New York, NY (February 6th, 2014) – Rui Da Silva is back. The progressive-house producer (and DJ) behind the worldwide pop and dance hit from 2000, “Touch Me” featuring Cassandra, is back with eyes and ears set on the U.S.’s explosive electronic dance music (EDM) scene. Da Silva releases “Sunrise” featuring Wesley Steed on Kismet Records on March 17th, 2014.

Da Silva returns to the studio – after taking three years off to raise a family and live in Ibiza, Spain – with a renewed focus on pushing the boundaries of dance music. He certainly knows how to craft a track to make bodies move; “Touch Me” achieved the “#1” chart position in several countries including the UK, Portugal and Greece shortly after its release. In addition to critical and commercial success as a solo artist, Da Silva was also part of the esoteric dance music duo, Underground Sound of Lisbon, which had immense influence on the underground dance music scene with “So Get Up” in 1994. To Da Silva, the current incarnation of EDM in the U.S. is both intriguing and promising. There is a lot riding on “Sunrise” as the original production Da Silva chose to re-enter the U.S. market, and it’s no wonder the track explodes with the sonic fury of pent-up determination. Working on “Sunrise,” Da Silva reignited his desire to produce high-quality dance music. Several follow-up singles are already in the works.

Four edits of “Sunrise” will be released: the Radio Edit, Extended Mix, Instrumental Mix and Missing Beats Remix.

The Radio Edit comes as a breath of fresh air in a sea of similar-sounding club tunes. From the beginning, the listener is captivated by the vocals of Wesley Steed alongside heartwarming melodies. Decorated with gorgeous trails of high-notes, punchy riffs build the intensity of the track into a commercial-sounding single sure to become a massive hit this summer. 

The Extended Mix features additional vocal breakdowns that seamlessly build to fueled progressive melodies and festival-ready drops. This pop-house anthem delivers poetic lyrics of love and togetherness fused with a pounding bassline. Versatile in nature, this edit possesses the capability of fitting into a variety of different DJ sets across genres. Nevertheless, the Extended Mix is perhaps geared best for the nightclub circuit.

The Instrumental Mix transports the listener on a musical journey, allowing each individual to deduce his or her own interpretations of the song. With gorgeous piano riffs and excitement in every beat, Da Silva serves up this refreshing version replete with a distinct sounding production.

The Missing Beats Remix is a downtempo delight, delving in a deeper direction than the other mixes. This edit encompasses an underground feeling with its dark, beating bassline. With an unmistakable afterhours vibe, this edit teases the original melody of the song only slightly while creating ominous layers of techno, deep-house and progressive, all into one unforgettable remix.

Said Da Silva, “After so many years in the business, I’m in a position to help people and develop new talent. I started producing before I began DJing, whereas now, you’ll find DJs want to become producers. For me, producing will always come first. I see DJing as a platform for sharing my work with a live audience. That thrill brings the music full-circle, to me.”

For Rui Da Silva, the time is once again, now.