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Fri 18 Nov 11
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Mim0sa’s brand of Dubstep is unique not only in the energy that he puts into his shows but also in his use of musical influences. Mim0sa’s West Coast background is very prevalent throughout the set as he blends artists like Cypress Hill, Damian Marley , Snoop, Nate Dogg over an amazing array of wobble bass and trembling beats that make the floor underneath shake. This, in combination with the overwhelming light display, further emphasized the tone of the show and was quickly making for a fun and unforgettable night.


As I stood on top of the speakers to get a closer look and feel to what we were hearing, the crowd was suddenly transported back to a period in time where hip-hop ruled the airwaves all over the country but now existed in a delightfully modern and more eclectic form. Starting out with a vivid remix of "Paris" from none other than Jay-Z/ Kanye and continuing with tracks such as "I Got 5 On It", "I Could Be Your Freak", "The Next Episode" and "Jamrock" long into the night, those in attendance went wild as Mim0sa’s energy grew larger and larger into the night telling the guests to put their hands in the air to feel the vibe that he was putting down.



It is easy to see why Dubstep is so popular among EDM listeners as it is artists like Mim0sa who continue to bring a quirky effervescence to the genre that separates him from all the other producers. Perhaps even the biggest contributing factor is his knowledge of how hip hop can be blended into Dubstep without making it seem too put on and remaining true to two genres of music at once.

To say that the show was amazing would be an understatement. It was an experience in itself and was a rare opportunity to explore music in a way I until now had not thought possible before. Should you have the opportunity, take yourself to a Mim0sa show and experience the magic that this DJ brings to all his performances. You won’t regret it.

See you next time!

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Review by Jarobin Gilbert



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