Eliott Lipp at Mercury Lounge, NYC

Author Jaro
Mon 23 Jul 12
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A few weeks ago at the Mercury Lounge I had the chance to watch something unique go down in Electronic Music. Eliot Lipp who before this performance, I had no familiarity with, put on one of the best small shows I have ever seen. Coming from a background that is more heavily Trance, House and Techno I didn’t know what to expect, however the album release party for “Shark, Wolf, Rabbit, Snake” took me on a new kind of Journey. The new artist on Pretty Lights’ label takes a different approach to electronic music by mixing Dubstep, rap, guitars and glitch to put together what is a mosaic of the boundaries that electronic music continues to push.  I think it may have been the fact that in the beginning of his performance, Eliot opened his set with a dubstep remix of Darude’s Sandstorm. As I was getting a drink from the bar both I and several other patrons reminiscing of the late 90s hit that made us go wild as young teenagers had to step back and actually dance the song out while our drink orders were being put together. Normally, this doesn’t happen so I knew we were in for a treat as the night continued.  Walking back into the venue, Eliot and his crew on stage got even more and more unexpected, eclectic and dynamic. Switching between dubstep bangers, solo guitar riffs and just straight up madness we were in for a fun time.  Much like Pretty Lights, Eliot Lipp decides to explore with what sounds can do rather than to place himself into one category and throughout the evening each and every song made you feel as though you were on a musical rollercoaster ride.  It was clear that the sort of indie flavor and feel that new Brooklyn musicians can bring to a show was felt well throughout the Mercury Lounge that evening. Mr. Lipp and his neo-ecelectic bass sounds have certainly sparked my attention as well as that of others. I suspect that before long we will be hearing more from him not just on New York’s scene but across the country as Electronic Music has transcended a number of boundaries and has turned my ear onto something quite pleasant I’m sure he will be turning your head sometime soon as well.


Review by Jaro

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