Adam X at National Underground

Author Fiona
Sat 25 Jun 11
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In June on a muggy summers night, a group of Indigo children are called to a subterranean basement on the LES to witness and hear Futuresound.

Only the chosen will come, those tempered by the fire of techno – not your common or garden techno but something one might describe as Futuresound. This Futuresound is the seed of music for generations to come. Those called to hear it will carry the seed into the future , passing it on to other generations and perhaps other universes. The generator of Futuresound is Adam X. He creates and controls; the bpm's picked specifically to initiate a process of transformation.

It begins slowly and then as the evening builds, the pulse gets stronger. The Indigo children one by one begin to become infused with Futuresound – their very molecules undergoing metamorphosis. Each one reacts differently: some are silent and withdrawn taking in the sound without word or gesture. Others carve out shapes with their bodies; a kind of synesthesia as they undergo the process. Some wander in, some leave, each one awash with the shimmering sound of the future.

This is not warm fuzzy electrons. This is hard and sharp and purging – a kind of DMT for the soul. This will not leave you alone or unmarked. But it is inevitable and it is beautiful.


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