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Written by CGNY   
Monday, 06 December 2010 17:02


Jimpster (aka Audiomontage and real name Jamie Odell) is a British deep house producer, DJ, and founder of the record label Freerange Records. CGI caught up with Jamie in advance of his up-coming Dublin gig and asked him a few questions. Catch Jimpster in the Twisted Pepper on November 27th... we'll see you there!

CGI: Where are you at the moment and what’s keeping you busy?

Jamie: At home in Essex right now and working on some new original Jimpster tracks which should hopefully see the light of day in the new year. It's been a busy year with gigs which has been great fun but does tend to compromise the studio time a little bit. Also got some big Freerange releases from other artists (Manuel Tur, Tony Lionni and Bassfort) coming up which have taken a bit of time to prepare and organise.

CGI: Your Jimpster moniker is synonymous with deep house. With techno and tech house being the club favourites at the moment (or so it seems!), do you ever find it challenging to get over the "deep house" label?

Jamie: Well I think it's safe to say that over the last few years the deeper end of house has enjoyed a bit of a resurgence in the clubs, although of course, things tend to be on a smaller scale than techno or tech house events. We've been going for almost 15 years now and been known for being deep house for the majority of those so I guess you could say we're comfortable with it and without a doubt we're still 100% passionate about the music.

CGI: You're widely known as a remixer, tell us a little bit about the remix process?

Jamie: Well the process starts with trying to only pick tracks that you think you can bring your own sound to and benefit the original with whatever that sound might be. I quite enjoy working with vocals, even if I end up using less than the original and find it can be really interesting finding a way to totally rework the groove and background until the vocal is in a new context. I usually start by listening through all the parts I have been sent very carefully to work out what I should use and then start jamming with the sounds in the sampler building up a few little riffs or chordal ideas then start building the drum track once I have a bit of a picture what direction I'm going to go in. Sometimes remixes come together really quickly like my mix of Justin Martin's Sad Piano which I finished in 2 days and other times they can take weeks.

CGI: Are you working on any remixes now?

Jamie: I've just finished a second remix for Seal which has come out pretty nicely but other than that I'm keeping most of my time set aside for new original material.

CGI: You also release music as Audiomontage. What’s the difference between your Jimspter and Audiomontage releases? Which moniker do you prefer?

Jamie: I originally intended for Audiomontage to be my clubbier alter ego back when my Jimpster material was more downtempo but these days I tend to just focus on the Jimpster stuff as I'm not really prolific enough to need a second outlet.

CGI: As a label owner, what’s your opinion of illegal music sharing and is there a solution?

Jamie: Well its disheartening to think that after all the time and effort us producers put into to try and create music for people to enjoy some people somewhere are just uploading it and making available to everyone for free. I think the majority of people into the music do get it through the right channels though and I don't think there's any solution so I'm just fairly accepting of it.

CGI: Have you converted to digital software and MP3's? Is the end of vinyl in sight?

Jamie: Well I've been playing off CD's for years now but still reluctant to switch to laptop mainly due to the inconvenience of setting them up whilst someone is playing and down to the fact that I'm staring at a screen all day so it's nice to get away from it in the evenings at least! Even though I don't play off vinyl at gigs I still really value it as a format and will continue to release as much as we can on Freerange bearing in mind the more trying economics of releasing on vinyl these days.

CGI: You're no stranger to Dublin and you're playing in the Twisted Pepper on the 27th of November. Are you looking forward to the gig?

Jamie: This is maybe my 5th or 6th time playing in Dublin and I always love coming to Ireland where the crowds definitely know their music and are always up for the craic! ;)

CGI: 2010 is drawing to an end, and highlights for the year?

Jamie: Had some great gigs this year with memorable highlights being my Southport Weekender debut, recent tour of South Africa, regular parties at Watergate, Berlin and the Freerange showcases at Goa in Madrid. Had some lovely recognition and feedback for my remixes for Josh Wink, Kasper Bjork and Nick Holder and my wife and kids haven't left me yet, so all good really!

CGI: So, the future! Any major plans for 2011?

Jamie: It's a case of us trying to put out the best music we can by our favourite producers and hoping people enjoy it as much as we do. We're not really after an outstanding contribution to dance music award at The Brits, although that would be quite funny.





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