Amicizia - Tamara Montenegro

Author keithmitchell
Tue 26 Apr 11
/ 5

Some very intricate moving forward, groove tubular majestic sounds are found within the confines of this deep, moody, crack a' lackin, whip creamy dreamy bass filled bounce that softens like dryer sheets. Then it completes a specific journey when each remix washes, rinses, and repeats. Bright minded productions that throw us off guard while keeping us on our toes.. Grab your kevlar vests and feel the bump in the middle of the night as "Amicizia" ignites the fire just right.. Tasty snacks bolsters the full entree of sounds then prove pound for pound that this group of musicians at NOSI are making their mark within the tech community. Bet ya bite a chip as each track is savory to sweet with just enough to go around that leaves the audience aurally satisfied with a techno belch to compliment the executive beat chefs that worked these gems...

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