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Fri 7 Sep 12
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Full On (hosted by Ferry Corsten (Roseland Ballroom, NYC Aug 31, 2012)


Electric Zoo is the time of year in New York where all the kids (and by that I mean grown adults with glimmering spirits) say goodbye to the summer, our farewell party before we “settle down” into the cooler months. Most people get down to the festival so hard there is hardly any time or energy to even consider doing anything after the festival grounds close. However, this year was an absolute exception.

For the first time, Ferry Corsten the legendary 20 year veteran DJ who has rocked every continent on this planet, finally decided to bring is famed party “Full On" to the United States. But, more importantly he brought it to all the animals in New York City first at Roseland Ballroom. To understand what a big deal this, Ferry is known for throwing this party mostly in Europe and it has destroyed dance floors including Sankeys in Ibiza and Manchester and both Ministry of Sound and the O2 Arena in London. So to have it come to New York after years of waiting and asking is a request that has long awaited fulfillment and now that it’s been granted, it’s one for the books, an honor for it to be here.

Ferry also gave New Yorkers a little taste of everything which you could see from his choice in DJs. Audien who kicked things off for the first hour, lead into Michael Woods who then transitioned into b2b set with Ferry himself after which he went against the trance heavyweights Gabriel and Dresden to help close things out by 4am. For those who had just seen Ferry and Gabriel and Dresden just a little bit earlier at the Group Therapy tent they knew they were in for a treat. For those who just came over for the evening, they were in for a surprise. Bringing the same sort of energy with them that that had fueled their daytime/ evening sets along with the massive graphic assistance in the form on a 3D- LED Structured cube on stage (yes I’m serious) people were able to not only sing along to the songs but in fact gawk in awe with one of the most stunning visual displays that most have seen to date.  (The actual LED structure may have even represented how the music in fact made people feel on the inside)

In addition, Ferry was sure to bring a surprise with him in the form of Betsie Larkin who not only sang Ferry’s hit single “Not Coming Down” from the WKND Album but was sure to also deliver a performance of “Made of Love” which still to this day makes any crowd completely lose their minds as the singer serenaded the  crowd into that eerie trance rhythm. But when he played “Fire”, an absolute classic Ferry Trance track, I along with a number of people were absolutely done some even call it “down for the count”.  It was even further aided by Gabriel and Dresden’s ending set where newer tracks like “Turn up the Sound” tore through the already intimate crowd and brought us all back together  with something as spectacular as their remix of “No One On Earth”. To say that the DJs “killed it” at Roseland Ballroom is an understatement and you could tell from the smile on Ferry’s face, that he was having just as much fun playing for NYC as NYC was having dancing the night away to him.

Photo credit: Dance Therapy

An event like Full On helps to display both the diversity in sound that has taken place in the genre as well as how exceptional, talented and experimental someone like Ferry Corsten actually is. Ranging from a number of classics to a number of new hits and allowing Heavyweight DJs like Michael Woods and Gabriel&Dresden to display how beautiful combining musical genres can be is truly a gift to us all. I hope that the next time Ferry comes to play your city, you “Fully” embrace it. See you next time on the dancefloor guys J.  - Jaro

Review by Jaro G. for CGNY

For more information on Ferry go to http://www.ferrycorsten.com

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