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Tue 12 Jun 12
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Saturday night at the Sullivan Room is an experience all unto itself . That’s why when someone like Menno de Jong comes to play you go both for the DJ and the atmosphere that the Sullivan Room gives to the music that flows through it. For those of you who don’t know Menno,  he is one of Holland’s legendary young trance producers whom Armin van Buuren is quite big fan of. A few Saturdays, he along with Rory James and Ali Mahmud delivered a performance unlike most others that the city had to offer.

Around 1 AM I spoke with a calm, cool and collected individual who was ready to make these die-hard trance fans dance like no other DJ they’d ever seen before. Much to the collective delight of the audience Menno wasted no time getting down to what he does best, making you move. Each song throughout his set was absolutely heart-racing. As the night passed on and on Menno went into classics for this small yet energetic, die hard trance crowd. Some track that he dropped include “Concrete Angel’ (John o’Callaghan remix),  “Afterthought” (Parker and Hanson Remix), ‘Resurrection” by Paul Oakenfold and of course his own and one of his most loved tracks “Turtle Paradise” an amazing classic and a welcome addition to the set. He had no issues making the club not only bounce all night, but even keeping it open just a little past the time that most of the other places in Greenwich village have closed and people have gone home for the evening.

Alternating between the floor and the booth I got a killer vibe from everyone inside, some people were long time fans of the DJ while some others (like a few friends of mine there) had only ever seen and heard him for the first time ever. Needless to say, everyone all around was impressed, especially me who’d been looking forward to seeing this DJ live since he blew away his two sets at ASOT500 in both Den Bosch and Sydney just a year prior.  It was truly great to have Menno help us keep up  what has already been a stellar season trance season packed with big DJ names just a month before, leading right into EDC New York just the week after and what is now sure to be an amazingly uplifting summer. Surely I among many others will be delighted to see Menno for a party like the one at the Sullivan Room again hopefully not too long from now.

Just before Menno actually came to New York, I had a chance to speak with Kristina Sky on Twitter as she was getting ready for a few upcoming gigs, particularly A State of Trance Invasion: Las Vegas. She was also kind enough to send me her latest collaboration with Menno which is called “Signals”. You can listen to this great uplifting track here to see more of what’s going on in Menno’s mind as trance continues to make it’s way on New York’s most wanted list.

See you on the Dancefloor.




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