Review - Ben Klock, DVS1, A,Arias at Output Outside - Klockworks Night

Author Fiona
Fri 16 Oct 15
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There is always a huge level of “technocitement” when Ben Klock and DVS1 come to town! This was doubled at the announcement of a warehouse venue, secret location which promised Funktion One speakers and visuals from former Trouw Amsterdam visual artist Heleen Blanken.

All this came by way of “OutPut Outside”; Output Clubs first forays into a warehouse-style party and Klockworks.

I was sad to have missed NYC local dj Amaury Arias who opened. I’ve heard him before and he is spot on – always playing a really interesting mix of old school techno tunes mixed with some current flavor. He was on decks from 10-12am. My friends and I walked in around 12 to the heady sound of DVS1. I’ve seen Zak a many times and I’m never disappointed. The man has crazy energy and focus on the decks slapping down vinyl after vinyl to whip us up into a techno delirium!

As Ben prepped to get on the decks, he and Zak embraced each other like Spartans going into battle and indeed the music of the night had that epic feel. Outputs policy of no vids/photos means you had to there to experience it!! Proper. Ben delivered as he always does – flawless, smooth, infinitely danceable techno. He operates the decks like a surgeon, carving and slicing up delicious tunes for the masses. Shout out too to Heleen whose visuals were the perfect accompaniment to the music being played, simple, elegant and effective.

I knew this would be a busy gig so I arrived early but I did hear complaints from friends that they stood in line for over an hour – with prepaid tickets. Hopefully that was just a first time problem. Also a chill-out area where people could sit and relax would’ve been nice (I didn’t need it!) There had been something similar in that space before if I recall correctly. The addition of the food truck outside was a nice touch. Lines weren’t insane for the portapotties which is always good! Overall a good experience for me and definitely one I’d repeat especially for the kind of legendary techno that Ben and DVS1 spin. Speedy J in that space would be insane! Just sayin'!

One small gripe and it’s not unique to this party but men must learn to recognize that a woman dancing alone, without an obvious male or female companion is not fair game for sexual harassment. It seems amazing to me that this point still has to be made in 2015 but it only takes a few rotten apples to spoil the whole barrel. One of my good friends was so annoyed at being felt up all night that she left the party early. At almost 50bucks a pop at the door this is neither pleasing nor economic. Sometimes moving away alleviates the annoyance but in this case it was multiple incidences. So a) we women must report to security guards the harassment and get better at owning that and b) party organizers need to do a good job of throwing these spoilers out of the venue.

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