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Dimi Angelis was born to rock... the techno decks!! Growing up as a metal fan, he's made a smooth transition into the world of techno. Citing Steve Rachmad and Jeff Mills as major influences in his sound he's already, in his young career gotten a couple of appearances at Berghain and Tresor under his belt. He has started his own label and has his own club night in his native Dutch home. Like all the folks on New Noise- Dimi Angelis is one to watch!!

CGNY: Hi Dimii thanks for taking the time to talk to CGNY. What kind of music did you grow up listening to and who or what were your influences?

DA: I grew up with heavy metal and rock music. My favorites at that time were Rush, Metallica, Iron Maiden, Dream Theater, Toto, U2, etc.  I did not have that much inspiration for my own music actually but I followed R&B, soul and disco as well at that time. In the end it’s the combination of dance and rock music that is the main influence for my techno music right now. I like the energy, power, and the deeper atmospheres in rock and in dance music as well. That’s why I play techno at the end I guess.

CGNY: Have you ever played in Greece, where you were born?

DA: Not in Greece no, but I moved to The Netherlands when I was a baby and I’ve played here a few times. The dance scene is very small in the south of the country; actually there isn’t a dance scene really. That’s one of the main reasons I moved to Amsterdam.

CGNY: What has been the highlight of 2011 for you?

DA: Counterpart live at Berghain and the creation of our new label A&S (with Jeroen Search) and also the birth of my new underground club night "Grasp" which I do with 2 companions.

CGNY: What’s your favorite track right now from another artist (if it’s possible to single out only one?)

DA: Oh I definitely have more than one favorite track at the moment of course but one I’m listening to a lot since I got the promo two months ago is 'Sin Luz" - Developer on Semantica Recordings. Killer track! It’s so good. Wow... banging stuff.

CGNY: It seems to me like techno djs are more ‘digitally minded’ i.e., they often use laptops/controllers and other pieces of electronic equipment in their sets. What do you use to play out and do you have a preference on equipment?

DA: Well, I switched 2 years ago from vinyl to cds. The main reason was there were a lot of technical problems with playing vinyl. Resonance, people bumping against the dj booth with jumping needles and so on. Because of digi promos you already play with cds for 50%. It’s more dj friendly then vinyl but in the end I prefer the sound of vinyl. I still buy the best tunes on vinyl as well, vinyl junkie that I am. :-)

CGNY: You were just featured on the very popular Droid Behavior podcast (from LA) and they’ve showcased some very interesting up and coming as well as established talent. How did that come about?

DA: I really don’t know. Good ears for quality I guess. I met Vidal and Vangelis last year at ADE in Amsterdam at the Ostgut night party. They’d  just left the backstage area and I bumped into them. We talked for a short while and I had some small email contact with them. Then 6 months later from out of nowhere Vidal dropped me an email with a request for a Droid podcast. That was it!

CGNY: Fantastic. Well I’d like to say we share the same good taste because I’ve been listening to you for a while now on Soundcloud!  What’s coming up for you in 2012 in terms of gigs and production? I know you’ve released with Jeroen some new tracks (great!).

DA: Thanks for the kind words! :) We have some new upcoming releases on A&S, Balans, Stockholm LTD, and a few Counterpart releases on M_rec LTD, Audiosculpture and Fields. Also we have some remix projects coming up so it’s looking good so far production wise. We have some cool gigs coming up with Counterpart in The Netherlands and internationally. Also with my own dj gigs – I’m doing fine. 2012 is looking good so far!

CGNY: What are your interests or passions outside of music? Are you a secret Trekkie or toy train collector?!!

DA: Nothing special actually. I love to do sports myself (go to the gym 3 times a week) and I love to watch soccer. :)

CGNY: What would be your ultimate gig to play either location or with other artists?

DA: Well, I’m happy with every gig I have, small and big. Best gigs are the places where it’s filled with real techno people who know good music. I played Berghain 2 times(live and dj) and also Tresor dj gig last year was great but I also had parties at small unknown clubs – they can be just as great as the more famous ones. I prefer the smaller ones actually, between 300/400 peeps). As I said, I’m happy with all my gigs but at this moment my ultimate dream is to play in the USA.  I think it would be great to play there as I heard only great stories from friends and colleague djs. Let’s see what the future brings me :)


Here's our special guest mix from Dimi!!


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