with audio effects, to the extent that it appears to be bending its way through time and space itself. The mix is fleshed out with further unidentifiable sonic artifacts and eerie filtered strings, and the reversed chords in the breakdown only add to the off-kilter weirdness. They bring a strange warmth to the proceedings, before the hefty kick-drum/sub-bass combo punches back into the mix and the journey begins once more. Masterful stuff.

HUGE SUPPORT FROM Nic Fanciullli, Joris Voorn, Carl Craig, Hot Since 82, Doc Martin, D'julz, Jimpster, Luca Bacchetti, Marc Romboy and so many more!!!


Joris Voorn – “In My Head is a great track! Also loving the Radio Slave mix here too! Very nice!”

D’Julz – “This is a great follow up release from Ian and Spencer!! I’ll be playing In My Head a lot!”

Carl Craig – “That Radio Slave remix is wonderfully freaky! Support!”

Nic Fanciulli – “Great ep from two of my favourite producers. Lerchen is my pick, working well for me.”

Marc Romboy – “Very solid, old skool EP! My full support of course! Especially on In My Head.”

Ali (Tiefschwarz) – “I LOVE both of the originals and Radio Slave’s remix! A great Ovum release!!”

Luca Bacchetti – “Lerchen und Eulen will fit my sets with perfection! Classy with a touch of Latin, a little bit jazzy... thanks for this music!”

Greg (Catz ‘N Dogz)  - “Really good EP from Pooley & Parker, especially In My Head. Gonna be spinning that!”

Jimpster – “Super solid EP, with all tracks standing out as something a bit special, certain to rock the disco nicely. Title track will be getting spun tonight for sure, yes indeedy.”

Doc Martin – “All mixes have their place on the floor. Solid EP from Ian and Spencer!”

Reboot – “BOMB ep!! What more can I say? Really feeling these, especially the remix.”

Danny Howells – “Wow what a killer release, although no surprise when you consider who made it. I'll probably be playing every track from this. Thank you!”

Nick Curly – “The next great release from these two... The original of Lerchen und Eulen is my fave here but everything is good! Thanks for that.”

For More Info On Ovum And This Release Go To: www.ovum-rec.om or facebook.com/ovumrecordings

Above & Beyond Release Anjunabeats Volume 10
[Anjunabeats / Ultra - March 4]
Leading up the release of Anjunabeats Volume 10, Above & Beyond have released a special mini-mix. Recently premiered onRollingStone.com, the mini-mix is now available worldwide.
Following on the heels of a sold-out launch party in New York City, Above & Beyond have now released their official Anjunabeats Volume 10 Mini-Mix to the public. Befittingly, the mini-mix contains 10 tracks, including contributions from label mainstays Andrew Bayer, Arty, Norin & Rad, Jaytech, Kyau & Albert, and Above & Beyond themselves. The full double mix will be available worldwide on March 4.

The mini-mix itself was recently premiered on RollingStone.com. In that premiere, Tony McGuinness described to the renowned publication how the project as a whole was created. "For our landmark 10th edition, we reached out far and wide across our label family and asked our favourite producers to create something extra special for the compilation. From Sydney to Hawaii, Moscow to Miami, many of the compilation's 30 unique tracks from the likes of Arty, Norin & Rad and Andrew Bayer have been the soundtrack to our DJ shows across the world."

The full double mix, available worldwide on March 4, contains 30 exclusive and largely unreleased tracks from over 20 artists who make up their diverse and talented label family. Covering the best in modern progressive, trance and big room club sounds, 'Anjunabeats Volume 10' includes four exclusive Above & Beyond productions – including the heart-swelling piano intro "Small Moments," the dark instrumental club anthem "Walter White," and the relentless Above & Beyond Club Mix of "Black Room Boy" from the trio’s critically acclaimed second artist album 'Group Therapy.'

Adding a fresh perspective on some of the label’s most classic material, two brand new remixes of tracks from Above & Beyond’s 2007 debut "Tri-State" are also featured, thanks to a euphoric Genix rework of "Home" and a long awaited club mix of "Liquid Love" by Maor Levi.

Providing a snapshot of the label's big movers for 2013, the compilation also features Arty’s futuristic disco trance anthem "Believe In Me," Andrew Bayer’s electro-edged "England," the powerful "Aldo" by Norin & Rad and Kyau & Albert’s club banger "Glühwürmchem."

Anjunabeats Volume 10 Tracklisting
Disc 1
01. Above & Beyond "Small Moments"
02. Soundprank "Animus"
03. Sunny Lax "Isla Margarita"
04. Audien "Wayfarer"
05. Mike Shiver "Ohh"
06. Above & Beyond feat. Zoë Johnston "Alchemy" (Above & Beyond Club Mix)
07. Jaytech "Inception"
08. Boom Jinx, Maor Levi & Ashley Tomberlin "When You Loved Me"
09. Oliver Smith "Pressure"
10. Ronski Speed & Syntrobic feat. Renee Stahl "Pink Skye"
11. Above & Beyond "Walter White"
12. Kyau & Albert "Glühwürmchen"
13. Maor Levi "Holding On"
14. Ost & Meyer "Here We Go"
15. Above & Beyond "Liquid Love" (Maor Levi Club Mix)


Disc 2
01. Andrew Bayer "England"
02. Norin & Rad "Aldo"
03. Genix "Stateside"
04. Nitrous Oxide pres. N2O "K.O."
05. Super8 & Tab "L.A."
06. ilan Bluestone "Sinai"
07. 7 Skies vs. Nitrous Oxide "Right On"
08. Arty "Believe In Me" (Instrumental)
09. Above & Beyond "Black Room Boy" (Above & Beyond Club Mix)
10. Eximinds "Revolved"
11. Above & Beyond "Home" (Genix Remix)
12. Ronski Speed "Sanity Dub" (Exclusive Volume 10 Mix)
13. Lange vs. Genix "Immersion"
14. Mike Koglin vs. 7 Skies "Vision"
15. Bart Claessen & Raz Nitzan pres. Who.Is "Only Totally"




Fans are invited to “Catch” Steve Angello on www.catchingsteveangello.com#catchsteveangello

For a link to the TV-show trailer, click here

(February 20, 2013) – MTV and world-renowned DJ/producer Steve Angello have teamed up to launch an intriguing social media campaign in support of MTV’s newest hit docu-series “Catfish: The TV Show,” which recently premiered on MTV. The series follows the plot of the critically acclaimed 2010 documentary-thriller “Catfish,” which tackles the mysteries and complexities of keeping up relationships in a digital world.

Steve Angello has teamed up with MTV in a campaign supporting the hit show, as he takes on the “catfish” role by hiding behind one of the millions of profiles on Facebook for a week. Fans all over the world are encouraged to visit www.catchsteveangello.com, where they will have the opportunity to answer questions about Steve Angello and “Catfish: The TV Show” to unlock exclusive clues, and help narrow their search to find Steve’s “catfish” profile. Fans will also be able to use Facebook’s “Graph Search,” one of the site’s newest features, making this the very first MTV campaign to use Facebook’s Graph Search function. The fan that finds Steve will win the chance to meet him in person at an event in Miami.

Mattias Behrer, International Marketing Director of MTV, is very excited about working with Steve: ”Steve is one of the most talented DJs in the world, and his great entrepreneurship, devotion to his fans, massive reach in social media and popularity among our key target group make him an ideal artist to work with on this campaign supporting our latest hit show, “Catfish.” This new series highlights the seriousness and complexity of the catfish phenomenon, and we’re looking forward to our campaign with Steve raising even more awareness around this very timely and fascinating topic.”

Steve Angello is currently in the midst of performing alongside Swedish House Mafia band mates Axwell and Sebastian Ingrosso in the iconic dance act’s globe spanning “One Last Tour.” He also owns and operates one of dance music’s most influential labels, Size Records, and is the mastermind behind the Size Matters brand.

“When MTV approached me about the concept for a “Catfish: the TV-show” themed campaign, I was immediately on board. I’m really enamored with the power of the online world and social media. Everyone knows how difficult relationships can be, and how it’s possible to hide behind a fake profile online, so I’m intrigued to see how the campaign will play out,” Steve Angello says.

Note: Steve Angello is not in any way a part of the MTV series “Catfish: The TV Show.”

Behind the campaign stands, aside from MTV and Steve Angello himself, Digital PR-agency Deportivo, Digital agency Cuepoint, and record label Size Records.

Go to www.catchsteveangello.com for more information.


About Catfish: The TV Show

In each episode, Nev and Max use their personal experiences, documentarian skills, plus a healthy dose of detective work to dive into the intricacies of each relationship. From a young woman who wonders why the guy she’s been chatting with for over 10 years won’t meet her in person, to a single dad who hopes that his online girlfriend really is the person she claims to be, to a farmer who believes he’s dating a former Miss Teen USA/Playboy model, Nev and Max steps in to uncover the truth. Are these relationships based on reality, or are they steeped in lies? And is there hope for a positive outcome when the digital romantic partners finally meet face-to-face?

About Steve Angello

As one-third of Grammy Nominated act Swedish House Mafia, owner of Size Records and the Size Matters brand and world travelling DJ/producer, Steve Angello has established himself as one of the biggest and hardest working names in the dance music industry. A tastemaker extraordinaire, through releases on Size Records and his Size Matters live events, Steve has been instrumental in the global explosion of dance music.

About MTV:

MTV is the world’s premier youth entertainment brand. With a global reach of more than a half-billion households, MTV is the cultural home of the millennial generation, music fans and artists, and a pioneer in creating innovative programming for young people. MTV reflects and creates pop culture with its Emmy®, Grammy® and Peabody® award-winning content built around compelling storytelling, music discovery and activism across TV, online and mobile. MTV’s sibling networks MTV2 and mtvU each deliver unparalleled customized content for young males, music fans and college students, and its online hub MTV.com is a leading destination for music, news and pop culture. MTV is a unit of Viacom Inc. (NASDAQ: VIA, VIAB), one of the world’s leading creators of programming and content across all media platforms. For more information, go to http://www.mtvpress.com



Steve Angello Online







Three-Day Weekend Passes & Three-Day VIP Weekend Passes Now on Sale at www.Movement.us

DETROIT, FEBRUARY 20, 2013—The 2013 Movement Electronic Music Festival, taking place May 25, 26 and 27 inside Detroit’s Hart Plaza, confirms 39 additional artists to its illustrious lineup of international heavyweights, rising stars and hometown favorites.

The second phase lineup includes a live set by the renowned producer Nicolas Jaar; French DJ and music producer Brodinski; as well as the legendary superstar duo and remix team Masters at Work - Kenny Dope and Louie Vega.

Many Detroit favorites have also been announced, including a live set by electronic saxophonist and Mad Liberation tour star, GRiZ; 7th City Distribution founder and early 90s techno DJ Daniel Bell, deep-house favorite Moodymann; and second wave techno pioneer Stacey Pullen.

The complete list of the additional 39 performances announced today, in alphabetical order, are as follows:

Al Ester

Adult. - live

Alton Miller


Audion - live

Azari & III - live

Ben Sims

Big Chocolate

Break Science - live


Bruce Bailey

Carlos Souffront

Daniel Bell

Dantiez Saunderson

DJ Godfather & DJ Zebo

DJ Minx featuring Diviniti & Eva Soul


Ellen Allien

Erika - live



Gregor Tresher

GRiZ - live


Laura Jones

Matt Tolfrey

Masters at Work - Kenny Dope & Louie Vega

Mr. Joshooa

Miguel Campbell



Nicolas Jaar - live

Paper Diamond

Soul Clap

Stacey Pullen



Totally Enormous Extinct Dinosaurs - live


Today’s lineup is in addition to the phase one announcement made by Paxahau Promotions Group, which included A Tribe Called Red, Amtrac, Andy C, Art Department, Ben Klock b2b Marcel Dettmann, Big Gigantic, Brendon Moeller aka Echologist, Carl Craig, Dave Clarke, Dennis Ferrer, Derrick May & Kevin Saunderson, Drumcell, DVS1, George FitzGerald, Hatcha, J.Phlip, John Digweed, Luke Slater / P.A.S. - live, Maetrik, Mala, Mike Parker, Nicole Moudaber, Noisia, Onra, Paco Osuna, Richie Hawtin, Rrose, Ryan Elliott, Silent Servant, Slam, Steve Rachmad, SuperVision, Tensnake, Terrence Parker, The Bug, The M Machine, Tommy Four Seven and Truncate.

Tickets for Movement are on sale now ($79 Weekend / $199 VIP), and can be purchased by visiting www.Movement.us. After this Friday, February 22nd the cost for a three-day weekend pass will rise to $89. The cost for a three-day VIP pass will remain at $199 and includes many extras that can be found on the website.

The Movement Electronic Music Festival features: five technologically-rich outdoor stages; more than 100 artists; free Wi-Fi access on the grounds; a posh VIP setting located behind the main stage; dozens of official afterparties; an interactive technology center featuring the hottest gear in the industry; and several art displays to stimulate the senses. Over 107,000 people from around the globe attended the 2012 festival.

Awards and accolades received by the festival and producer include:

· Resident Advisor’s “Festival of the Month” for May 2012, 2011, 2010, 2008 and 2007.

· “Best Niche Festival” 2011 Rolling Stone.

· #1 on the 2010 New York Post list of “10 Outstanding Music Fests.”

· “Best Annual Event” by the Real Detroit Weekly reader’s survey in 2012, 2011 and 2010.

· “Best Festival” by Metrotimes reader’s survey in 2012, 2011 and 2009.

· “Best Festival of the Year” by Metromix.com’s reader’s survey in 2012, 2011 and 2009.

· “Festival of the Year” by URB Magazine reader’s survey in 2008.

· URB Magazine named Paxahau “Promoter of the Year” in 2004.

About Paxahau

Paxahau, now in its eighth year as producers of the Movement Electronic Music Festival in Detroit, first established itself 15 years ago as an online resource to promote both Detroit and electronic music. Paxahau has since earned the respect of their peers and formed a very strong network of alliances throughout the music industry. Today, Paxahau Promotions Group is recognized across the world by artists and industry executives as a premier production and promotions organization. To learn more, visit www.paxahau.com.


Following months of intense speculation, and with the rumour mill now churning at full capacity, Tomorrowland is ready to put the gossip to rest once and for all.

Tomorrowland, which sold out all tickets this weekend in just one second, is very proud to be welcoming 180,000 people from no less than 214 different countries from all over the world to its birthplace in Belgium. This number means even more nationalities will attend this year's edition than those that participated in the last Olympics in London, which was 204 - making the 2013 edition the most international gathering of people in the entire world! Included in this number are all the Global Journey packages, bringing in travellers from 120 cities worldwide on unique Tomorrowland planes.

Finally the time has come; Tomorrowland is able to offer an extra opportunity for all to experience the magical fairy-tale.

A mystical and fantastical trailer has been released for what will be the start of a truly incredible international adventure.


Over the coming weeks, the unique bottle as featured in the trailer - packed with the secret formula required to produce the super festival - will make its way across thousands of miles worth of ocean and eventually dock at the first location selected to host the next chapter in the festival’s magical history. This new location will become the centre of a second worldwide gathering of music fans from across the world for one weekend of September this year.

Belgian brothers Manu & Michiel Beers, creators of Tomorrowland, said: "Having the chance to organise a Tomorrowland outside of Belgium is more exciting than anything we ever dreamed of when we started years ago as young music lovers and entrepreneurs. This year it has become more and more of a reality. We see it as a fantastic and very unique opportunity; it will be an enormous challenge and a big step for our young, creative and vibrant team. We're all very motivated and excited to begin this new chapter and create the same unique experience that we do in Belgium. We're very happy we can finally give an alternative to the enormous amount of people from all over the world that want to visit our festival. We’ve found a beautiful location that feels like a second home, and it’s very similar to our fantastic terrain in Belgium. We will reveal all the details within the coming weeks.”

And so the guessing game begins! With official confirmation that Tomorrowland will travel, taking on the most appropriate name as it does so - TomorrowWorld - it’s anyone’s guess where the first ever edition of the festival outside of Belgium will take place. You have the dates – now start imagining the location!

The magnificent Tomorrowland tale continues…TomorrowWorld is coming.

27th, 28th, 29th September 2013





Juicy Beach 2013 Phase Two Lineup announced

Robbie Rivera Bob Sinclar Cosmic Gate Mord Fustang Manufactured Superstars Nari & Milani Moguai

Stefano Noferini Manuel De La Mare Alex Gaudino Federico Scavo MYNC Sandro Silva + More  TBA

Thursday, March 21, 2013 at the world famous Nikki Beach

Robbie and Monica Rivera announce today the phase two lineup for Juicy Beach – taking place Thursday, March 21, 2013 at the world famous Nikki Beach during WMC / MMW. Mord Fustang, Alex Gaudino, MYNC and Sandro Silva, among others, have been added to lineup that includes Bob Sinclar, Cosmic Gate, Moguai, Manufactured Superstars, Nari & Milani, Stefano Noferini, Manuel De La Mare and Federico Scavo.

Juicy Beach is always one of the standout attractions amongst a week celebrating the global dance scene. Since 2005, Robbie Rivera and his wife and business partner, Monica, have been the driving forces behind the world-renown Juicy Beach party at WMC in Miami each March. The 17-hour events at Nikki Beach Club attract a cast of over 5500 clubbers as well as A-list DJs, and the party has gone on to become one of the week's most successful events. From 2006 to 2008 Juicy Ibiza parties at Amnesia (sponsored by Armani Exchange) and Privilege in Ibiza & Catwalk in Barcelona welcomed over 6,000 clubbers. To date Juicy Beach has featured a who’s who of DJ talent including Kaskade,Deadmau5Benny BenassiAxwellSander van DoornSteve Angello,Mark KnightDirty South, Sebastian Ingrosso, Laidback Luke, JoachimGarraud, Thomas Gold and George Acosta, among others.

No doubt one of the tracks Robbie will be cranking heavily during Miami Music Week is new single “A Thousand Miles;” released February 15 on Cr2 Records. The main mix is produced by Robbie Rivera, Frank Caro &Alemany with remixes from Maurizio Gubellini and Delayers and Robbie Rivera. Check it out here: https://soundcloud.com/robbierivera/sets/a-thousand-miles

Look out for additional Robbie Rivera tour dates and the Juicy Beach Phase Three lineup coming soon

Tickets for Juicy Beach 2013 on sale now throughjuicybeach.wantickets.com


Feb 14 2013 / Union Hall Night Club / Edmonton, AB

Feb 15 2013 / Refuge / Portland, OR

Feb 16 2013 / Avalon / Hollywood, CA

Feb 22 2013 / Club Rio / San Antonio, TX

Feb 23 2013 / Lizard Lounge / Dallas, TX

Mar 21 2013 / Juicy Beach / Miami, FL

Mar 24 2013 / Cameo / Miami, FL

Mar 28 2013 / Fluxx / San Diego, CA

Apr 06 2013 / Oracle Arena / Oakland, CA

Jun 14 2013 / Spring Awakening / Chicago, IL

Guy Gerber is back with another release for the ever excellent Visionquest label. 'Claire' sees Gerber re-unite with Clarian North (Footprintz) with whom he previously collaborated with on his critically acclaimed fabric compilation (fabric 61).

The track, praised by Pitchfork, is classic Gerber; emotive, haunting melodies, 'Claire' invokes melancholy, yet also manages to uplift the listener. This contradiction is what lies at the heart of much of Gerber's music.

Gerber has been on a prolific stretch of late that encompasses his fabric CD, ‘Steady’ for his own Supplement Facts, and ‘The Mirror Game’ EP for Visionquest. It was a creative outpouring that reminded listeners that his emotive take on dance music marks him as one of the scene’s most singular talents, and was rewarded when Resident Advisor readers voted him their No 2 Live Act of 2012.

Stream 'Claire' here:


Makes His Debut on Radio 1's Essential Mix
Essential Mix On BBC Radio 1 (Streaming til Feb. 15)

Mat Zo made his debut on BBC Radio 1's Essential Mix this past weekend, turning in a 70-track spectacular that took in everything from Burial to Boys Noize, Daft Punk to Depeche Mode, Justice to Noisia, plus a selection of tracks from Mat's debut artist album which is set for release in early summer.
"A brilliant young British talent. He has well and truly flexed his creative muscles with this Essential Mix." - Pete Tong, BBC Radio 1
Included in the mix is the first single from Mat's debut artist album, his colab with Porter Robinson "Easy," which is out this spring on Ministry of Sound. The track has already received BBC Radio 1 support from Pete Tong, Annie Mac, Zane Lowe, Greg James, Danny Howard, Annie Nightingale and many more.
"All the music in the (essential) mix is stuff that has inspired me or stuff that is hardwired into my brain from listening to it so much! There are also new tracks that give me hope in the music industry," said Mat. "I started laying down tracks and seeing where the mix would go and it was a really experimental process in a lot of ways. I chose tracks that wouldn’t necessarily would go together in a club set, but would work as something you would listen to on a day-to-day basis."
Much like Madeon, Porter Robinson and Arty, Mat Zo is part of an exciting new breed of electronic music producers that are ripping up the rule book and creating innovative new sonic creations - without the genre preoccupations of old.
Mat Zo Upcoming Tour Dates
February 15 Edmonton, Canada @ Set
February 16  Leftbank Annex, Portland
February 17 Sports Arena, San Diego
February 20 Ann Arbor, MI @ NECTO
February 21 Raleigh, NC @ Southland Ballroom
February 22 Philadelphia, PA @ Rumor
February 23 Tampa, FL @ Ampitheatre

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‘The Right Place Where Not To Be’ is the debut album by Giorgio Gigli, famous for a string of dark techno releases.. , .... ,...... ......


Shaped Noise - Different Selves
The debut album from Shapednoise has surfaced from the creative depths, a brutal aural assault, perfect for your despicable sensibilities. “Different Selves” falls on the grimier side of industrial noise, akin to some Northern Structures, Ancient Methods and Blackest Ever Black releases.......... ,...... ......


Phase - Alone in Time?
The album kicks off with ‘Spacialize’ exhibiting hypnotic loops. ‘Orbitron’ follows on, more subtle stuff, with bleeps and Detroit style high synth pads..’...,. , .... ,...... ......

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