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Claude Young

Hear Claude VonStroke's New 'Urban Animal' Album In Full

NPR this week hosts Claude VonStroke's "Urban Animal" album as part of its First Listen series.

Praising Urban Animal's "serious bump-and-grind basslines" and "simple, low-end hooks that never wear out their welcome", NPR remarks that dirtybird's "bearded bohemian is always worthy of attention".

Check out 'Urban Animal' here:

Urban Animal tour dates below:
10/4/2013 San Francisco CA The Regency Ballroom
10/5/2013 Los Angeles CA Exchange
10/12/2013 Boston MA The Sinclair
10/13/2013 Burlington VT Club Metronome
10/17/2013 Miami FL Grand Central
10/18/2013 Toronto ON The Hoxton
10/19/2013 Montreal QC SAT
10/24/2013 Austin  TX Kingdom
10/25/2013 Asheville  NC Mountain Oasis **
10/30/2013 Phoenix AZ Monarch Theater
10/31/2013 Royal Oak MI Royal Oak Music Theater
11/1/2013 Buffalo NY Rendezvous
11/7/2013 Eugene OR WOW Hall
11/8/2013 Portland OR Branx
11/9/2013 Denver CO City Hall
11/13/2013 Washington DC U Street Music Hall
11/14/2013 Tampa FL The Kennedy
11/15/2013 Philadelphia PA Union Transfer

The Block Club joins the Berghain, Output and Harry Klein for a "Promote Diversity" party
an international protest event against the repressive policies against the gay community in Russia.

If people can dance together, they can live together

Even in the Twenty First century, the freedom to love is not a given for everybody.

On Thursday, September 12th, The Block will join the Berghain Club in Berlin, The Output in New York, and Harry Klein in Munich, for a "Promote Diversity" party - an international protest event against the repressive policies against lesbian, gay, transgender, and bisexual people and their supporters in Russia. In Israel this evening will be led by two prominent European DJs - Move D and Mano Le Tough. All profits from the admission will be contributed to the international LGBT rights organization, All Out.

A few weeks ago, Russian President Vladimir Putin, conformed a law banning "homosexual propaganda". The law, approved by vote and unopposed, is intended according to the administration to protect teenagers from ''inappropriate" and "immoral" content and it imposes stiff penalties on those who publicly display "untraditional relations" or distribute "homosexual information."

The campaign of hatred against the LGBT community throughout Russia is at an a new high. In a systematic process that has continued for several years, the basic human rights of millions of people in Russia are being trampled on, one after the other, solely because of their sexual orientation. At the moment, members of the LGBT community members are forbidden to demonstrate, march, meet and even to express physical affection in public. Same-sex couples that hold hands on the street could stand trial and be fined heavily, the Gay Pride Parade has been banned in Moscow for the next one hundred years at least, and NGOs and support groups for LGBT youth, as well as any conversation with teens about homosexual issues, have been made illegal.

Inspired by the wave of new legislation, more and more acts of violence by the police and citizens are occurring against the gay community in Russia. People suspected of having "non-traditional" tendencies are being beaten on the street for all to see, without the intervention of the police and sometimes even with their encouragement; protesters are being beaten and arrested and neo-Nazi groups have started to kidnap, abuse and kill young gays and lesbians.

The international club scene, which grew in the ghettos of the oppressed and the outcast, has always supported the values of equality and tolerance and is, essentially, a city of refuge for the "different". By joining the protests onSeptember 12th and contributing to "All Out", we hope to do our part in the fight for the freedom to love.

"All Out" is an international organization of more than 1.8 million activists and leads high-profile campaigns against homophobia in the most difficult places in the world, including Cameroon, Iraq, Uganda, Nigeria, Ukraine - and now Russia. The organization specializes in putting pressure on decision-makers, and has a history of successes in protecting the lives of LGBT and quashing and changing homophobic legislation. https://www.allout.org/

36 photos you need to see on what is happening in Russia
-------------------------- ------------
Promote Diversity at The Block club (Tel Aviv Israel) with
-------------------------- -------------------------- ----------------
* Move D :: Smallville, Workshop :: Heidelberg
* Mano Le Tough :: Permanent Vacation :: Berlin
-------------------------- ------------------------------------------
Local Support by: Anna & Soussana :: Partok
Disco Room: Yogo :: Ellyot :: Libra Discotheque


GREAT AMERICAN TECHNO FESTIVAL is proud to announce the addition of Midwest rave legend DJ HYPERACTIVE to the lineup! He will join Matt Rissi and André Orcutt in The Lounge at Beta Nightclub.

GATF is pleased to be teaming up with Denver’s Global DJ Academy to present THREE workshops during the festival on Saturday, September 14th, featuring two of this year’s headlining artists: Moe Espinosa aka Drumcell, and Kyle Geiger

Full details for each workshop available here: http://gatf.us/attend/workshops/

The workshops will be held in the VIP area of The Church Nightclub, 1160 Lincoln St

Schedule of workshops:

1:00pm-2:30pm - Intro Workshop w/ Matthew Andrew (Global DJ Academy)
2:30pm-3:00pm - Break
3:00pm-4:30pm - Advanced Ableton Workshop w/ Kyle Geiger
4:30pm-5:00pm - Break
5:00pm-6:30pm - Advanced Traktor Workshop w/ Moe Espinosa aka Drumcell

Complete GATF 2013 Lineup:
With local support from
Schedule of events / Venue Information
Friday September 13 Saturday September 14 Sunday September 15 Festival Pass Information
Festival passes are available via Brown Paper Tickets until Thursday September 12th.  Limited walk-up festival pass sales will be available in Skyline park on Friday September 13th

Website: http://gatf.us/
Facebook: http://facebook.com/gatfest
Twitter: http://twitter.com/gatfest










1. GOOD LIFE – PIG & DAN “LESS IS MORE DUB MIX” - CGNY's Tune of the Day yesterday!







If you know anything about dance music’s history (or even if you don’t!) you’ll know Inner City’s ‘Good Life’.  Written and produced by Kevin Saunderson and featuring the vocals of Paris Grey, it was released in 1988 and went on to become one of the defining tunes of its era, maintaining “classic” status ever since.


Some 15 years later, producers are still vying for a chance to remix it.  Delivering their renditions for the first batch of 2013 remixes are Pig & Dan, Markus Lauc, Matt Smallwood, Ian O’Donovan and Dantiez Saunderson & White Chocolate.


Pig & Dan have been forging their skills over the last 10 years with production credits on the likes of Bedrock, Cocoon, Suara, Tronic and Soma who also released their acclaimed fourth studio album, ‘Decade’.  Here they deliver a stripped back, instrumental version of ‘Good Life’, instead concentrating on its tough techno beats.


Glasgow’s Marcus Lauc bridges the gap between techno and house with residencies at the city’s Karnival night as well as Glasgow’s On The House, which becomes even more apparent on his reworking of ‘Good Life’, where the prominence put on the house keys is underlined with a stomping techno bass.


Matt Smallwood was named one of Carl Cox’s producers of the year in DJ Mag and has topped the artist charts on Beatport, with an impressive output on some of the world’s most prestigious labels.  With a softer approach, his version focuses on more of the original’s core elements for a shimmering reworking.


Irish man, Ian O’Donovan was already grabbing the attention of many of the world’s DJs when he sent out some track demos, even before his first official release so it’s no surprise that his tracks soon got snapped up by the likes of Wolfskull, Bedrock and Aurora Borealis.  With a sound compared to Detroit Techno, he was a perfect choice for this new phase of remixes.


Dantiez Saunderson is the middle son of Ann and Kevin Saunderson and has recently been impressing with his releases on KMS, proving that the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree.  His musical partner, Kevin Castro aka White Chocolate, was born in Columbia, raised in New York and currently resides in Miami.  Having last come together on KMS for ‘Logarythm’ (KMS-119), they now return for this futuristic adaptation.


In addition, a competition ran on Beatport Play in June to remix this Detroit Techno masterpiece, for inclusion on the release and on 8th August the winner was announced, with the grand prize going to Contepella for this Breakbeat version.


‘Good Life 2013 Remixes Phase 1’ is released 27th August on KMS.




Mysteryland festival heads to original Woodstock site,

Bethel Woods, New York

Watch Mysteryland Netherlands Short Movie 'Lost & Found’:



Amsterdam, August 21th 2013 - The world’s longest-running electronic music festival, Mysteryland, is making its US debut in 2014 in Bethel Woods, the site of the legendary 1969 Woodstock festival. The move marks an historic moment for organizer ID&T, the brains behind high-profile festivals such as Sensation, Tomorrowland, TomorrowWorld and Q-dance.

This will be the first time a multi-day festival is hosted at the iconic Bethel Woods site in upstate New York. Forty-five years after the legendary Woodstock festival, the site will host Mysteryland during Memorial Day weekend from May 23 through May 26, 2014.

Promoters from all over the world have been trying for decades to convince the owners of the Bethel Woods site to host large-scale festivals in this special spot. After a year of talks, ID&T has finally won approval for the first US edition of Mysteryland, which is also held annually in the Netherlands and Chile. The 20th edition of Mysteryland in the Netherlands will be taking place on August 24 this year and all 60,000 tickets have once again sold out.

“We chose ID&T’s Mysteryland brand as the first modern era festival on the hallowed grounds for its belief in many of the same principles as our own organization. Creativity, unity, social responsibility and a focus on the “experience” of the guest. We are delighted to be working with an experienced festival creator and an organization of such high core values. We look forward to welcoming our Mysteryland guests to our wonderful bucolic and peaceful setting here at Bethel Woods Center for the Arts, the site of the 1969 Woodstock festival.  We can’t wait to greet them!”  - Darlene Fedun, CEO of Bethel Woods Center for the Arts;


Mysteryland’s multi-faceted approach has been a winning formula for no less than two decades. The festival offers its guests a creative journey, combining music with theatre, movies, interactive installation art, street performers and spectacular shows at bizarre decorated stages. To create this amazing spectacle, the festival organizers collaborate with a wide range of creative people from all over the world. As a nomad Mysteryland travels across the globe to find international artists willing to work with the festival and to make it an even richer experience. The musical offerings are also all about discovery. In addition to legends from the international dance scene, the festival provides a stage for new and local talents: the next generation.


Mysteryland has been a leading pioneer on the dance festival scene in Europe and the US since 1993 and has inspired numerous other organizers and events. The famous Tomorrowland festival, also produced by ID&T, emerged from the key values of the Mysteryland festival. Furthermore Mysteryland has also been a major catalyst for the electronic music revolution since the early 1990s.


And Mysteryland continues to evolve to this day as an innovator on the festival scene. One example is the sustainability program ‘Celebrate Life’, which ID&T uses to draw attention to topical issues such as engagement, nature and talent by linking them to activities before, during and after the festival.


The first US edition of Mysteryland at this iconic location will be all about quality. The multi-day festival will be a very exclusive gathering, with only 20,000 tickets available.


This location, the site of the mother of all festivals Woodstock 45 years ago, needs no further introduction. We are honored that Bethel Woods has chosen to host Mysteryland. We see the similarities between the great demonstration of community and peace that was Woodstock, and the current culture of electronic music festivals. Differences between peoples simply disappear at our festivals. Everyone is equal on the dance floor and everyone can forget their everyday troubles and come together to enjoy the music and everything else that’s on offer. And these days, it is also about the growing awareness among our visitors of issues such as solidarity, sustainability and the enthusiasm of our multi-cultural audience to create a unique moment with the organizer and the artists. It’s not about big-name artists. It’s about everything and everyone coming together to inspire and get inspired. And people celebrating life together. It would be amazing if Mysteryland at Bethel Woods could unite some of that feeling from 45 years ago with the feeling of today.” -Duncan Stutterheim, CEO ID&T.


Anybody who would like to secure a ticket can sign up for the ticket sale at www.Mysteryland.com from today. The tickets will be sold in order of registration in about two months. More detailed information about the ticket sales will follow at a later stage.



About Bethel Woods Center for the Arts

Although only concluding it’s eighth season since opening in 2006, the roots for what became Bethel Woods Center for the Arts began over 44 years ago. These roots, established during the 1960’s, a tumultuous decade involving a nation struggling with an unpopular war, civil rights issues, freedom of expression, and an explosion in music….a Decade of ideals…..a decade culminating in one of the most recognized music and art festivals in history. The Woodstock festival in 1969. These roots lay dormant for nearly 37 years, before a cable television magnate and philanthropist, Alan Gerry, had a vision to purchase and develop the property in order to create an economic benefit for his home, Sullivan County. The vision to create a world class performing arts center and museum was realized in 2006. It is therefore very fitting to come full circle and celebrate music and art on this site.  We chose ID & T’s Mysteryland brand as the first modern era festival on the hallowed grounds for its belief in many of the same principles as our own organization.Creativity, unity, social responsibility and a focus on the “experience” of the guest. We are delighted to be working with an experienced festival creator and an organization of such high core values. We look forward to welcoming our Mysteryland guests to our wonderful bucolic and peaceful setting here at Bethel Woods Center for the Arts, the site of the 1969 Woodstock festival.  We can’t wait to greet you!

About Mysteryland


As one of ID&T’s key brands, Mysteryland is the longest running and largest electronic music festival in The Netherlands, celebrating its 20th edition in 2013. Through the years it has developed an unique recipe to deliver an incomparable five star festival experience to more than 60.000 visitors from all backgrounds, ages and places. Naturally, the years of expertise are infused in decoration, crowd services, story lines, stage design, sound and much more that makes Mysteryland stand out amongst other festivals.

This successful strategy has resulted in the fact that the festival is about to embark on a global trip to some of the most beautiful and legendary places in the world. The Picarquin nature resort in Chile will host the festival for the third time in 2013 and with Bethel Woods during the Memorial Day weekend in 2014, Mysteryland will continue to create a world of serendipity through surprising, creative, diverse and involving moments to let everyone forget the world around them.


Mysteryland is well known for bringing the most diverse journey in sound, a veritable panorama of electronic beats brought by both international and local artists from talents to rising stars, in a creative and beautiful setting all coming together to create thousands of unforgettable experiences on the dance floor and more.

About ID&T

ID&T is a pioneering electronic music experience company, producing world renowned events such as the globetrotting Sensation, record breaking Tomorrowland and legendary Mysteryland. We work with the world’s most talented and innovative DJs, musicians, creatives and artists to create dance events that bring people together, in places that thrill the senses. Music is deeply rooted in our souls. It inspires us to create events where people can let go and ‘Celebrate Life’ – together and as individuals.

Our aim is to spread joy, have fun and share ideas with the generations of tomorrow.

We encourage people to become aware of their individual and collective impact on the world, ecologically, socially and spiritually. We aim to expand this awareness and inspire others to help make our world a more joyful one.

At our live events and online, we interact with a massive amount of music lovers, DJs, artists, creatives and business partners. The way in which we deal with so much potential and responsibility is reflected in our

At our live events and online, we interact with an enormous number of dance lovers, DJs, artists, creativesand business partners. We have central purchasing power and are passionate about investing in personnel development and innovation. The way in which we deal with so much potential and responsibility is reflected in our company’s mission to ‘Celebrate Life’.

ID&T is part of the SFX family of companies.









Mysteryland Netherlands Short Movie 'Lost & Found’:


New York's Electronic Music Festival
Labor Day Weekend 2013
FRI Aug 30SAT Aug 31SUN Sept 1
Electric Zoo Announces Set Times, Mobile App & Site Map
Last chance to order Electric Zoo passes with shipping
Expanded grounds for 2nd Main Stage

Electric Zoo is less that 2 weeks away and the anticipation continues to build for New York's Electronic Music Festival taking place August 30, August 31 and September 1 on Randall's Island. With over 140 of the world's biggest electronic dance music acts from around the globe spread out on 5 stages over 3 days, the fifth anniversary bash will be the biggest dance party New York City has ever seen!
Electric Zoo 2013 Set Times are here! Create a personal schedule to share with friends, export to iCal, print out, or just download the Official Electric Zoo App and synch your schedule to access it on your phone. Check out the Electric Zoo 2013 Set Times here!
The Electric Zoo 2013 Mobile App, now available for iPhone and Android, has more features than ever before, to deliver a more useful and entertaining tool than any of the previous versions. Returning features include creating a personalized schedule of set times and set reminders to ensure you don't miss your favorite artists! The all important festival map will display free water refill stations locations, delicious food vendors' location and the Official Merchandise Store. 'Zoo Radio' from Slacker Radio returns bringing a mix of music from your favorite Electric Zoo artists with you on-the-go and as always push notifications will send late-breaking festival news. Continue the#EZOO5 conversation in the app by connecting socially by integrating FacebookTwitter and watch the Instagram #EZOO5 stream.

The updated app includes these new features:
  • Share Your Location on the festival map, to make meeting up with your friends easier.
  • Share Your Schedule with your friends directly from the app.
  • GroupMe makes it easy to chat with a group of friends by sending a single text.
  • Updated festival camera with more #EZOO5 frames for your photos and to share with friends.
  • 'ZooTube' is Electric Zoo's YouTube channel built right into the app so you can watch your favorite artists videos while you pregame to see them live.
  • SoundCloud integration directly linked to artists' profiles, so you can listen to your favorite artists' tracks and explore new ones to check out at the festival.
  • Frequently Asked Questions listing everything you need to know and in the palm of your hand.
Last Chance to Order Electric Zoo Passes with Shipping!
Electric Zoo is less than 2 weeks away, and the deadline to order your tickets and have them delivered by mail has arrived. Tonight, August 19th at midnight is the deadline for shipping - all orders received after midnight tonight will be held for pickup at Will Call.

Official Travel Packages, General Admission 3-Day Passes, VIP Experience 3-Day Passes, Platinum Experience 3-Day Passes and Single Day Passes are available now at www.electriczoofestival.com.
Site Map: Expanded Grounds Means Happier Animals
Check out the new expanded site map for #EZOO5 with the new location for Main Stage East, water refill stations, Help Points, spots for food and beverages, and fun activities including a t-shirt remix station.

For more info, please go to www.electriczoofestival.com.
About Electric Zoo
Electric Zoo: New York’s Electronic Music Festival now in its 5th year, featured more than 100 of the world’s biggest electronic music talent in 2012 with sold-out 110,000 capacity crowds over the weekend. The festival features DJs and live acts, providing the finest techno, trance, house, dubstep, electro, indie dance music and more in beautiful Randall’s Island Park. Electric Zoo received a coveted IDMAnomination for 'Best U.S. Festival,' as well as positive press coverage from major media outlets: AXS TV, Billboard, CMJ, CNN, DJ Mag, Fuse TV, Huffington Post, Mixmag, New York Post, Rolling Stone, SPIN, The New York Times, The New Yorker, The Village Voice, Time Out New York, VIBE magazine, and establishing it as New York City’s premier electronic music festival as well as a global destination music festival. Having expanded due to overwhelming demand to a three-day festival format in 2011, this year Electric Zoo will grow its footprint and add a second Main Stage, bringing the total to 5 stages and over 125 artists for 3 days in 2013. For more information, please go to: www.electriczoofestival.com.

About Made Event
Made Event, founded by Mike Bindra and Laura De Palma, working with a team of industry leaders, is committed to excellence in the programming, promotion, and production of electronic dance music events. They stand at the vanguard of their field due to the world-renowned caliber of entertainment and expert production values they bring into a variety of distinctive and innovative venues. In 2009, Made Event launched the inaugural Electric Zoo -- now celebrating its fifth year -- and was nominated for “Promoter of the Year” by URBmagazine and “Best Music Event' and 'Best Event Promoter' by the International Dance Music Awards every year since. The past year has seen Made Event create a series of highly successful events at Governors Beach Club on Governors Island NYC, as well as present Armin van Buuren’s sold-out 'A State of Trance 600: The Expedition New York City' at Madison Square Garden. With over 25 years of combined experience, and over 500 successful events produced in New York City and Miami, Made Event continues to set the bar for quality electronic music events. For more info, please go to www.MadeEvent.com.



This October and November Eric Prydz will bring his 3D hologram based concert show EPIC to North America. It is the first time EPIC has ever traveled outside of the UK, Eric has only performed three previous EPIC events ever. EPIC will visit NYC, Chicago and Los Angeles in October.

A journey through Prydz many aliases, EPIC is a narrative told through sight and sound. The first EPIC shows truly captured the imagination of the dance community, leaving those who attended feeling they had seen something special, unique and fleeting, and those who didn’t wondering if they would ever get another chance to witness the phenomenon. Teaser video here:

This North America EPIC tour represents a culmination of everything Prydz has been working on for the last two years. Musically he has been crafting new tunes in the studio specific to this EPIC concert tour, while the show’s creative and technical designers, Immersive Ltd have been tirelessly evolving the EPIC show for its next chapter.

When EPIC debuted in London in 2011 it was the first dance event in the world to use 3D holograms. Those holograms, in conjunction with enormous custom built projection surfaces, rotational 3D mapping and laser displays, meant EPIC was like no DJ show that had been seen before, taking Immersive Ltd over 18 months to design, animate and build. Since the last show in 2012, Immersive and Prydz have been working on evolving the EPIC show into new format, introducing high-resolution LED parts and extending the media and concept deeper and further.

“When I DJ I try and take people on a journey,” said Prydz. “I like an environment that’s stripped down, and allows the music to speak for itself. EPIC is something else, we’re expanding the narrative – it’s a concert show. With the holograms, the lasers and the visuals, I am able to tell a story on many different levels.”

“It’s taken us two years to get to this point, EPIC has been evolving and changing, as we work to improve the fan experience, and deepen the ties between the music and the visuals,” added Prydz. “EPIC is a one-time show, after this run we will sit down and it will change again. Once you’ve seen it, it will be gone.”

EPIC concert dates – tickets on sale Friday Aug 23:
10/18 & 19 NYC @ Hammerstein Ballroom
11/9 Los Angeles @ Hollywood Palladium
11/29 Chicago @ Aragon Ballroom




Go to www.lanewayfestival.com for all Laneway Festival Detroit news and updates.

Follow us on Twitter: @LanewayFestUS #LanewayDetroit


Connect on Facebook: www.facebook.com/LanewayFestivalUS

Nicole Moudaber 'Give Me Body' EP out on MOOD Records (MOOD 005/August 12th)
Label Head Releases Her First Original Material Since Her Debut Album 'Believe'
+ North American Tour Dates

[SOUNDCLOUD] Nicole Moudaber "Give Me Body" (Original Vocal Mix) - Listen Now!
[EXCLUSIVE PREMIERE] Nicole Moudaber "Give Me Body" (Anja Schneider Mix) -Listen Now!

"What happens when two internationally adored label heads, producers and DJs link up on a single track? In the case of Anja Schneider’s remix/dub of Nicole Moudaber: slinky after-hours anticipation with an effortless groove." - inthemix.com

After a brief production hiatus since releasing her debut album on Drumcode to critical acclaim back in May, MOOD Records owner Nicole Moudaber returns in style with the three track Give Me Body EP out on August 12. This "Queen of Techno" is in the midst of her busiest summer to date with a host of European & Ibiza dates and an upcoming North American tour including performances at Electric Zoo Festival and Electric Daisy Carnival Puerto Rico. She's also been nominated for a DJ Awards 2013 in the Techno category, alongside a who’s-who of the genre's luminaries including Carl Cox, Richie Hawtin and Sven Vath. Voting is now open and will close at the end of August.

A-side "Give Me Body" perfectly encapsulates what Nicole is about. Made up of strong percussion, punchy bass and the vocal talents of ‘Me’, the track rolls along with devastating effect, subtly building until an industrial distorted breakdown. Next up is the "Give Me Body Dub" which strips the original back, taking out the majority of the vocal, while still managing to retain the originals hypnotic and powerful essence.  Finally the EP is rounded off by Mobilee’s Anja Schneider, who demonstrates why she is one of the most sought after producers in house music. On her remix of "Give Me Body", Anja preserves the original productions punch and drive, but expertly adds extra chord stabs, intricate layers of melody and a teasing riff which appears midway through, resulting in a groovier and housier creation.

Overall then the Give Me Body EP serves as a perfect example of what MOOD Records is all about: percussion and bass with groove and attitude –brought to you by two of the finest producers currently operating in electronic music.
Nicole Moudaber North American Tour Dates
Aug 31 Chicago, IL @ Smartbar
Sep 01 New York, NY @ Electric Zoo #SundaySchool
Sep 06 Mexico City, MX @ DC310
Sep 07 Miami, FL @ Story
Sep 08 Aruba @ Nikki Beach
Sep 12 Orlando, FL @ Roxy
Sep 13 Puerto Rico @ Electric Daisy Carnival
More to be announced!

A1 Give Me Body (Original Vocal Mix)
A2 Give Me Body (Anja Schneider Remix)
B1 Give Me Body (Dub)


SIZE In The Park

Friday, September 27

Saturday, September 28

Rumsey Playfield, Central Park, New York City

Size In The Park official website: www.sizeinthepark.com

Watch the SIZE In The Park trailer here


Superstar DJ/Producer Steve Angello makes his long awaited return to New York City with the second annual “SIZE In The Park” on Friday, September 27 and Saturday, September 28 at Rumsey Playfield in historic Central Park.

Debuting in 2012, “SIZE In The Park” was an enormous success and was considered by many to be one of NYC’s best dance music events of the year. Steve Angello marks his return to Central Park this summer in typical SIZE fashion with a bigger and better event than its predecessor. Not only has SIZE In The Park expanded to two days but is will also feature brand new production elements and support from special surprise guests and members of the SIZE family (to be announced). There’s really nothing that beats dancing under the stars in the oasis of NYC’s concrete jungle.

It’s been yet another amazing year for Steve Angello who in 2013 celebrates the 10-year anniversary of his famed SIZE Records imprint and the launch of its sister label, “X.” In addition to recent hits including Depeche Mode “Soothe My Soul (Steve Angello vs. Jacques Lu Cont Remix), Tommy Trash “Monkey In Love,” GTA, Digital Lab & Henrix “Hit It” and the forthcoming Steve Angello vs. Matisse & Sadko “SLVR;” to be released August 12. Looking towards 2014, Steve Angello is putting the final touches on his much anticipated debut artist album, Wild Youth. Might we get a taste at SIZE In The Park?

SIZE In The Park will also feature a private stage front experience created and operated by the international nightlife venue Provocateur. The Provocateur 'Pop-Up' designed exclusively for Size is a fully self-contained luxury installation built to provide the finest hospitality.

“SIZE In The Park” tickets will be available for purchase Friday, August 9 at 12PM EST throughwww.sizeinthepark.com

Please visit the “SIZE In the Park” dedicated webpage at www.sizeinthepark.com for more information about the event and updated information


RPM Presents

SIZE In The Park

Friday, September 27 & Saturday, September 28

Rumsey Playfield, Central Park, New York City

Featuring performances by:

Steve Angello + special guests

Rumsey Playfield is located right off the 5th Avenue and 72nd Street entrance to Central Park in New York City. Enter at 69th and 5th Avenue.

Rain or shine

Tickets available at www.sizeinthepark.com

More info:






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Shaped Noise - Different Selves
The debut album from Shapednoise has surfaced from the creative depths, a brutal aural assault, perfect for your despicable sensibilities. “Different Selves” falls on the grimier side of industrial noise, akin to some Northern Structures, Ancient Methods and Blackest Ever Black releases.......... ,...... ......


Phase - Alone in Time?
The album kicks off with ‘Spacialize’ exhibiting hypnotic loops. ‘Orbitron’ follows on, more subtle stuff, with bleeps and Detroit style high synth pads..’...,. , .... ,...... ......

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