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Written by CGNY   
Sunday, 22 August 2010 20:03

DUSTY KID (aka Paolo Alberto Lodde) was born in the first half of the decade of the 80’s. As a new “enfant prodige” he immediately showed his natural attitude for the variegated “music world”.

At 10, after just one year of private lessons of the basic notions of piano and violin, he was admitted directly to the 6 year of the piano course in the conservatory of his native city. Following the accademic experience, his tasks moved gradually from the austere classical world to the electronic system, free from binds and traditional old-fashioned diktats.

CGNY:Ciao Dusty! Thanks for taking the time to chat to us at CGNY.  Up until I got your bio for the interview – I knew nothing about you except that I loved your music! So for the purposes of this piece – let’s pretend that’s the truth. Who are you and where do you come from?

DK: I’m a little kid who comes from a very old, little and beautiful island located in the middle of Mediterranean sea originally called Ichnusa and now better known as Sardegna

CGNY: Where did you get or come up with the name Dusty Kid?

DK:For me a dusty kid was one of those dirty children in far west that used to clean cowboys' boots, and this comes along with my fetishism for men's feet.

CGNY:What drew you to techno/EDM? Can you remember a song or piece of music that ‘switched you on”?

DK:I think the first time I heard Ace of Base's “All the she wants” I thought "OMG this is techno"

CGNY:Have you performed in the USA before?  This is the second year of Electric Zoo – last year was a blast. Are you excited to perform here? Any other artists you are looking forward to checking out yourself if you have the time? What other festivals or clubs do you like to play at?

DK:I was supposed be on tour last September across US but it didn’t work because my visa process took more than one year!!! I'm really excited to play there, line up is really interesting. My favourite clubs ever are D.Edge in Sao Paulo and Tokyo's Womb

CGNY: Your album “A Raver’s Diary” – (which I love by the way) is filled with beautiful, melodic techno which is also incredibly danceable.  So you can just listen to it or rock out on the dance floor to it!  Was there a particular source of inspiration behind the album or how do you approach making a piece of music?

DK: I wanted to reach an album that, as you said, was danceable, but listeneable at the same time, with some deep melodies and with a rave vibe, and that's what I was trying to do from a romantic point of view.

CGNY: Certain producers tracks (yours and others) stand out in the saturated music market. What do you think that “je ne sais quoi” is;  that intangible something that makes a tune pop?

DK: I think it depends on the melody/ appeal of the track you make. If people feel it, they won’t certainly forget in years.

CGNY: It’s a cliché but being Italian – do you like to cook? Do you like to go dancing yourself?

DK: I love cooking but I even more prefer eating Italian and Japanese food. I do like dancing with friends and having fun in clubs, and I think doing it makes me inspired when I’m in the studio.

CGNY: Apart from making music, what other interests or passions do you have?

DK: Shoes, men, and do nothing while at home :)

CGNY: Are you planning any more tours to the US in the future?

DK: For sure, I’m going to play in Los Angeles and San Francisco late in September, and I hope to have 1 free month and spend my vacation doing Route 66; that would be so inspiring for my life!!!!

CGNY: Are there any artists you are listening to now more than others? What are your 3 desert island tracks – that you must take with you?!

DK: I love Midlake (a band from Texas), Simon & Garfunkel, Bob Dylan, J J Cale and recently I’m totally addicted to Manuel Gottsching. Desert island tracks...that's difficult, but they would be probably Bob Dylan's One Too Many Mornings, Chemical's Private Psychedelic Reel and Bach's Fugue BWV 565

Dusty Kid plays Electric Zoo this coming Labor Day weekend! www.electriczoofestival.com


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