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Wednesday, 01 September 2010 15:07

CGNY: You are making your US and Electric Zoo debut? How do you feel about playing in NYC for the first time?

It will be my very first time in the USA. Doing so with Electric Zoo is a great debut I think! I'm very happy and exited to come play in NYC, I can't wait to see what the crowd has in store for me.

CGNY: What got you interested in edm initially? Who are the artists that inspire you?

I started listening to electronic music in rave parties. I instantly enjoyed its dancey, colorful vibe and never left this movement since. So many artists inspired me, such as the Chemical Brothers, the Prodigy, Spiral Tribe and many others.

CGNY: You've remixed for such major artists as Moby and Tiga. Do you have a different approach to remixing versus creating an original track of your own? How do you decide that you want to remix a track - must be tricky?

No, it's exactly the same approach. There is one difference when it comes to making a remix: I use the sounds provided to me, whereas for an original track, I select the sounds myself.

CGNY: What are you presently working on - "Alcoolic" was a big success - are you planning on any new albums soon?

I actually am working on tracks for my label FORM, as well as an E.P on Cocoon recordings. I plan to work on an album for sure, I just need to take some time to work on it.

CGNY: What are you listening to now on your ipod and what 3 tracks would constitute your desert island disks?

I'm actually listening to all the new demos I have received for my label FORM. As for picking 3 tracks... Such a complicated question, because there's so much music I love!

CGNY: When you're not djing and producing - what do you like to do in your spare time?

In my spare time, I stay with my family and enjoy the good times with close friends

CGNY: And finally... Champagne or beer?

Champagne for sure !



Check out Popof at Electric Zoo  - Sunday School Groove Stage Sunday Sept 5th




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