RPM Presents BKWRHS with Chris Liebing and Tommy Four Seven

Author Fiona
Thu 31 Oct 13
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t's not a proper warehouse party unless porta potties are involved! Thus was the case with the BKWHRS party on Saturday by RPM Presents featuring Chris Liebing and Tommy Four Seven.
The CLR moniker has become synonymous with top class techno and last weeks party BKWHRS was no exception. The anticipation had been building all month long since it had been announced that Chris and Tommy Four Seven would play a warehouse party at a secret location in Brooklyn - something long overdue in NYC.


I'm happy to say that RPM delivered! Arriving at 12 at the location in deepest Brooklyn, as we exited the cab one could hear the thumping bass coming from inside - a sure sign of a great night to come.
It isn't always easy to deliver quality sound throughout a room/warehouse as big as Saturday nights venue was but it happened.  The lighting too was really good - moody, not over-bright and perfect for the pre-Halloween vibe. It's always good to come early to a gig because often you hear the stars of tomorrow before they break big and local heroes, Beat Bros provided an excellent warm up  dropping some heavy but not overwhelming tunes to get us started. My first time to hear them and I was definitely impressed.  A smooth transition and Tommy Four Seven came on the decks about 1:30am. Tommy played an amazing set of grinding techno, laying down track after track in a steady build up.  Tracks that stood out were Nina Kraviz "Ghetto Kraviz" and Clouds, "Chained to a Dead Camel" (a track I heard twice that night - suffice to say a contender for Tune of the Year at CGNY!).
Just when we thought we had hit the peaks - the man himself came on about 4:30am - with a stupenduous opening track - Iron and Water by Gingy and Bordello. Can there be a happier techno dj than Chris Liebing? I don't think so! Smiles and head bops from start to finish - Chris proved why he is one of the best in the business keeping the massive crowd entertained and dancing from start to finish!  The crowd thoroughly enjoyed his set, cheering and whooping with every bass drop!
It was packed but everyone was in good spirits and good vibes abounded. The night finally wrapped up about 10am and we all left smiling!
One hopes there will be more of these BKWHRS parties and we can welcome back more of the great CLR label mates! Danke Chris and Tommy and Beat Bros!


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