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Mon 14 Nov 11
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DJ: Francesco Tedeschi

Download: Francesco Tedeschi, an Italian dj and producer was born in Genoa, Italy, the birth city of Christopher Colombus, on June 7, 1982.




CGNY: Very excited to hear your new releases on ReSolute Label. How did you come to release on this label?

FT: Me and Elon (DJ and owner of ReSolute Label) met via email. The first thing he thought was: "This man is crazy!" In fact, I had sent him an email with twenty demo tracks! Elon thought that he would never get to hear all those tracks but was intrigued... so after listening to the first he exclaimed '"Wow, sounds good"! Then he went to the second: "Wow even better than the first"! And after the third he thought: "Ok, it's decided!” And from that day we started working.

CGNY: You’re a ‘relative’ newcomer to the producing scene. Why did you decide to make the leap from dj to producer or in your opinion do they two go hand in hand?

FT: I have been a DJ for many years but I have only produced for approximately a year ... So, I think that being a DJ is like being a shaman, while being a producer is like being an alchemist, they are both something very similar: A wizard mixing of emotions, and a specialist in the direct contact with people or in the laboratory. Each magician has his own way! .

CGNY: What or who influences your music especially when it comes to making music? Do you strive for a particular sound?

FT: My music is the result of my musical culture and emotions that characterize my sound being more deep. When I listen symphonic, rock, bossa nova, and of course electronics music, I feel these "emotions" or archetypes that I cannot describe well in words. Musical genre classification is purely a cultural issue and I feel like the son of the electronic culture. My childhood was past listening from Kerri Chandler to Adonis, from Blake Baxter to Larry Heard, from Juan Aktins to Carl Craig, from Sven Väth to Richie Hawtin, etc.


CGNY: Is this your first gig in NYC?


FT: Yes, it's my first time in New York! Yesterday I played a DJ set all night long for the ReSolute Label Preview Party, and I felt a lot of positive emotion from special people, and tomorrow I’ll debut my live set at the official label night party with Kiki, Agaric, Franklin De Costa and Elon!

CGNY: Italy has a thriving techno scene – with lots of really good music coming from there. How do you feel the electronic dance music scene compares to other countries? I know you’ve played Sonar in Spain.

FT: I think that in Italy there is a lot of very good music and artistic fervor, but there is not the same artistic intelligence that moves the ranks of the organization of events: I see that Italy is squeezed economically until the bone in favor of "Superstar DJ" and there isn’t chance for talented young Italians.Here in New York I see that this problem doesn’t exist, the organizers of events are often DJs and producers and they make economic and artistic decisions much more meritocratic so this gives room to grow in the art scene. In Spain there is the opposite problem than in Italy: techno music is in supermarkets and on the beach among families with umbrellas and so the music is globalized... There are super organizations of events but if you listen to a DJ is like listening to them all.

CGNY: I read that you practice kundalini yoga (not I think the easiest of yoga practices!) but certainly from what I’ve read about it transformative. How did you get into that?

FT: I've always been interested in spiritual themes. I'm interested in many things related to subtle energies, esoteric, conspiracy theories and alien abductions. I know that most of these things that are offered on the internet are new-age's fraud and energetic parasitism. I got in to yoga for 2 reasons: my girlfriend is practicing the teachers course of yoga in a big centre in Copenhagen, and I took the first lessons from a wonderful teacher of kundalini for 10 days during an international hippie gathering called "Rainbow". Becoming aware that there are not just matters but there are other important energies, it brings you closer to the beauty of creation and the universe.

CGNY: Any thoughts of on the significance of spending 11.11.11 in New York? What do you think it means for you personally and the universe!

FT: I leave the numbers to the Kabbalists, but certainly the number 11 is a constant in my life, I know that many people who are close to me have a special relationship with duplicate numbers...

CGNY: Tell us an obscure or random fact about yourself not mentioned in your bio?

FT: I think if they were there I should still continue to keep them dark...











Francesco played the ReSolute Label party Nov 12, 2011

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