Robbie Rivera's Juicy Beach at Governor's Island

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Mon 23 Jul 12
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July 14th might’ve been Bastille Day for some people in New York but while others were celebrating the freedom of the French public, others were lucky enough to take the ferry over to Governor’s Island to celebrate life. For the 1st time ever, Robbie Rivera brought his highly acclaimed Juicy Beach Party to NYC for one day. For those who don’t understand, the name Robbie Rivera is synonymous with electro house music and reigns the streets of South Beach. So when he’s throws Juicy Beach, you make no other plans that day.

Governor’s Island was clearly the location to be this July 14th and Juicy was the main attraction. It’s easy to forget that there’s actually other attractions on the island itself though house music fans everywhere were convinced that those not attending the actual show were probably there as audience members to watch the good time that was going to go down. Saturday’s weather was also perfect making it easy to dance to the fresh sound of Paige. Manuel de la Mare got things warmed up and had things jumping off and people dancing very heavily.  At this point, you knew you weren’t here for any normal kind of “EDM” Party; you’re really here for something special. But then, Stefano Noferini took us all on a different twist with a special blend of tech house that both I and many other audience-goers were unfamiliar with, yet couldn’t help but be tantalized by. The glitch, tech housey beats being pumped through govs speakers were grabbing everyone’s attention. So much so that there was a rumor that the volume had to be turned down because other island neighbors were complaining (can you imagine?). Nonetheless as the crowd swelled and the sun went down, none other than the Swiss mastermind EDX took to the decks.  Something about watching the sun go down while lights come on and beautiful trebled beats coming through those speakers makes one feel truly alive. After EDX destroyed the crowd well into dusk hour we were finally ready for the main act, Robbie Rivera himself.

Robbie very casually took to the decks and after seeing his name sprawled out on the screen behind him he began to make you feel why he is a legend in house music.  Robbie plays in a way that perhaps most new house music listeners are not used to. Bringing more of an old school tribal feel to his set and playing both new and classic tunes. I along with everyone else was certainly taken back by how he decided to make the crowd dance, which by the way, there wasn’t a single person NOT moving once he hit the decks. Perhaps one of the greatest moments of the night was when he played a special remix of “Insomnia” which was remixed especially for New York. As the city that never sleeps, we all were more than appreciative of it as the words “We. Love.  Electro. House.” appeared in the background. Robbie Rivera’s pure genius of how to throw a party really made its mark in New York and hopefully it’s something that we’ll see again soon.  I have personally never seen any crowd that moved the way that it did to Robbie. He actually “brought the house down”.  The party of the New York summer clearly was on Governors Island at that moment and we all felt like we were back in –or even for the first time- in Miami to celebrate the music that makes us all so incredibly happy.

To close the evening was Sultan and Ned Shepard who blasted house to the degree that makes us all remember why it is that we absolutely, love house music.  Juicy Beach was made complete by these fellows, and if you’ve not seen them before I suggest that you do so that you can maximize your musical experiences.

To sum up, Juicy Beach is the party to be at, no question about it. If you have the opportunity I fully suggest that you take it and get a serious take on what it means to be a true House Music listener/fan. I will be at the next incarnation of Juicy Beach, just as soon as I can get my hands on the access to do so. I suggest that you join me in this next celebration of House Music.

I’ll see you on the dancefloor!




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