Deepchild Neukölln Burning

Author keithmitchell
Tue 31 Jul 12
/ 5

Neukölln is the eighth borough of Berlin. It is located in the southeastern part of the city and the place is on fire with great techno. From the construction of the tracks and the attention to detail, Deepchild’s vibrations are exquisite. Tech grooves provide well rounded sub bass arrangements. The infusion of a spacey male vox in “I woke and you were smiling” brings a solid contemporary feel. Several ambient tracks are worth noting that make for great opening sounds or total relaxation which are enjoyable. Deepchild’s approach gives you that techno meets diva funk feel while implementing percussive kits that scream dance! Plenty of modern sounds with classic blends are utilized throughout the album. Other standouts are, “The one I used to call home” “That I adore you” as well as the title track “Neukölln Burning”

Very high replay value and some of the best electronic music I’ve heard this year.

Review by: Keith Mitchell for CGNY


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