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Claude Young

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Written by CGNY   
Friday, 29 October 2010 15:12

CGNY: Tell us a bit about yourself? Where are you from originally?

To be honest, I don’t remember much from my childhood. Although I believe I had one, I really became aware in my early 20s - when I realized that the world was made up of opposing forces, and I belonged to a creative force whose duty it is to enlighten those who have been seduced by the mediocre world of pop-culture music. I have an incessant desire to save the day.

I’ve always felt different, it wasn’t the way I looked - it was the way I looked at things. My appetite for new knowledge and a deeper understanding of how to implement that knowledge runs through my veins. Knowledge is power - and knowledge empowers me to really reach people with music.

I am just as passionate about music as I am about technology and even though I use advanced technology to communicate my music, what really matters is that the music that I play has some type of emotional content to convey.

CGNY: What got you started in the electronic music world? What were your early influences?

Maybe it’s the 1s and 0s? Maybe it’s the mystery, the darkness and the emotions that spoke to me.

I am influenced by DJs and musicians, who have the ability to fill an entire night with love, passion, and a sense of adventure. I am inspired by DJs who use technology and have a profound understanding of the music and how to enhance it. DJs who respect the music they play and who communicate and connect directly with their audience. I aim to fight mediocrity with every creative fiber and technical wire in my being.

CGNY: You’re very forward thinking in your use of technology to dj! Tell us about your “magic glove” (which I thought was just for effect when I saw it first!)

It’s not magic, and it’s not a trick... It’s just who I am. It was a freak accident but I’ve learned to live with it and even use it. From one minute to the next my life changed.
I think things happen for a reason. In trying to make the world a better place, things sometimes go right. The technology that I thought I could tame turned out to be much more powerful than I envisioned. These things happen to those who are searching in the unknown, to those who dare - and my search made me who I am.

CGNY: You just came back from a tour of Israel – how did that go? What’s it like djing overseas as compared to NYC?

I love DJing around the world! But there’s no place like NYC!! It’s great to see how different people react to different music. In Israel the energy is very strong. I don’t think they are as experimental and up front as NYC, but more like Europe in many ways - they like to celebrate en masse.  But NYC is unique in its music culture - there’s space and an audience for artists that are pushing the EDM envelope.

CGNY: Do you see changes occurring in the dance music scene here in New York? People talk about a revival and certainly since I’ve gotten involved I feel there is a resurgence of interest in dance music. Thoughts?

Music has lost it’s meaning, at least in the format that it has been presented in over the last century. The fact that you can download almost every song that has ever been created and store them on your tetra-gig future-pod, makes the supply/demand structure of our current market work its magic. Recorded music is essentially free. Due to this abundance, future-oriented artists are now looking to reach their audiences in various methods – they are reviving the century old tradition of time, place and occasion. They instinctively understand that these factors will enable them to communicate with their audience in a meaningful way, rather than having their music ending up along thousands of other artists in a clogged up future-pod used to block out the dull, outside world.

But the resurgence is different this time because of the available technology. Some DJs are exploring the use of new technology to enhance their freedom and possibilities in creating music. The caveat here is that DJs can fall prey to the power of the technology itself whereby their use of technology may become a barrier between them and the people during a live performance.

I purposefully use technology to bring me closer to the people. I see a future where a DJ can mix and share music directly from within, without the distraction of technology, thereby allowing them to focus more on the interaction between performer and audience.

CGNY: In terms of production, what are you working on now ?

I’m working on a few tracks, that will be shared with the world soon... You’re either gonna love them or hate them. I can accept either - as long as they resonate within you.

CGNY: Where are you favorite venues to play in NYC or around the universe?

My favorite venues are the ones that are conducive to the emotional transaction between artist and audience, due to the right mix of ingredients. The space, the set-up, the sound/lights, and most importantly - the peoples’ sincere interest in building a friendly and adventurous atmosphere, a community. One of the places that has these qualities is Cielo in NYC, another is Jazzhouse in Copenhagen.

CGNY: Tell us about this float you’re DJing on at the Halloween parade – sounds like a lot of fun!

The NYC Village Halloween Parade is a great example of a community with adventure. When I play at the parade, surrounded by my technologically advanced soundsystems, I incorporate the adventurous energy from the clubs, now magnified by the multitude in attendance. There is an immense tide of creativity that is flowing both from the artists and the audience that you can’t experience anywhere else. People who are usually just part of an audience participate in the creativity and are very open to avant garde and almost freaky artistic expression on this special night. I play the Halloween Parade because its a great way to fight mediocrity and share in the creativity with millions of people.

CGNY: Apart from music, what’s important to you in your life?

I have an incessant desire to save the day. To that end, my goal in life is to educate myself and future generations in the best way possible. Fortunately for me, that method is music.

CGNY: Chocolate or vanilla?

Espresso please.

CGNY: “The Munch Machine’s style is…….. in 3 words!!

I have only one word: Soultech


Download the free mix from www.themunchmachine.com. The Munch Machine is playing at Sullivan Room NYC on Saturday, November 13 with Tiefschwarz and Sleepy & Boo.


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