Armin van Buuren at Roseland

Author Fiona
Mon 23 May 11
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For many EDM lovers, trance is the training wheels of EDM…we all start out and move on to other darker, dubbier forms of music. It was certainly the case with me. I cut my teeth on early trance, and while I’ve never lost my love of the genre, techno has probably surpassed it. However I never miss the chance to get to see one of the top trance dj/producers in the world when I can and such was the case last Friday with Armin van Buuren at Roseland.

Long lines not withstanding, we moved swiftly to the front and got inside to catch the last 20 minutes or so of Blake Jarrell’s set which was top class. But we were all there to see The Master (thanks Agata!) And almost as soon as Blake’s set ended, there was a loud drum intro and Armin blasted onto the stage. 10 minutes into the set and I’d forgotten I’d ever heard any other kind of music!  Definitely playing to the crowd, nevertheless his set wrapped us in warm waves of music that layered perfectly. The visuals were, I have to stay stunning; which is always a huge part of any trance gig. Colors and sounds collided as Armin delivered an aural assault for 4 hours. Highlights included his moving tribute to those who’d lost their lives last year at Love Parade. Not overly schmaltzy but definitely serving as a reminder of the tragedy. He played Gaia by Tuvan – one of all time favorite tunes of his. Some tunes I didn’t recognize but it was just me! Mostly the crowd sang along with every vocal track – and occasionally the giant flashing screens provided the words!



What’s apparent about an AVB gig is that he’s still obviously in love with the music and what he does. Never flagging in energy and egging the crowd on, we’re reminded that the 35 year old is still one of the top DJ’s in the world with a HUGE following.  Sadly even after 4 hours, we wanted more. But with a final encore, he was gone! Come back soon Armin!!

Photo credit - Peter Drier for Made Event 


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