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Written by CGNY   
Saturday, 08 May 2010 17:26

An interview with Lisa Pin-Up...

An interview with Lisa Pin-up

Lisa plays The Zoo in Kilkenny on the 13th od December.

For futher information and track previews check out the following...


Gar : I recently saw some promo for the new Tidy Girls EP that you are involved in, tell us more about that?

Lisa : I know, how exciting! I never thought I would be doing another tidy girls EP 12 years later but here it is and we had so much fun doing it. My track is called 'DJs Request' and is it so me, really pumping but very tongue and cheek. When you are a dj, you always get asked requests for tunes so I come up with this idea for the vocal "So dj do you take requests". It has this massive really hard off beat bassline when the tune comes in and i do see people smile when they hear the words and it is great I see people singing along to it on the dancefloor.

Gar : What do you get up to in the week when you are not djing or in the studio?

Lisa : I am always busy doing something or other from Monday right up to when I dj on Friday night. My husband Peter is alway shouting at me "get off that bloody computer!" as everytime he sees me I am always on it. I must admit I don't get started to about 12 in the afternoon each day but then carry on working to around 2am in the morning. Halve the day is taken up with chatting to the clubbers on sites like DSI/myspace and just very recently bebo and facebook too. The rest of the time is chatting to my agent and promoters as well as dealing with other projects like personally arranging everything to do with my tours, producing tunes, doing photos, updating my web sites, arranging flights and editing tunes for my sets which takes ages, since i got cubase on my laptop I can change each tune I buy to exactly how I personally like it to play out. My only time off really is Sunday from about 2pm till the evening. I usually get home from djing at 7am have a few hours sleep then go down the pub for the rest of the day.

Gar : What did you used to work as before taking up Djing full time?

Lisa : I did a bit of extra work for t.v and films as well as being a model. I modelled for a car bill poster campaign, a Nescafe advert and I even modelled for a few book covers with Gerry Halliwell who was a fellow model at the time too before she was in the spice girls.

Gar : Can you remember your first ever gig, how did you feel before getting on the decks?

Lisa : Well there are two stories, my first gig and my first proper gig! The first venue I played at I was not really even a dj. I used to hang around a record shop all the time to buy tunes that I heard every weekend while clubbing. I got to speak to a dj of a local club as saw him every week buying my tunes and he said he was going on holiday and would I like to fill in for him. At the time I had just bought my decks to only play my tunes I bought and never thought of being dj as a profession. He convinced me to do it saying it was only a small crowd but when I got there it there was about 800 people! I really did not know what i was doing and was so nervous I thought I was going to be sick on the decks! Afterwards I said I would never do it again as I was not ready and it really put me off and also I thought working behind those decks got in the way of my partying (maybe that is why I felt sick as tried to combine the two that night :-) About a year

later when I felt more confident I started to make mixes and hand them out and got my first professional gig, it was for a party put on by the T.V programme "Euro trash". I got this by going to a club called Pushca every week and the door person was helping to arrange the party who had my mix. This event was a bit rubbish but my first gig that I count as the one that kicked off my career (they same people that gave me my dj name) was for Pusha in London, I got this by going clubbing there every week and handing out my mixes to the promoters.

Gar : Over the years who has been your biggest musical influence?

Lisa : Honestly I have never had any. As a dj you have to trust your instincts, when ever as a dj I am listening to a tune and think "will this work" I go back to my clubbing days and take off my dj hat and listen to the tune as a clubber. I try and go back to when I was once one of the people on the dancefloor and think what made my legs want to stomp. So really my only influences is my memories from being a die hard clubber.

Gar : Can you explain the Lisa Pinup sound in less than 5 words?

Lisa : Uplifting, pumpin, bouncy, twisted & fun!

Gar: You kindly allowed tidy trax to record your TW15 set and release it as part of the commemorative Weekender album pack, what tunes did you include?

Lisa : Lately I have not been to keen on releasing official mixes as I love a bootleg and you are not aloud to use these tracks in a mix destined for the shops because of licensing reasons. Well this time I planed ahead and got a lot favourite producers replay and all the riffs and vocals to their tunes enabling me to use the tracks for the mix. So to cut a long story short with this mix you will be getting an authentic Lisa Pin-Up set with no compromise and you will smile when you hear a bassline or riff from one of your old favourite tunes :-)


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