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Cosmic Opera - Hammerstein Ballroom

Author Jaro
Thu 12 Apr 12
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Cosmic Opera Act 2- Imbroglio "House Music Meets Opera"

"This makes me feel so hardcore after Ultra. On the weekends, nothing beats this..."
- Girl in the front row

It's Post Miami Music Week and Ultra in New York City. However, people who were able to taste a little it of what Miami had to offer them a few weeks ago, whether it was their first, next or last are all thinking the same exact thing, "how do I get more?" Little does the average person know In New York, this music is one of our most abundant resources.

Last Friday, Hammerstein Ballroom put on the second act of Cosmic Opera, what is known as an "extrasensory dance music event series". The audience had Fedde Le Grand, Zedd, Felix Cartal and an incredible cast of instrumentalists and colorful characters to help put on the performance of a lifetime.

Rumor has it that Act II with Fedde was even better than Act 1. The improved aesthetic qualities of a low hanging metallic chandelier, lasers and incredible graphics along with an audience glowing in both neon and spirit meant each DJ was able to deliver a set that left more than just simply impressions . Looking around in the audience, it was clear that under both black and flashing lights all you could see were smiling faces. From the front row it seemed as though those faces extended back for miles with no inentions of ever stopping.

In this act of the series, House Music now is getting to know Opera on a more intimate basis. The experience that is visually portrayed and relies heavily on the audience to play a key role by reacting, is indeed the drama that was delivered throughout the evening. Every beat, every song, every set kept pulling each and every listener deeper and deeper as the night went on. You might've fallen in love with the music the longer the night went on, and indeed many did again as they once had before. But then again, how could you not? We're talking about house music.

At the end of the night, after a spectacular performance, the audience was begging to know, "what's gonna happen next?" I think it's safe to say that we all are eager to see whats going to go down in act 3, this is one Opera that just gets better and better.

Until the next act, I'll catch you on the dancefloor.

See you soon!


Review by Jaro Guerra

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