Cielo Sunrise EP by Nicolas Matar

Author keithmitchell
Tue 28 Feb 12
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A deep a rhythmic intro track sets the tone of Nicholas Matar’s newest mix with warm melodic notes that are accompanied by mystical vocal arrangements. The first track, “The L Word feat Jada” by Guy Gerber infuses a minimal techy flavor.  It then rolls right into a sonic journey using sexy vocals and has smooth continuity. The sound represents a classic throwback appeal utilizing a 90’s piano beat. Track three mixes in nicely with a bouncier groove. The mix moves on and stays within the realm of the first two tracks with more vocal treatment that brings a deeper pace as well as sophistication.  Solid retro vibes and fluffy chimes continue through the set with a nu-dicso/tech-house number named “City Life feat Cari Golden” by the admired DJ T. When Ian Pooley and Spencer parkers track “Feel the same” drops, the selections that Nicholas has on audio display are deep and synth driven with yet again more vocals that cater to NYC’s mature club audience.  Mid way, the Sunrise mix moves forward with consistency featuring Layo and Bushwacka’s! “Summer Gone” This chunky Latin groove stays within the sets dimension and compliments the first 5 tracks that embody the classic house music spirit. After tracks by Nina Kraviz, Okain, and a closer by Jimpster, the mix wraps up. Nicholas’ simplistic, efx free mixing style, and vision of an aural sunrise showcases the old meets new type of sound but unfortunately overall the mix is one note”

Review by Keith Mitchell

Cielo Sunrise is out now on Nervous Records

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