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Claude Young

Over the past two decades, French producer and live performer, Terence Fixmer, has continued to evolve

as an artist while maintaining his influential stance in international techno culture. With his last solo album,

Comedy of Menace, already five years behind us, his continuous evolution has led him to produce his most

introspective album yet. With this 10-piece composition Fixmer is able to tell a story from start to finish, with

powerful, deep, dark, pulsating tones that are essential to his musical approach.


Depth Charged is a complete concept as Fixmer’s track arrangement takes the audience through various

emotions illustrating how there is more to darkness than the dance floor. Beginning with a slow but heavy

bassline, “Ellipse” acts as a perfect introduction setting the attitude for the album. “Fleeting Beauty” brings

us fluttering chords amidst a serpentine drone, while the rolling bass of “Unforeseen” sends you into a

trancelike state. “Purity” distracts the listener with its raw analog warmth filled with extraterrestrial energy.

“Inside of Me,” exclusively selected by Marcel Dettmann for his Fabric 77 mix, followed by “Outside of Me”

are both very dark tracks, filled with atmospheric suspense and quaking rhythms. “Beyond” is a pure

exemplary of Fixmer’s signature style with an infectious progression sending anyone to the dance floor as

“Pallid Light” follows its footsteps filling a bit more radiance into a modern techno sound. “Thoughts” shows

another emotion of the album with deeper dub-like sonorities leading to the final track.

Concluding the odyssey is “Elevation,” the most melodic track of the album, beautifully deep, undulating

and atmospheric, it is a breath of fresh air that brings one back to reality. Fixmer’s productions have drawn

the attention to stimulate individuals in other artistic mediums, as the track was an exclusive selection of

Raf Simons to showcase his works for Dior at the CFDA-Awards. Raf has been a very big supporter of

Fixmer’s work since his first album in 2001, Muscle Machine.

Passionate of profound mystifying tones that rise and fall, Depth Charged is the epitome of unique

expressiveness for Terence Fixmer. With darkness as a companion, each track has come from deep inside

the soul; uncompromised soundscapes that promote taking risks.



Title: ‘Depth Charged’ Album


Release Date Digital : February 23rd, 2015

Release Date Physical: March 9th, 2015


Label: CLR


Cat.: CLRLP014/CLRCD014


Format: Vinyl 2xLP / CD / Digital download




Vinyl: CD:

A1. Fleeting Beauty 1. Ellipse

A2. Ellipse  2. Fleeting Beauty

A3. Purity 3. Unforeseen

B1. Unforeseen 4. Purity

B2. Inside of Me 5. Inside of Me

C1. Beyond 6. Outside of Me

C2. Pallid Light 7. Beyond

C3. Outside of Me 8. Pallid Light

D2. Thoughts 9. Thoughts

D2. Elevation 10. Elevation

I Love Acid feat. DJ Pierre / Luke Vibert / Ed DMX / Mark Archer / Jerome
Hill / Posthuman / Placid
Electrix Records feat. The Advent / Radioactive Man / Silicon Scally /
Dynarec / Billy Nasty / Pip Williams / Sync 24
A Modular Revue feat. Richard Devine / Steevio & Suzybee / Defekt /
London Modular
Also joined by Appleblim / Duke Slammer

Topping the third wave of announcements, Bloc welcomes back the headliners from the first ever weekender in 2007 - Autechre. As warp records mainstays and constant live innovators, Rob Brown and Sean Booth have been annihilating our systems for years and we salute them as they take our main stage in 2015.

We’re also as thrilled as you will be to welcome back long-time friends of Bloc I Love Acid and the re-launched electro institution Electrix Records. Between them they are fielding the kind of acts that have made Bloc what it is over the years - Keith Tenniswood, Silicon Scally, Luke Vibert - and a special guest slot from The Advent. 

New to Bloc in 2015 will be a stage presented by London Modular. Their showcase will feature exclusively sets played fully live on modular
gear, with the artists nestled inside banks of equipment like the proggy, synthy mad professors they are.

Please find the full press release attached and feel free to spread the word as well as this Bloc, Autechre promo video made by film maker David Terranova.


How do you end an amazing 20th Anniversary Celebration? We think we’ve figured out our final flourish by bringing you the last of our 20th Anniversary year from the amazing Vince Watson. This is also our 250th release and a package that not only includes a remix from label boss Josh Wink, but features two bonus digital tracks that see Vince delving into his ambient side. A true celebration… We bring you “Déjà Vu”.

Vince Watson is one of the house-techno crossover pioneer’s and helped facilitate the tech-house genre’s appeal to the masses. A long musical history saw him release his debut album „Biologue“ at the end of the Millenium on Alola. The album was a big success and included the now classic track „Mystical Rhythm“. His work had a huge impact on the global electronic scene for setting a personal hypnotic perspective of groovy, melody and atmospheric sounds, a unique signature sound. He would continue his relationship with Alola, but also record for such acclaimed labels as Delsin, Planet E, and F…U F CCOM. He went on to establish his own labels Bio and Everysoul. 

2014 saw Vince step out and explore new and old relationships in regards to his releases. He rekindled his relationship with Plant E and released on Poker Flat, Bedrock and Cocoon. We are excited to say that now Vince is gracing Ovum on what will be our 250th release and the final culmination of what has been an incredible 20th Anniversary Celebration. 

„Deja Vu“ is an incredible slice of deep and emotional techno. Prepare to be taken on a bubbly ride with many twists and turns and an all-enveloping groove. The deepness is there, but this track still packs a serious punch. „Illusion“ is a wonderful combination of beauty and musicality with an inspiring drive. Illusion sees Vince taking us from the dark into the light. A gorgeous hypnotic piece that will surely become a future classic. 

Josh Wink delivers his own twist on „Illusion“. Staying true to the original Wink adds his own trademark tweeks and discreet acid touch, matching frenetic percussion with the sweeping synths of Watson’s original. Beautiful and epic.

Alongside the stunning original mix of Deja Vu Vince also presents two of his unique and trademark Ambient and Beatless mixes. A special brace of mixes to fully immerse ourselves within and a perfect way to complete our anniversary package.

1. Deja Vu

2. Illusion

3. Illusion (Wink Re-Think)

4. Illusion (Beatless Mix)

5. Illusion (Ambient Mix)


Order your VINYL AT JUNODECKS, DEEJAY.DE, or your favorite record shop.

Soundcloud Samples: soundcloud/ovumrecordings

HUGE SUPPORT FROM: Josh Wink, John Digweed, Hot Since 82, Christian Smith, Lee Burridge, Ryan Crosson, Soul Clap, Heidi, Chymera, Laurent Garnier and many more!


Laurent Garnier – “Vince is one of my favourite techno producers of all time ......... Perfect music as always from Mr Watson!”

Christian Smith– Vinnie is my favourite European-Detroit techno producer. Great remix from Josh too!”

Chymera– “Vince is the master of the chord progression. Deja Vu really reminds of his deeper stuff on Fcomm.. and Illusion is classic Vince. Wink's version is suitably uptempo interpretation. also great."

Soul Clap (Charlie) – “GORGEOUS!  Deep Techno is making my day! ”

Heidi– “Wink can do no wrong in my eyes. Ever!”

Funk D'Void/Francois Dubois – "Chords Chords Chordsssssss lushness, and bassline from heaven!!"

Hot Since 82 – “I LOVE this release J Wicked stuff, especially the Wink Re-think.”


For More Info On Ovum And This Release Go To: www.ovum-rec.om or facebook.com/ovumrecordings

I don't have a panel of experts weighing in. It's subjective as is most folks musical taste. This is purely based on the number of times I've gone "Ah!" while listening to a track for the first time and usually many times over 2014.

I realize its not quite the end of December and some stunning track could come my way in the meantime. But it will be shelved for 2015. So presented in no particular order CGNYs Top Tracks of 2014

The World –As Patria - http://youtu.be/B7_38LcvTzA


Synthese – Arnaud le Texier – Unam Zetineb remix - http://youtu.be/Mz2eQYyivMQ


Elevation – Phil Moffa - http://youtu.be/AazTClIonZE


Clone Wars – Radio Slave - http://youtu.be/6-iEovkZC78


Warehouse Memoiries – UK Rave mix – Stranger - http://youtu.be/BHHYdNwfj2Q


Track 2 – Sterac - http://youtu.be/wBNJFGoWKIw


Totemism – Zeitgetber - http://youtu.be/3LBcb2xSy6Y


For the Music – Demus Whisper - http://youtu.be/6PDdBrjo7CQ


Crossfade – Maceo Plex, GusGus remix - http://youtu.be/5jqOjDGCLfk


Black Russian – DVS1 - http://youtu.be/1_yv3TX8Zrg


Anentropic Field – DJ Zadig - http://youtu.be/PeyC2yGXxTw


Getting Closer – Mike Wall - https://soundcloud.com/wallmusic/wmltd013-b2-mike-wall-getting-closer


Biological Invention – Yuka http://youtu.be/AZTYS1JwhCY


I/Y Blind Observatory- Scanning   http://youtu.be/1ywqJll1Uvs


Sad Party – Voiski - http://youtu.be/KDFFyscpCUA


Cleric- Sigmund - http://youtu.be/l9NO5yoFgeU


Yan Cook – The Edge - http://youtu.be/pS9ELpLvu7M


White Angel Breadline – Sleeparchive - http://youtu.be/jGYVVjpgWTY


The Bailiff - Kamikaze Space Program - http://youtu.be/4KYYOr-uRd8


Epley Manoeuvre – Oscar Mulero - http://youtu.be/8Gby7wDnmeI


Rings of Smoke – Roberto, Roman Lindau remix  - http://youtu.be/2MiVwUcVprM

We love The Echologist (check out our feature on Brendon here) and our friends at Concrete Records are sharing some exclusive snippets of his remix of Plants Army Revolver.

Check it out below! It comes out Dec 9th.



'Detroit Love' is a new concept from Carl Craig, designed to bring together and support the sounds of Detroit, and take a little of the techno brotherhood to clubs and festivals the world over.



"Love is what I have for my city, Detroit. 'Detroit Love' is my way of spreading this love, a love for music from the city, my heritage and who I am as a producer and performer. My love for Detroit is my inspiration, my inspiration is 'Detroit Love'." - Carl Craig



'Detroit Love' was launched at ADE 2014, in the underground recesses of Amsterdam's North Sea Jazz club. Carl Craig invited Detroit natives Recloose, Moodymann - who played a set encompassing disco, soul, house and hip-hop, and Mad Mike Banks to play keys over Carl Craig's Moog infused 4-cd-deck closing set, which included live editing, sampling, scratching and looping of soundscapes ranging from ambient textures to masterful techno. A Detroit focused line-up, showcasing only a few of the sublime talent that Detroit has to offer, the launch was a special and unforgettable night for those who attended.



For 'Detroit Love' events, Carl Craig will perform a new technical set up with 4-cd deck mixing, looping, live editing and sampling.


Special video mapping is being designed, depicting the surreal, urban Detroit landscape.


Full news and forthcoming dates HERE
(for bookings, check contacts below)

PoleGroup are proud to present the second opus of their Unknown Landscapes series, mixed and compiled exclusively by famed techno Spaniard Christian Wünsch. With some of his releases stretching as far back as 1998, Wünsch is by no means a stranger to the game. Hailing from Northern Spain, he's secured a great reputation for his heavy hitting releases, his live shows as Spherical Coordinates alongside fellow label mate Oscar Mulero, and also through the careful curation of tracks on his own Tsunami Records imprint.
This release is an all exclusives special, full of previously unreleased material recorded by the artists especially for this project. On here, you will find the PoleGroups artists Reeko, Exium, Oscar Mulero, and also sound related producers like Adriana Lopez, Woo York, Donor, Claudio PRC and of course Mr Wünsch himself. This mix is 70 odd minutes of exceptional techno from some of the the worlds most respected techno producers. Wünsch meticulously mixes each track into the next, creating one seamless set that ebbs and flows exquisitely. For the vinyl release he has hand selected four tracks from the mix from Tripeo, Woo York, Claudio PRC and also his own track "Beta v.o.5.”
The mix CD and sampler will be out December 15th through PoleGroup.
Official presentation at Tresor Berlin on 29.12.2014
Christian Wünsch Live
Lewis Fautzi
Adriana Lopez
Claudio PRC
Tracklist Mix CD and Digital (PoleGroup28CD)
1- Reeko - Busted
2- Claudio PRC - Atik
3- Kessell - Kelva
4- Tensal  - PGA1
5- Lewis Fautzi - Desinformation
6- Adriana Lopez  - Close Resemblance
7- Ness - Neuronic
8- Woo York - Farewell Old Friend
9- Spherical Coordinates - SCNWO-20
10- Christian Wünsch - Beta v.0.5
11- Error Etica - TV Treated
12- Giorgio Gigli - Synergetic Exposure
13- Donor  - Cell 424
14- Oscar Mulero - Northern Work
15- Go Hiyama - Mean
16- Ben Gibson - Devine Process
17- Exium - Arkanis
18- P.E.A.R.L. - Memoria
19- Subjected - Shift
20- Kwartz - Control
21- Tripeo – Zebog
Tracklist EP – Unknown Landscapes Selected 2 - Vinyl (PoleGroup29)
A1- Claudio PRC - Atik
A2- Woo York - Farewell Old Friend
B1- Christian Wünsch - Beta v.0.5
B2- Tripeo – Zebog


Great American Techno Festival is proud to welcome The Bunker New York, who will be presenting an all-night showcase on Saturday, October 11, 2014 as one of the feature showcases of GATF 2014.

The Bunker New York, a lasting staple in New York City’s underground music scene, celebrated its 11th anniversary in January 2014. Taking the next step forward, they launched a new vinyl and digital record label, which GATF is proud to be highlighting in Denver. The night will open with four live sets from label artists Leisure Muffin,Clay Wilson, Løt.te, and Zemi17, and continues with DJ sets from founder Bryan Kasenic, resident DJ Mike Servito, and label artist Ulysses.

This showcase will be limited to GATF pass-holders only. Passes can be purchased through EventBrite

Click here for a PDF version of this press release

More information on The Bunker NY: http://thebunkerny.com/
Website: http://gatf.us/
Facebook: http://facebook.com/gatfest
Twitter: http://twitter.com/gatfest

This past April Moogfest, the multidimensional 5 day music, art and technology event returned to Asheville, North Carolina. Presented and curated by Moog Music, Moogfest celebrates the innovative spirit of the company's founder, the beloved physicist and inventor, Dr. Bob Moog.
Throughout Moogfest, Moog invited artists YACHT, ESCORT, PUBLICISTADULT., and FACTORY FLOOR to perform in the Moog Sound Lab inside the iconic Moog Music FactoryVice Noisey was there to catch it all and have now partnered with Moog Music to exclusively premeire these sessions for the world.
Yacht, Escort, and Adult.'s sessions have already been released with the rest to be unveiled via Vice Noisey in the coming weeks.
The Moog Sound Lab is an original content media channel produced by Moog Music that invites artists and bands to perform in the Moog Music factory in Asheville, North Carolina. Armed with an unlimited supply of electronic instruments from Moog, musicians create a unique analog interpretation of their original material. Previous Moog Sound Lab sessions include Little Dragon, Phantogram, Mute Math, and Toro y Moi. For more on Moog Sound Labs, please visit:www.moogsoundlab.com


FEATURING Audiofly, Carl Craig, Davide Squillace, DJ Tennis, Enzo Siragusa, Guti, Josh Wink, Konrad Black, Lee Burridge, Loco Dice, The Martinez Brothers, Mathew Jonson, Matthias Tanzmann, Pete Tong, Ryan Crosson, Shaun Reeves, Timo Maas, tINI.



Celebrating 20 Years of releasing original music, the enigmatic, Grammy nominatedMartin Buttrich presents his #9414 20 Years Tour, running from 20th September until 20th December and marking the launch of his new label plus a new collaboration album project for 2015.

Martin Buttrich has put his sonic fingerprints on many big ticket artists and engineered, written and produced some of the biggest tracks from the past decade. His dextrous studio skills have been the backbone of some of the biggest releases from the likes of Timo Maas and Loco Dice. From his outstanding solo releases on influential labels such as Planet E, Cocoon and Poker Flat, to receiving a Grammy nomination for his co-production on Timo Maas' Tori Amos remix in 2003, through to confounding and steering the Desolat label with Loco Dice, who has kept him as a producer and writer on his records for over a decade, Buttrich is and remains a seminal figure in the electronic industry.

This tour marks his step out of the shadows of the studio and into the centre of the dancefloor. Featuring artists with whom Buttrich has collaborated throughout his career, together they will conquer landmark cities such as London, New York, Amsterdam, LA, Rome, Berlin and Miami amongst many more. 

Many of the artists that will join Buttrich on this twenty date tour will also feature on the collaboration album due at the start of 2015. 

More Info:

Tour Dates:
20th - Leeds, Mint Festival
20th - Leeds, Mint Warehouse

3rd - Milan, Amnesia
4th - Barcelona, Nitsa
11th - Paris, Showcase
18th - Amsterdam, Thuishaven, Winter Circus
24th - Zurich, Cafe Gold
25th - Rome, Goa Club

1st - Berlin, Panorama
7th - Dubai,  Blue Marlin
14th - London, Unleash
15th - Basel, Nordstern
26th - Detroit, TV Bar
27th - Chicago, Spy Bar 
28th - Los Angeles, Sound
29th - San Francisco, Public Works

3rd - Miami, Trade
5th - NYC, Output
6th - Montreal, Stereo 
20th - Birmingham, Lab 11 



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Shaped Noise - Different Selves
The debut album from Shapednoise has surfaced from the creative depths, a brutal aural assault, perfect for your despicable sensibilities. “Different Selves” falls on the grimier side of industrial noise, akin to some Northern Structures, Ancient Methods and Blackest Ever Black releases.......... ,...... ......


Phase - Alone in Time?
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