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Here at CGNY, we love to showcase folks who are new to us or new to the scene! It's always exciting to discover or uncover new talent. Such is the case with EVO-K, a young Italian dj and producer who is about to embark on a tour across Europe.  With a slew of releases already under her belt and showing no signs of slowing down, we grabbed some time to talk about her career and future projects.

CGNY:  Where are you from in Italy - tell us about your background?

EVO-K: Hi CGNY! it is a pleasure to begin this Q&A with you.

I was born in a small town on the northern tip of Lake Garda and after having traveled and lived in many countries around the world, I came back to live near my  Lake.

My father was a Dj and so it was natural to me to follow in his footsteps, first as a musician and then as a DJ.

CGNY: When did you decide to devote yourself to a musical career? And what might you have been doing if not a dj/producer.

EVO-K: I answer starting from your second question (LOL): doubtless a pro surfer! because it's the only non-music alternative-escape of my life.  In answer to your first question: shortly before I was a teenager, I plunged headlong into singing and playing guitar. At the end of the high school, I started to study singing and music production more intensely. Over the years I chose to become a pro-DJ and producer.

My story as music producer, started in 2005 and found the first success in 2008 with my debut album, but it was the rollercoaster ride that I have experienced over the past 3 years till my second effort DIVERSE (WE ARE) that officially opened the doors to success, giving me an increasing number of fans and successful international live shows.

CGNY: Tell us about your musical interests - what were you listening to growing up? You have a progressive house/electro sound. Is that something that developed or that you found yourself evolving towards?

EVO-K: My prevailing genre is House Music, but today I am highly contaminated with Electro/Hard House styles (I love Complextro madly!)... and yes, also a pinch of Progressive House. It's something I found myself evolving towards as I originally was an electro rock music lover. However, in some of my tracks you can hear and feel EDM and Techno vibes. Today, I try to mix all these music genres and when everything is dosed in moderation it becomes a very smooth and solid mix of sounds. Whereas, my greatest desire is being able to communicate through my Music everything that no other language can express, I can say that my music is inspired by all the experiences of my life: travels, passion, joys, pain, sex, tears, desires, loves, prohibitions and my need for FREEDOM! My sound is neither too extreme nor too niche, actually rather commercial, I would say. One thing for sure: EVO-K is a way of thinking outside the box and proudly play away from the stale Italian music styles!

CGNY: You’re about to embark on a big tour of Europe – tell us a little bit about that?

EVO-K: My "Save The World Tour" has the scheduling in progress till the first half of 2013, with forthcoming gigs in Russia and also a New Year's Day in India (still in dealing). I am also planning to tour Australia bringing there my EVO-K project for the first time. I recently signed with the Australian Soundkraft Records for the release (OUT NOW!!!) of my new EP "CAN'T WAIT TO SEE YOU" (which includes a special track reworked by the Isreali DJ-Producer D-SOLVE) so who knows.... let's hope to tour the "kangaroos' Land" soon!

The name of this tour (SAVE THE WORLD) is taken from the track MIRACLE (coming soon on the Hungarian Overground Digital) and it's one of the most expressive song I recently produced.

Miracle is a track that emphasizes the environmental and climate crisis, with metaphorical references also to the global crisis. With the SAVE THE WORLD Tour, the EVO-K's Team (me together with all my partner Djs-Producers-Artists involved this year 2012) would like to donate a portion of revenues from the scheduled gigs and sales of the official merchandise, to the victims of Japan's tragic earthquake and tsunami. Ending the tour - if that is possible - with few gigs in Japanese territory. It is a long time that I want to give aid through the power of my music, let's see if we-all-together can make it happen and why not, even with the support of Clubs Managers and Events Organizers willing to get involved to this important humanitarian goal!

CGNY: As a woman in a primarily male orientated industry - have you encountered any interesting things as a female dj - either positive or negative?

EVO-K:  Unfortunately, there's little or nothing positive in being a woman in a primarily male orientated industry. I am a somewhat rebellious woman... and thanks to this I had to strive to get a small, hard-earned place within almost totally male orientated electronic-music-world, that is still not fully prepared to really BELIEVE in women's artistic/music skills, especially if you wanna be credited as a female producer.

in a nutshell: you need to sweat twice or thrice, to achieve almost the same result as your male DJs/producers partners.

CGNY: Who are some of your personal favorites at the moment, either tracks or producers?

EVO-K: At the moment? definetely, the superstars dj’s Wolfgang Gartner and Afrojack; 2Drops from Israel (the minimal techno project by the Israeli Roy Cohen & Dan Sela), Narcotic Ninjas a.k.a. NИ, Deadmau5, the great Martin Solveig... I'll stop here for now! the list is too long ;)

CGNY: Any other projects you are working on right now that you’d like to tell us about?

EVO-K: I am always at work on new stuff, producing, remixing and gigging :) I am almost ready to release some new exclusive tracks and featuring for the label Overground Digital.

In a few days, the preview of my upcoming new single GO 4 GOLD will be out in the official EVO-K SoundCloud ( http://soundcloud.com/evo-k ). It's one my most amazing music-trip: a pure Electro House Music banger featuring the Swedish rapper CONTé DBM. This summer, I felt I had to write a song dedicated to the Olympics 2012 and now I got this "baby" in my hands! It's seasoned with commercial house music riffs, black killer vocals and wide emotional drops. In these days I am also finalizing to shoot the official videoclip of GO 4 GOLD with a storyboard focused on a Paralympics champ life (more details coming soon!)

Finally, another track (Dangerous Girl) is ready to be released in few weeks by Ring Mode Records and it's a super HOT DARK Electro House song! try and see....you definitely had to stay tuned at http://www.evo-k.net

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