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Mon 9 Apr 12
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Miami Music Week. The most anticipated week of the year for electronic music fans across the world, and every time one goes, it just keeps getting better and better. Walking the streets of south beach, it’s easy to see that celebrities, DJs and every day people come together to celebrate just one thing, good music. So when the opportunity comes to see a living legend like Riva Starr, one jumps at the chance to do so.

Mokai Lounge on a Thursday is a pretty slick and laidback groove and inside was definitely no different.  Behind the palm trees and doors, you’re Riva Starr along with several of his friends decided to bring Bateria Fantastica into what was a very intimate and interactive experience where everyone really connected under one of the chilliest electronic grooves that Miami had to offer.  Upon walking in, you were automatically transported to a kind of musical paradise past where the sounds that you first cut your teeth on in house (especially me) instantly made you remember why it is you love this music and why Miami is the  place to be of all places.  Over the course of the night we took several trips between soulful, deep, vocal and new tech-house that kept people moving all night long.  Each and every beat and lyric was a sort of showering in the atmosphere that Miami provides for the week.  A real feel-good all night vibe.  A musical haven tucked away in a little lounge on the northern part of south beach. It was probably one of the best kept secrets of the entire week, the emphasis was certainly on Fantastica.

In the craziness of  Miami Music Week, things can be such a blur that you forget to also lay back and look around. This party, for the listener did just that as it truly was Miami in one of its purest forms. Clearly, there was no better way to kickoff the best weekend of the year.  The next time Riva Starr is in your neighborhood you be sure to stop in for a bit and lull yourself into some pleasant memories both old and new, trust me no matter when in the world you are, you’ll automatically feel Miami in your ears.  What a great experience. Can’t wait to do it again.

Review by Jarobin Guerra


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