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Richie Hawtin at The Guggenheim

Author Fiona
Mon 11 Nov 13
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{jcomments off}Last week saw the worlds of art and techno melding together with a Richie Hawtin/Plastikman set at the Solomon R. Guggenheim Museum in NYC. Tickets for the event were at a premium with the cheapest coming in at $125 so Hawtin fans were understandably excited for what Richie was to bring to this unique space especially given that he was playing as Plastikman.

From the get go the vibe was unique with lots of elegant model types and some older patrons of the arts. Sponsored by Dior, we entered the museum with lots of camera flashes and red carpet aplomb; and were greeted with Matthew Hawtins (Richie’s brother) pre -show set of ambient music which fit the room very well. People were milling about, champagne and vodka flowing.

You could tell however, that this was not your typical club/techno crowd. An older lady upon seeing Richie being photographed by the media declared "Who is he?"! Much to the amusement of those of us in the line who knew EXACTLY who he was!

Matthew's set - though nice, lasted perhaps a tad too long and it felt like the energy was dissipating from the space. People were getting anxious around 1030pm when Richie hadn't made an appearance especially knowing that the set was due to finish about 12. It is quite a large space to fill and the lighting was great for a cocktail party vibe. A long rectangle light box was positioned in the center of the museum and some very nice visuals were displayed there once Richie’s set started finally at about 1045pm.

Richie teased us at the beginning dropping some heavy bass and synths that appeared to be laying the ground for what was to come. But it never quite did arrive - perhaps due to the shortness of the set or maybe the location or maybe because Mr. Hawtin felt he needed to not go as deep with such a mixed audience (many art supporters there presumably as it was a fundraiser for the Guggenheim). Throughout the night there were inklings of where Richie would normally go in a Plastikman set but ultimately it was over before it did and the night closed out without encore at 11.55pm.

I loved the idea of marrying techno with art and/or showcasing someone as talented and prolific at Richie in a new environment and to new people. But perhaps this space/vibe wasn't the best venue for that. Plastikman for anyone who was ever seen the show is what techno is all about - amazing music and delicious visuals. We hope Richie comes back soon with the full show for the hungry masses!

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