Music is the Drug Radio w/ Corey Biggs & Professional Rockstars are Kickstarting their International  'Music is the Drug September 2013- December 2014 World Tour' 25+ Countries &  35+ Performances Will 2 Be or Bust?

This is my 1st Tour as a musician & Dj performing throughout the "Universe" and I need your pledge in funding this tour to book all the "necessary flights in NEXT 30 DAYS! and all in all" so i can create my personal vision of 'Music is the Drug' thru "Corey Biggs" to the world.

I created 'Music is the Drug Radio' with Corey Biggs by accident? One of the early radio stations in 'Holland' said to me, "Corey, we cannot syndicate your radio show guest "Alone" if you do not play on it as well?

So here we are TODAY! Hooray THanks GroundFM in Amsterdam,Netherlands for the push 2 years


We all have a responsibility to give something back, to leave this world a better place for our having been here.

Being successful means helping others

It's about who you've lifted up, who you've made better. It's about what you've give back. It's like that saying " You'll never see a trailer behind a hearse." You know, you can't take it with you. The egyptians tried that and it didn't work?


I have always been a person that provided global publicity,leadership, & empowerment, touring 5 continents, writing, producing & covering artist for many years for electronic dance music, and other music genre of artists' to help others, create there music personal legacy, and now i need your PLEDGE!, in creating my own personal legacy of playing in every country possible, independently or not, No matter the battle to create & Just Do IT !

My Personal Legacy is all in all is in 'being'  "Music is the Drug, Professional Rockstars  & Corey Biggs to every creative culture in the world and persons i come across.....

My "Grand Strategy" in life, is not just to "make the world a better place" anymore, but to make it "Better than good!"

Music is the Drug = Rockstar NationMusic is the Drug = Rockstar Nation

Yesterday's discoveries are today's commonplace. I create the unorthodox to be orthodox in daily achieving of striving for mastery.

The mindset of all in all and you, should be I am 'whole, perfect, strong, powerful, harmonious and happy!

To not think this of thyself in my eyes is defeat!  I am an 'Outlier' and believe only in 'Mastery' & being 'purpose driven! by deliberate practice.

What is my STRATEGY?

My Strategy is,  to  Achieve 'Wisdom of Crowds momentum' with our 'Music Creative Anarchy Events & Creative Culture Insight through 'being' of awesomeness of performing for the masses in as many Countries we can situate events!


The need in funding for My tour is as follows:

1. Travel expenses to get from show to show, since this is a Worldwide Tour (International Flights, Accommodations, visas, Food, merchandise and, security when necessary) and in some areas, our tour also in some region require pre-awareness of environment before event partaking, with regards to set-up.  (All this has to be set up with immediate Priority!)

2. Driven & Social Media Marketing in each and every niche region, we are creating shows, to have the exact right 'Return on Luck' for each and every event.

3, Equipment costs, range from Video & Audio production, promotional street teams and/or Posters, permits, work visas, guest artist, controllers,lighting, software, Music, Headphones, venue rentals, and many more that may be unknowable that will become knowable.

4. Tour Merchandise, such as CD's, Shirts, Stickers,Tote Bags & Posters to provide brand awareness and create the one to one perspective to our customers mindset to create the 'Awe' to our New Influences and Fans for memories to last 4ever within "Music is the Drug" branding!

5. Our Team, consist of not just 'Corey Biggs' the artist? We have our Tour Manager & Cinematographer that create our perception to the masses for all in all events.  Our staffing costs is one of our high hurdles which is the 'Rockstar' fundamental in need of this serious! project plan!

With that being said, The Working Capital that is also necessary, is to organize the shelves, curating spaces & event production, driven marketing and to make sure everything we do is exactly right and that is immediately available for better than good, pre-project planning!

With the 'Return of Luck' being enough to surpass our "bare minimum" goal of $95,785, in reality the extra funding needed, will go towards the flights for cinematographer & tour manager, and adding more dates to tour with quality substance for you my fans, is my No. 1 priority!

With that being said, the point in 'BEING', anything I raise above make me able to create the UNBELIEVABLE so it becomes Believable to YOU in Validation as the person who radiated love and warmth!

What is 'Music is the Drug Radio?'

"Music is the Drug Radio" with Corey Biggs is a weekly 2 hour radio show broadcasted worldwide in "21+" Countries, syndicated by Syndicast,.

Countries included Radio Station are; GERMANY, JAPAN, UNITED KINGDOM, FRANCE, THAILAND, UNITED STATES , SPAIN, RUSSIA, BELGIUM, GERMANY, UNITED KINGDOM, ITALY,CANADA, BELGIUM, CHILE, GERMANY, GREECE ,SWITZERLAND, SLOVENIA, just to name a few! (I am happy to provide syndication list to anyone to confirm motivated reasoning)

I also have a 'Smartphone Application' which is available on 'Apple Appstore' & 'Google Play Store' for 'Android (Just type "Music is the Drug")  for the vision of the customer which is "FREE"

Music Is The Drug for iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad on the iTunes App StoreMusic Is The Drug for iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad on the iTunes App Store

Music Is The Drug - Android Apps on Google PlayMusic Is The Drug - Android Apps on Google Play

Also past 3 months we have driven marketed "75+ million impression" via Facebook, 2,506,830 views Youtube and the list goes on and on of impressions worldwide!

Some of the past guest artist are,Timo Maas (Rockets & Ponies), Tom Novy (Nouveauniveau), (Simone Tavazzi (MB ELEKTRONICS) , Mihalis Safras (Material Series), Noir (Noir-Music), M.A.N.D.Y (Get Physical Music), Leon (Music On), Pirupa (Desolat), Letkolben (Kommunikation Records), Marco Bailey (MB Elektronics), Spartaque (IAMTECHNO), Dosem (Saura Records), Axel Karakasis (Remain Records), Reset Robot (Truesoul),Yaya (Desolat), Alex Flatner (Circle Music), Filterheadz (Mb Elektronics)  and so many more!

What do I sound like?

WHAT IS Music is the Drug Branded Events Plan of Attack?

The Tour will be starting with South America in September, Europe, Asia then North America, Caribbean, Australia, Carnival Trinidad, Festivals, ADE Amsterdam,  and so many more! In each country and city we will be partnering, collaborating or creating our own 'Niche Rockstar Events' for the vision of the customer! (We are confirming dates in actuality now and updates will come with all in all confirmations when fully funded!)

The Music Events, we will arrange will all in all, at first be internally done & motif created by Professional Rockstars, in building the exact right concept to give the exact return on luck we are looking to achieve.

We will look to build regional tribes factions to create hopeful return events to exemplify my music majesty and build new influences in a music awareness initiative for each event going forward.

Our hypnotizing concept is to have our new influences and customers, the ability, to connect the one-to-one perspective with a "personal experience' in each and every events I produce.

Many people Communicate, few connect, is the reality. Our niche is connection from our reasoning and past achievements in providing global publicity through Music, Fashion and Lifestyle.

Just figures this Advertising is a Multi-billion dollar industry which is saturated, and we are "being" in the Alchemist to 'winning' in making it un-saturated through are vision in creation!

Tour Dates: (More Dates to be added)

September 2013

W Hotel - Manhattan, NY

P6 NightClub - Bogata, Colombia

Outdoor event - Cucuta, Colombia

Club Vertigo -  San Jose, Costa Rica

Salinas - Belum, Brazil

October 2013

La Maison Des Artistes  - South Kensington UK

January 2014

KissFm & Mixheadz Outdoor Festival - Melbourne, Australia

The Pledge

The Pledge of intrinsic value/barter in return for your Believable result in Validation & action will be; exclusive design authenticity, in creation of apparel for women & men, stickers, Cd's, invitation to events and all in all.

This is a 'no-brainer' in our 'being' as with reasoning yourself, you can see the perception of 'I' is knowing my left hand is the same as my right hand!

So to expect anything less than better than good would be a 'False image' and highly impossible!

Example: Women's Music is the Drug - Shirt from 1st Tour!Example: Women's Music is the Drug - Shirt from 1st Tour!

Example: Music is the Drug - Men's T- shirt From 1st TourExample: Music is the Drug - Men's T- shirt From 1st Tour

Why Kickstarter?

The reason, Kickstarter is this? Their is no such thing as altruism, everyone needs to receive something. Whether its monetary currency, food, a thank you phone call, a hug , a sticker: It has Intrinsic meaning! Giving is receiving and receiving is giving!

I Believe in the vision of people, It only takes one to make a change. Being Unbiased, Having empathy, not living in a narrative fallacy, and learning to re-learn is what make perfection, as it is all in all in the mindset that calculate where the 'now' in the heart that matters!

I want "Rockstar Pledgers" to believe in my personal legacy and know that they can say internally or externally, that they had a part in creating my personal legacy and success of build a Culture Creative of Knowledge, Music, Wisdom, through having 'Empathy' and not just making the world a better place, but making it better than good!.

**ALL SHIPPING COSTS ARE INCLUDED IN EVERY PACKAGE, NO MATTER WHERE YOU LIVE!**please bear this in mind when you look at the prices. it was easier to do things this way, but it also means, in the spirit of  mail democracy, that those of you living in ex. New York might be paying a little bit more to cover the shipping to the people in 3rd World Countries.

"You" ARE THE MEDIA: as soon as you support this "Kickstarter", TELL EVERYONE YOU'VE DONE IT, AND SPREAD THE "LOVE" FAR AND HIGH! & WIDE.

Donation Details

Click on the green, "Back This Project" button and Kickstarter will walk you thru the entire pledge process.

Your pledged amount will be automatically collected via Amazon when the fundraiser closes, but only if we reach our goal. If we fall short of the goal, all pledges are cancelled.


Kickstarter operates as an ALL-OR-NOTHING platform. If the fundraising goal is not 100% met, your donation will not be collected and I don't receive any of the funds, not a penny. That's why it is vital that each and everyone of us, shares this website and our fundraising goals with as many people as you can, whether by facebook, Google+,Instagram, twitter, email, in person, telephone, Skype*, or any other method of communication you use! Its also important to note, once we achieve our goal, we can keep going until the end of the pledge drive. The bigger the pot, the bigger the Rockstar value!!


What can I do to help if I can't donate financially?

Spread the word! Share this page on Twitter, Facebook, Tumblr, or anywhere you see fit!

Listen on Itunes or Download the 'Free' Music is the Drug Radio app to your smartphone on Iphone appstore or Google Play and enjoy 4ever!

We Believe, Conceive and achieve this as the "Music is the Drug = Communal Project" ,where music lovers could get involved on many different levels and feel part of the project"

Risks and challenges

Learn about accountability on Kickstarter

The risk and challenges that come with creating "Music is the Drug" Branded events is knowing the environment, and knowing, the exact time, day and month to have the best return on luck in event productions! You need to know the vision of the customer and competition at present and be prepared before hitting the ground!

If possible and can see the willingness, we see fit, we will work in collaboration; only if their collaboration makes business sense and brand awareness reality in confirming motivation reasoning to the vision of our customer.

The unique challenges are weather, traveling delays, work visas, Natural Disasters, competition of local unforeseen events or International Holidays.

To tackle these issues, I will have more than many unorthodox strategies. All of events, the environment will be known prior and will be sorted first in post-preparation on ground by 'I' as if to blame anyone it would be myself only and team members and outsourced help in region from past tour knowledge.

Plus, trust me, past mistakes are the better than good learning tools, to have the best return on luck in having no mistakes!

Our only setback could be in Saturated markets, The cost in 'Driven Marketing' and reach in 'Call to action' with Social media. It may be necessary for a more counter-attack on ground with creating word of mouth marketing, personal guerilla marketing, or something of the unknowable.

"The setback", is when it does not work exactly right, reasoning back so that you know exactly what went wrong!

All in all our tactic relevance in strategy, is this! Put all you eggs not in separate baskets, but one basket; and watch that one basket very closely for the better than good result in "Knowing and learning to re-learn the art of Winning!.


Professional Rocks Stars Inc presently provides Publicity and Advisory services with their client's through traditional,social,and experimental media campaigns. This goal is achieve the influence crowds and build your brand legacy!

Our Campaigns are based on building a brand reputation initiative enabling our immediate Growth-minded Exposure effect services: Meaning that the more your reach by impressions are exposed to your brand, the more you & they like it!.

Corey BIggs aka RockSTAR

Corey J. Tronchin

Professional Rock Stars Inc.

"Music is the drug radio with "Corey Biggs" affects people intimately, person to person, offering a world of unspoken communication between writer-speaker and the listener. A private experience."


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