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Claude Young

Every year, I'm happy to say my musical taste swings and changes and I'm even more inspired by music I hear outside of the 'traditional' techno/club scene. This was the case in 2018. Here are some of CGNY's highlights of 2018, Completely subjective and biased and presented in no particular order!

Great sets/performances
Timeghost at the Psychic TV party - probs my fave live thing this year! at Sunnyvale - just a really riveting performance.
Somewhen and Volvox at the last Unter
Weiss Nix set Lost Soul Enterprises with Manni Dee
Teklife Records party at H0L0
Aïsha Devi and QUALIATIK at Elsewhere
quest?onmarc Boiler Room set Miami
Cédric Leghau at Twice as Proper- Halloween party
Henry Vengeance - Henry Novelo Live set on The Vault Show.
Honey Dijon - Sugar Mountain Set
Blazej Malinowski at Aphotic
Suzanne Ciani - Diva of the Diode at Ambient Church
Tristan Perich at St John the Divine
Tidus at Kinfolk
Everyone at Fourth World 2K18 - superb gig at Sugar Hill Disco where I heard the mighty Hiro Kone for the first time.
Cassegrain in Berghain and Steve Rachmad in the Garden and Steve also at Output - RIP Output and Cielo.
Irakli at Griessmuhle. 4 hours of spine tingling techno and his CGNY podcast which was a cut from that set - best performing sc set on CGNY! - thank you Iza!
Ace Alvarez at Stay
Speedy J at Good Room - NEW YORK TRAX Jochem Paap always!!!
Hiro Kone and Valise Drew McDowall at Fridman Gallery
JK Flesh at that Loft space - Lost Soul Enterprises
Amanda Mussi and Projekt Gestalten at Halcyon The Shop (Halcyon Warehouse)
Sensoria on Thursdays with Clay Wilson and Certain Creatures
Subhaze Studio at National Sawdust

Also shouts to low bpm sets that really got me moving
OG AG - his set for CGNY
Jenny Arredondo opening for Leghau Twice as Proper

Gigs I was sad to miss
Tensalofficial at COLORFIELD
Makaton Rodz Konez at The Black Hole

Artists to watch in 2019
Jabbar Hammir
Dee Diggs
Nathan Jones
Francesco Giannese
Nemanja Muhi Pavlovic
Mininch aka Will Chadwick

Artists I heard for the first time and loved
Soren Roi
Tyler Dancer
Wataru Kishida
Sara Lego Kanerva
Matt FX and Marc Rebillet
Mary Session
Fabian Ziemer

Tracks and Releases
So many outstanding releases this year - here are some that tickled my fancy!

Balrog Creep (Arcane Records) fave track of 2018!
Baldo Gallego - No End
Teragon 0.03
Hiccup - Glitter
Yaeji - Raingurl
Sawlin- Carrera Fold
Boris Brenecki - Mnemonic EP
Isabella Koen - Whistle EP
Varg V. Rönnberg- Nordic Flora Series
Réelle- Kissing Myself
Lars Huismann- everything!
Dan Snazelle Exposure to a Steady Stream EP
Arnaud Le Texier- Blade Pass Frequency
Flug (Official) - Parallel Consciousness
Black Asteroid- Metal Drums
Mørbeck - Kid Ghost
Dustmite - 7073
Chanski aka Tim Chan- Arkham kingdom v1
GlassKnot- Present Tense
The Leap - The Leap EP
Nathan Jones - everything
bod - Recurrence of Infections - Danse Noire Nick Zhu
≠ LavaL ≠ Origins EP
Leghau - Children of Tomorrow release

Label of the Year - US - The Seed
Label of the Year -International - Children of Tomorrow

My own highlights!
Djing Gay Pride Parade NYC representing Ireland for the first time officially in the parade!
Basement Project - djing alongside Jon Hussey Gamadon Mic Key Martin Anthony Murray Ian Hart - could not have asked for a better introduction to my first time to play back home!
Bossa Nova Civic Club for Thema Nights with Lenny Posso
Hidden Recordings party at Tilt BK
Writing for Jeff Mills for his Spiral Deluxe project.

And that's it! Thanks to all the artists, promoters, light and sound designers, servers, door folks, securitay!, dancers, random people I met and hugged on dance floors everywhere! Let's keep rocking in 2019!
And remember - Less Donald Trump - more Techno music - Patrick McCann

CGNY's Top Techno Things and Stuff

As we look back on the year and recall the amazing music and gigs CGNY has covered, here are a few good'uns that spring to mind but by no means completely comprehensive.


Mix of the Year - Sev Dah - on Deep Space Helsinki

The bit of 4th World I caught with Boris Brenecki

Parties -Groovy Groovy - Best live set by Geng (taking us to a completely different dimension!) with follow up set from Vesna aka Taya Prakurat

GROOVY GROOVY - sweatiest gig - with VSK and Scalameriya

Sustain-Release Everyone! Continues to be hands down my favorite musical event.

Aphotic - 24 hour Labor Day event (4074evah!)

Ryan Malony aka Uun driving from Detroit for Aphotic at Sunnyvale cos his flight was canceled and playing a killer live set after that drive!

Aphotic with Setaoc Mass - and Sam just dancing to everyone's set afterwards.

CGNY's first visit to CONCRETE Paris,

Mary Yuzovskaya b2b Antenes and UMFANG b2b with Nina Kraviz at ReSolute

Katie Rex Aphotic Labor Day event

Unter parties in general even though I didn't get to them as much as I'd like to this past year.

Thanks to all who came and played for CGNY at Halcyon The Shop and Bossa Nova Civic Club - Henry Novelo you rocked it last time!


Some great tracks we've heard in 2017


Cari Lekebusch put out some top class tunes this year - hardly one I didn't play in my sets. Same for Markus Suckut and Andre Kronert

Kastil- Dead Twins

Elements and Through the Phase from otodojo

JD Salinger Likes Acid ˆL_

The Ascension of Mind EP Lewis Fautzi- "Entering" being my fave

Snub Nose - Talker

Kmyle - Northern Landscapes EP

Chanski -- Monday Off Sayz EP

Craft- Time Will Tell - Ascetic

Far Away - Fabrizio Lapiana

No Quarter - Alderaan

Alex Alben - Structure Reality Alternate EP

Sev Dah - Proletarijat 004

Gonzo MDF - Don't trust people who talk too much - Endlec remix

Deep'a & Biri - Linear Progression

Thomas Hessler - Aura


nthng - The Traveler

Markus Suckut - Gospel Series

Helena Hauff -Nothing is what I know

Rob Roberto - Gibbus

Rebekah- Anxiety

WIRRWARR- Void the C-stem - VSK remix

Darius Kohanim - Vivid Dreams EP

For the sentiment alone - Less Donald Trump, More Techno Music Patrick McCann :)

a track Katie Rex played at the Aphotic Labor day party - unknown!


Thank you all from the bottom of my heart for another tremendous year NYC!! You did us proud! <3

So no Top 10 lists for CGNY! But here are some of the highlights of 2016.
Tracks and Gigs
2016 was the year of the female (maybe not for President!) but on the decks for sure. Stand outs this year were Volvox and Analog Soul Sounds at Boiler Room, Antenes everywhere, Jlin and Via App at Sustain-Release/Unsound party, Heidi Sabertooth at Aphotic UMFANG at Sustain-Release.
Sustain Release/Unsound where i saw Greg Zifcak for the first time. Gregs audio/visual performance was one of the best things I've seen and it was amplified a few months later at Sustain Release festival! 
All the Unter x Bunker parties for bringing 36 hour techno parties to NYC
Aphotic for Edit Select, cassegrain and The Gods Planet(Claudio/Ness) and Dimi Angélis.
Mysteries of the Deep and the incredible visuals of Candace Price.
CGNY's own residency at halcyon the shop. I love putting that showcase together and bringing some great talent to the shop including the last one of 2016 with Giorgio Gigli
The party at Knockdown Center with Alessandro Cortini and Mark Verbos whose live set there was incredible!
Hans Bouffmyhre- small crowd but amazing music at Space NYC
Huerco S. at Sustain-Release
Fourth World at Meadow Street! Jake Reif opening up! Enrique inside! 
Jeff Mills (last but not least!) at District 8 Dec 23rd!

CGNY's artists to look out for in 2017 and who made some great tracks in 2017
Kostia Misetskyy aka Astroneff
Mary Yuzovskaya
Greg Zifcak
Andre Kronert
Jens Thomas
Alex Alben
Raphael Latovsky
Andreas Krell
Adrianna Natalie
Mark Vaughan Kay aka Auspex

Consistent beauty from Edit Select and The Gods Planet, Reggy van Oers and cassegrain
Some sounds on repeat:
Hynotic Noize by Craft - remix by Chanski Daniele Ciocio Tim Chan
Trappist by Cassegrain and the new moniker from Huseyin Evirgen - Magna Pia
Taciturn Manner from Reggy van Oers
Slam - Machine Cut Noise
Coeter 145
Vertigo by Phil Moffa
Rapha- Charge 2.0
Groove driver-Astroneff
Daitengu Alex Alben
Cheetah from Aphex Twin
I'm Made of Stars from Time Traveler
Ray Kajioka- Retro
Destructive Testing - Exium
Porter Ricks - Shadow Boat
Outside from Luis Fernando - probs my fave release of this year!

Best personal moments:
Everything at Sustain Release.
Opening up for Claudio, Ness. Dimi and surprise opening for Acronym at the fab Metamorph party.
Leaping around the Paper Box at 3 in the afternoon to Modest Glesman with John Rohrer at Unter
Hanging with Jeff Mills at District 8

NYC is just getting better and better for techno! 
As Pat Mc has said "Less Donald Trump more techno music" - our mantra for 2017! Happy New Year everyone and see you on the dancefloor!!

After 5 years of great successes and developments, one of London’s finest techno brands launches a

residency in New York City, called “Coma N.Y.C.”. This will be a bi-monthly series of events

hosted at one of the Big Apple’s top underground venues, TBA Brooklyn. Located in the historic

Southside neighbourhood of Williamsburg, and with its newly installed VOID audio system, TBA

Brooklyn shares the same views as Coma’s founder Doubleffe: “Mine (and Coma’s) desire has

always been to achieve our goals in a tasteful manner, creating an atmosphere that can enable both,

devoted dancers and laid-back listeners, to equally enjoy the sound that I (we) love, as well as

helping them discover new and inspiring ones.”

Coma’s previews guests have included some truly techno legends such as James Ruskin and DJ

Rolando, as well as hosting UK debuts from the likes of Mike Parker, Audio Injection aka Truncate

and many others.

The series will kick start on Saturday the 26th of March 2016 and will see the legendary Detroit

Techno Militia headlining the show, fresh from their mesmerizing set at Boiler Room, with their 4

Turntables and 2 Mixers DJ Set.

The second event in the series will be hosted on Saturday the 7th of Mary and will see the city’s

debut of Greek talent Nikola Gala who’s tracks have become big releases for Jerome Sydenham's

Ibadan Records, Radioslave's Rekids, Dustin Zahn's Enemy Records as well as Freerange Records

and Plastic City; all labels which represent true quality in the world of underground dance music.

Last, but definitely not least, is the third and final event of the first part of the series. This will be

hosted on Saturday the 30th of July and will be headlined by French producer Karim Sahraoui who

has created an array of work (such releases as Cocoon, Ovum, Delsin and Bedrock), as well as

recent releases on Derrick May’s legendary Transmat imprint, and has helped to discover musicians

such as Chymera and Elias Landberg (known as ‘Skudge’).

Support for each one of the events will come from some of New York’s finest artists such as

Metroplex’s label manager Kimyon, DJ and Producer Craft, and Coma’s founder Doubleffe.

With afterhours (starting 4am) in Bushwick after every Coma N.Y.C. event, Doubleffe and his

Coma project are set to bring some new and fresh ideas, with a European twist, to make their own

mark on the dance scene of one of the capital cities of the world!

Tickets will exclusively been on sale from ResidentAdvisor.net

Flash Factory Announces First Month of Bookings

Tiga, DJ QU, Jamie Jones, and Cirez D

Flash Factory, Manhattan’s modern music refuge, delivers a strong first month’s worth of bookings to christen the recently finished venue. Although last weekend’s opening night with The Martinez Brothers was thwarted by snow, the venue will open this Friday 1/29 with legendary Canadian DJ and producer Tiga, followed by house connoisseur DJ QU on 1/30, Hot Creations label head Jamie Jones on 2/5, and Eric Prydz’s techno alias Cirez D on 2/13.

The 10,000 square foot Flash Factory is poised to deliver what Manhattan has been missing for decades - a serious space for music that stepped down a rabbit hole. The venue is unlike any other, steeped in the NYC tradition of CBGBs and the Fillmore. In time when New York mega clubs are closing down or moving to Brooklyn, “night-life impresarios Michael Satsky and Brian Gefter hope to lure the techno underground back to Manhattan using a new tool in their hospitality arsenal: populism” - The New York Times.

The venue eschews LED panels and screens, instead opting for organic architectural elements. “Its décor pulls from abandoned churches and 70s disco boîtes, pairing stained glass windows and wooden crosses with metallic wallpaper and laser-cut archways. A pristine white stone altar, salvaged from an old church in the Bronx, is repurposed as the central DJ deck.” - The Guardian.

Standing in stark contrast to the electronic functionality of modern day joints, Flash Factory is an homage to an era of vaudevillian eccentricity and Victorian decadence. Whether you love punk, techno, or rock, Flash Factory provides a proper venue for fans to connect with artists and their music, creating a communal experience and a sanctuary for those lost in rhythm.


1/29 - Tiga

1/30 - DJ QU, Phil Moffa & Filsonik

2/5 - Jamie Jones

2/13 - Cirez D

More Info and Tickets Here:


So CGNY didn’t have one disappointing party this year! NYC is stepping up its techno (and electronica) game and things are only getting better it seems. So well done New York, keep it up!  Everyone who makes and plays quality music deserves applause but there are other forums for that! I’ve decided to do Special Notice of those acts, tracks and musical events that increased the dopamine rush for me!

Here we go:

Stefan Vincent, The Void She left. Incredible release here – it’s hardly even in the techno realm. Just a gorgeous composition. Made for the movies!

Ground Loop 1,  Atom Heart from NYC’s Bunker label. It soars! A complete heart swell of a track!

Architectural – The Witches Dance. Another hauntingly beautiful tune.

Human Resource Vs Agent Orange, Dominator– a real floor thumper (and a free download) as is Enriq Da Freq – aka Henry Novelo’s – Only for the Dance.

Kimtama - Acitek and Chanski's Diebstahl are wonderful as well as Jumex’s Brooklyn Warehouse. Again all local producers!

My man Lenny Posso brought a tremendous compilation out also – Consider this a Warning from which Zadigs “In the Abyss of Time” is one of my faves!

Dimi Angelis – ANGLS03 is superb and finally Voiski’s Downhearted Holidays are some of the best releases of 2015 in my humble opinion.

CGNY’s Best Artist 2016 is Reeko aka Architectural for his lush full delicious Amour EP. Every single track…just gorgeous.

Sustain Release 2016 surpassed expectations this year not only as a super cool music festival but for showcasing a heady mix of local and overseas talent. Daniel Cosmo aka LUX REC being one of the standouts as well as Gunnar Haslam’s insane live act and Mike Servito dishing out acid at 5am!

The Mysteries of the Deep Oct 30 party with Certain Creatures and Patrick Russell and crew definitely stood out as a highlight for me. Strange and beautiful with incredible visuals and just yeah – awesome all round! The Bunker with Rrose and Haxan Cloak!! I sat transfixed for over 20 minutes while Rrose played the giant gong!! Amazing!

And for end of summer vibes hearing all my local friends and Dutch compadre Dimi Angelis at Aphotic was incredible! And shouts to Lauren Ritter for making me dance super hard at the Dope Underground Beats party too!

Finally I got to play at the Anthology Dirty Epic Bunker party at The Works during Movement Detroit sharing the decks with Dani, Dan, Andrew and the Bunker crew – it was EPIC! And most recently last weekend at Beta Nighclub with the insanely talented Alala.One. Watch out for more of her in 2016!!

Thank you to everyone who booked me, sent me tracks, made sets for CGNY, sent me promos or gave me a heads up on some new folks to listen to. I thank you from the bottom of my heart!! See you on the dance floor!

AWAKENINGS Reveals Details For Debut Stand-Alone Show in North America

AWAKENINGS New York City Will Feature Adam Beyer B2B Ida Engberg, Julia Govor B2B Kamran Sadeghi, Pan Pot and More

AWAKENINGS Will Run From 10pm-6am at NYC’s
Hammerstein Ballroom February 14

AWAKENINGS, one of the world’s most respected and beloved techno brands, today revealed details for its first ever North American stand-alone show. AWAKENINGS was founded in Amsterdam in 1997, holding its debut event at the famed Gashouder venue. Since then AWAKENINGS has expanded into multi-day festivals and events across Europe and beyond, but has never veered from its ‘strictly techno’ booking policy, becoming synonymous with the world’s best techno experiences and talent.

AWAKENINGS NYC represents something of a homecoming for its founder Rocco Veenboer. He had thrown several events in Amsterdam before he traveled to America in 1991 to watch two Grateful Dead shows, he was so inspired by the setting and production, it convinced him that combining light shows and production, alongside the music, held the key to his events’ success. Almost 20 years later, with AWAKENINGS reputation cemented as one of the world’s cant miss techno events, he returns to NYC to pay homage to that pioneering trip he made.

“When I came to America I was throwing very simple raves in Holland,” said Vennboer. “That trip really opened up my eyes, seeing how bands like the Dead were using lights and production to amplify the musical experience. It sounds so obvious now, but at the time it was unbelievable. This pairing of amazing artists with incredible production formed the backbone of AWAKENINGS, and it still does today.”

AWAKENINGS will create a completely bespoke production for its NYC debut, making full use of the Hammerstein Ballroom’s soaring 75ft opera house floor and excellent acoustic design. In true AWAKENINGS’ tradition the event will run all night long until 6am.

“We needed to find a venue that could fit a custom production set-up, and with everything that has been happening in NYC lately, go all night, without the threat of a shut down,” added Vennboer. “I don’t think Manhattan will have ever seen anything like AWAKENINGS.”

AWAKENINGS NYC will be led by one of its long-standing artists, Adam Beyer. Beyer’s Drumcode celebrates its 20th year in 2015, and has consistently been one of the world’s most highly regarded techno labels. Beyer’s B2B sets with partner Ida Engberg have been in particularly high demand in the past two years, seeing them play at Richie Hawtin’s ENTER and Jamie Jones Paradise parties to name but two, while their set at this summer’s AWAKENINGS' Festival was a scorcher. Listen

Register for the December 8th AWEAKENINGS Pre-Sale HERE

Download AWAKENINGS NYC Flyer & Select Past Year Shots HERE

Most sample-based music out there, sounds like it has been sampled and that is a big difference with 'Indians & Cowboys' - Danish DJ duo Den Sorte Skole's new LP. It does not sound like its made from samples. It sounds like the most eclectic band in the world at the moment with the most different instruments, vocalists and genres than any other band in the world right now. While questions of multiculturalism, immigration and conflict between cultures is all over the place, this album presents one possible - musical - way out of these problems. It presents a humble attempt to raise a musical Tower of Babylon. Fans include Brian Eno and Jean Trouillet who are supporters of Den Sorte Skole's sonic aggregation and for good reason.

While DSS have been drawing critic's comparisons to electronic masterminds like Modeselektor and Nicolas Jaar, 'Indians & Cowboys' goes way beyond confines of genre, style, country and culture. It's the duo's most ambitious project yet due to their fielding of 10,000 samples from 350 vinyl records from 75 countries all blended into a seamless whole.
Stream/Download Links below Brian Eno

While it is a challenging album, yes, there are so many listeners out there craving for something that can send them on a musical journey for discovery. I hope you take a moment to listen to this LP receiving 5 star reviews a and being critically acclaimed as "Worldclass in all senses of the word." ( Danish newspaper - Ekstra Bladet *****)

"Indians & Cowboys" Download, plus 30 page booklet of LP art & sample sources: https://drive.google.com/folderview?id=0Bz0tNydA73tIc0FhRVNlOHU0Wlk&usp=sharing
“Kalaidon and his dark soul vocal samples make the song sound like a weirder version of Nicholas Jaar's side project "Darkside" while a tune like Humani surprises with a tornado of vocal samples and a powerful four-to-the-floor beat which arrives out of nothing. “ -Nothing But Hope & Passion

"This isn't music for pure consumption or physical catharsis, but for discovery and understanding of our place in time, and in the world." - Cool Hunting

“Indians & Cowboys is an exuberant album with such an abundance of surprises and details that you want to listen again and again. An overwhelming and inspiring experience.” - (5/6 stars, Berlingske, 31 Oct. 2015)

Shapednoise, label owner of Repitch Recordings, and it's side-label label Cosmo Rhythmatic, has collaborated lately with forward thinking artists like Mumdance & Logos, Miles Whittaker of Demdike Stare, and also Black Rain.

He also includes in his album a collaboration with the legendary Justin K. Broadrick (Godflesh / Jesu), who adds his mastery of bass and potent electronics to the A1 track, 'Enlightenment'.

Shapednoise "Different Selves" from sYn on Vimeo.

S4RUS & Subfractal – I Await

New York, NY – De-Konstrukt A&R and label manager, S4RUS team up with De-Konstrukt’s co-founder Subfractal for their long-awaited EP, ‘I Await’.S4RUS is heavily influenced by the techno scene of the 1980’s and 1990’s and it shows in his productions that utilize experimental elements of the past and future. Subfractal have made a name for themselves across the globe with their unique minimal sound that mixes driving and brooding techno elements with beautifully dark ingredients.
Subfractal follows up from their latest to EPs on Harthouse and Funk N’ Deep and their remix of A. Paul and Dolby D’s ‘Insidious’ on Dolma Records while S4RUS makes his production debut. Hell Driver of France and Exhale and Dink from Detroit bridge the gap between NYC, Detroit, and France with remixes. Making this EP a collaboration of artists straight from the motherlands. ‘I Await’ begins with the title track with a gentle but driving bassline that turns into a very heavy thumping bassline. Dark and dirty elements work their way throughout with a very chilling vocal allowing the bassline to taper off adding a few inflections. Hell Driver then presents his take on ‘I Await’ with an even heavier bassline driving you into oblivion.

The next track entitled ‘Spire’ slows things down a bit adding more percussive instrumentation and melody. ‘Spire’ continues to propel and pick up the pace allowing for the low-pitched sounds to remain constant. Exhale’s remix picks up the pace even more and removes some of the melodious and harmonic ingredients while Dink’s remix slows down the pace a bit incorporating elements from their hometown of Detroit. The EP then finishes off with a very dark and heavy techno track by the name of ‘Cruncher’. ‘Cruncher’ starts off with a steady build before tapering off and adding ghoulish and menacing arrangements teetering back and forth before bringing the EP to a halt.
De-Konstrukt’s love of techno begins with the basic instincts that tell us to celebrate the phenomenon and hypnotic nature of rhythm. Only acting as it’s written in our genes – it’s all just the human nature – just another human fetish – another form of religion, another church – another philosophy.

Pushing out fierce, innovative and forward thinking techno, which leans towards the darker side, De-Konstrukt focuses on the ideas of every individual producer locally and worldwide.

Home to Techno in North America and the world!
‘I Await’ is out now on De-Konstrkt Recordsand available exclusively on Beatport
Release Date: 2015-10-13

Genre: Techno

Label: De-Konstrukt Music

Catalog #: DKT054

6 Tracks Total
  1. S4RUS & Subfractal – I Await (Original Mix) – 8:19 – 128 BPM
  2. S4RUS & Subfractal – I Await (Hell Driver  Remix) – 6:41 – 127 BPM
  3. S4RUS & Subfractal – Spire (Original Mix) – 9:53 – 123 BPM
  4. S4RUS & Subfractal – Spire (Exhale Remix) – 8:03 – 127 BPM
  5. S4RUS & Subfractal – Spire (Dink Remix) – 7:09 – 123 BPM
  6. S4RUS & Subfractal – Cruncher (Original Mix) – 8:41 – 127 BPM
For more info on S4RUS:

RA | Soundcloud | Beatport | FacebookTwitter

For more info on Subfractal:

RA | Soundcloud | Beatport | Youtube | Facebook |Twitter

For more info on De-Konstrukt Records:

RA |
Soundcloud | Beatport | YoutubeFacebookTwitter


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Shaped Noise - Different Selves
The debut album from Shapednoise has surfaced from the creative depths, a brutal aural assault, perfect for your despicable sensibilities. “Different Selves” falls on the grimier side of industrial noise, akin to some Northern Structures, Ancient Methods and Blackest Ever Black releases.......... ,...... ......


Phase - Alone in Time?
The album kicks off with ‘Spacialize’ exhibiting hypnotic loops. ‘Orbitron’ follows on, more subtle stuff, with bleeps and Detroit style high synth pads..’...,. , .... ,...... ......

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