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Sun 6 Apr 14
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So many things appear to go into the making of a good techno party but ultimately it boils down to 3 things in my opinion; great djs, great sound and a great space. All those elements were present last night at Unsound at the Bunker with Porter Ricks, MIles, Robert Aiki AA Lowe, Ital & Halal and Leisure Muffin.

If someone had told me even 2 years ago that drone/ambient techno could make the hairs stand up on the back of my neck I might have laughed them off but its become a genre I love and have come to appreciate more probably since I heard Andy Stott and Demdike Stare at Public Assembly a few years ago (also a Bunker party).

First time at The Wick on Meserole Street (Perfect for this kind of sound. Friendly staff, great drinks, the only minor drawback was having to go outside to another building for the bathrooms but as the night was fine it didn't matter). The set up resembled something like Leonardo Da Vinci's The Last Supper -with a sprawling arrangement of wires and machines that spanned almost the length of the room. Le Petit Garcon was already playing, striking some nice ethereal notes on his guitar.

Robert AA Lowe I'd heard last year at LPR opening for Fuckbuttons and was one of the primary reasons I was at the party last night. His beautiful, 'other wordly' music has to be heard live to be fully enjoyed. He's so interesting to watch too with his very careful almost painterly movements as he tweaks the machines and uses his voice to take us far away.

Leisure Muffin was up next and for me was the set of the night. You know when you see those MRI images of brains lighting up when stimulated? That's what Leisure Muffin did with his music. Again it was a subtle but steady build and finally those who had been sitting down to listen to Robert and Petit Garcon began to move.

Ital and Halal took it up yet another level. That was another high point of last night because each dj just kept the momentum going with a brief break before Porter Ricks took to the stage.

This was next level industrial techno - sounds made to mess with your mind! Pure Bunker. The duo took us on a journey through labyrinthine corridors with doors opening to even darker places. Incredible.

Finally Miles unleashed the final set of the night with a set of subterranean techno.  Really great music from him and a perfect way to wrap up the evening.

The Bunker continues to bring really interesting artists to NYC; stuff you don't hear too often in the city. Hoping this new space becomes a regular spot too! Check out their next parties!


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