Dirty Vegas - Mercury Lounge

Author Fiona
Tue 3 May 11
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The first time I saw Dirty Vegas was in January of this year at the W Hotel in the middle of one of the worst snow storms the city had seen for months. It was a preview party for their new video “Electric Love” directed by James Gooding and featuring actress Jenna Malone. They played a DJ set that night and managed in 6 feet of snow to bring a taste of Ibiza to a wintry night in the city.

Last Wednesday I had the privilege of catching them at the Mercury Lounge for the start of their US “Electric Love” tour. It’s really quite a treat to hear an amazing EDM act play live and proves why they are still so popular after so many years in what can be a one hit wonder business. Steve Smith’s energy was infectious. Obviously a huge contingent of fans was clamoring for their old hits; and they didn’t disappoint breaking out a “Days go By” seamlessly going into a chanted audience accompanied version of “Sweet Dreams”. But their new stuff is equally impressive. “Pressure” and “Little White Doves” stood out for me with a great anthem chorus in the latter which would be even more exciting in a big stadium arena!

Tonight Giant Step bring them to Public Assembly in Brooklyn. Definitely a gig not to miss!!


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