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Written by CGNY   
Saturday, 08 May 2010 17:27

An interview with Super Extra Bonus Party... by Gar Browne

An interview with Super Extra...

Super Extra Bonus Party play a DJ set in Thinktank on the 19th of December and in Whelans on New Years Eve

For futher information and track previews check out the following...


Gar : Tell us a bit about your musical background, how did you get started?

SEBP : Gary met Rod while working at the Dublin United Tramways Company in 1913. When the workers lockout started the two lads had to beatbox and rap to keep warm while they were protesting. Fatz and Gav were working for the Dublin Metropolitan Police at the time and came across Rod and Gar while they were baton charging a workers rally. After Fatz and Gav beat the shit out of the lads they started talking about tunes and realized they had loads in common. Everything just fell into place from there.

Gar : The loss of funding at the Riverbank in Newbridge will be a blow to fledgling groups looking to get a start. We know you've championed the arts center and played there many times. Do you feel that it helped you develop as a band when starting out, have you any advice for bands/musicians looking to get a start?

SEBP : The Riverbank is a great venue, bands in Newbridge are talented, enthusiastic and plentiful, there is a huge market for gigs in Newbridge and the odd time that they allowed a gig to be put on, the crowds were generally large and wild. The Riverbank closed down because it was run by a group of people that failed to identify any of the above as an opportunity to make money, stay open, and in turn provide a top quality venue for the youth of the town as well as local drama groups and the like. I'm not saying that it could have been like the Hacienda, it just had so much potential in the end it just burned out due to lack of funding, ideas, promotion. It's an issue that annoys me greatly and I could go on about it, but I won't. All I'll say is that something like 40% of the town is below the age of 23, and despite the fact that the council pretty much refuses to acknowledge their existence, those people won't go away, they'll probably just find other less favorable ways to express themselves.

Gar : You played Barcelona this summer, do they plan any more globe-trotting next year?

SEBP : Our collective carbon footprint is single-handedly responsible for the melting of the ice caps, so it would be pretty immoral of us to do any more shows abroad, but I'd say we'll be doing plenty and just not thinking about it.

Gar : So, the future! A new album maybe?

SEBP : Yep, new album out around April 2009, it's going really well, we're very excited about it.

Gar : You're playing a DJ set on the 19th in Thinktank, Dublin. What can the crowd expect to hear?

SEBP : Our favourite tunes. Either that or the bouncers telling them they can't get in because they're not wearing shoes.

Gar : You're also playing New Years Eve in Whelans (what better night to play, eh?), some might see that as a significant nod of respect from a Dublin institute, how do you feel about it?

SEBP : It's great to get the opportunity to contribute to the chaos that is New Years Eve in the city. In Whelans that night we'll be assembling 400 odd people, giving them easy access to alcohol, playing loud chaotic music to them for a few hours, and by the time 3am comes we'll have their senses primed, if not slightly disorientated, and we'll send them out into the night like foot soldiers, ready to fight people at bus stops, vomit on doorsteps, start huge brawls in chippers over places in the queue and so on. It's a real privilege to be able to do that.

Gar : How's your Portuguese? Are you guys getting lessons?

SEBP : Rodrigo has fluent Portuguese, we generally just get him to translate shit for us. Eggblade speaks Latin backwards.


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