PoleGroup are proud to present the second opus of their Unknown Landscapes series, mixed and compiled exclusively by famed techno Spaniard Christian Wünsch. With some of his releases stretching as far back as 1998, Wünsch is by no means a stranger to the game. Hailing from Northern Spain, he's secured a great reputation for his heavy hitting releases, his live shows as Spherical Coordinates alongside fellow label mate Oscar Mulero, and also through the careful curation of tracks on his own Tsunami Records imprint.
This release is an all exclusives special, full of previously unreleased material recorded by the artists especially for this project. On here, you will find the PoleGroups artists Reeko, Exium, Oscar Mulero, and also sound related producers like Adriana Lopez, Woo York, Donor, Claudio PRC and of course Mr Wünsch himself. This mix is 70 odd minutes of exceptional techno from some of the the worlds most respected techno producers. Wünsch meticulously mixes each track into the next, creating one seamless set that ebbs and flows exquisitely. For the vinyl release he has hand selected four tracks from the mix from Tripeo, Woo York, Claudio PRC and also his own track "Beta v.o.5.”
The mix CD and sampler will be out December 15th through PoleGroup.
Official presentation at Tresor Berlin on 29.12.2014
Christian Wünsch Live
Lewis Fautzi
Adriana Lopez
Claudio PRC
Tracklist Mix CD and Digital (PoleGroup28CD)
1- Reeko - Busted
2- Claudio PRC - Atik
3- Kessell - Kelva
4- Tensal  - PGA1
5- Lewis Fautzi - Desinformation
6- Adriana Lopez  - Close Resemblance
7- Ness - Neuronic
8- Woo York - Farewell Old Friend
9- Spherical Coordinates - SCNWO-20
10- Christian Wünsch - Beta v.0.5
11- Error Etica - TV Treated
12- Giorgio Gigli - Synergetic Exposure
13- Donor  - Cell 424
14- Oscar Mulero - Northern Work
15- Go Hiyama - Mean
16- Ben Gibson - Devine Process
17- Exium - Arkanis
18- P.E.A.R.L. - Memoria
19- Subjected - Shift
20- Kwartz - Control
21- Tripeo – Zebog
Tracklist EP – Unknown Landscapes Selected 2 - Vinyl (PoleGroup29)
A1- Claudio PRC - Atik
A2- Woo York - Farewell Old Friend
B1- Christian Wünsch - Beta v.0.5
B2- Tripeo – Zebog