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Written by CGNY   
Saturday, 08 May 2010 17:25

An interview with DJ Vadim... by Gar Browne

An interview with DJ Vadim

DJ Vadim was kind enough to answer a few questions for us. DJ Vadim is playing in Crawdaddy, in Dublin, on the 17th of December.

For futher information and track previews check out the following...

http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/DJ_Vadim /

Gar : 2008 is almost over, what would be your highlight to the year?

Vadim : Being diagnosed cancer free a week or so ago!!!

Gar : Your DJ'ing and production career have helped you travel the world, Japan, South America, Australia (to name a few), which country do you prefer playing in and which country do you think produces the best crowds?

Vadim : It's interesting to see how countries develop and how scenes change. It's not really fair to compare countries per say as they are made of many cities which sometimes are totally different. ie NYC is not America and London is not UK. Saying that however i think France historicallly for many genres - jazz, soul ,funk, reggae, hip hop have been the most educated and clued up crowds. It's not a mystery why Nina Simone lived there or Miles Davis or Quincey Jones etc.... they are and have been on the ball for ages. I would say one of the worst places is the UK. I think there unless you are on mtv or hipster, its basically dead. People just want very cheap beer and topless girls and dont really care about the music at all. (except for a few rare parties). People just want music by numbers. Its all very dumbed down and corporate at the same time.

Gar : Some website list your preferred music genre as instrumental or experimental hip-hop , trip-hop with a heavy use of drums. How would you describe your sound?

Vadim : Well I haven't read that! For me it's hard to describe the music I make to a tee because music is subjective. What is soulful to one ear maybe noise to someone else... I feel I make soulful bassline music. that covers reggae, soul, hip hop, downtempo, disco... I do all of that but it has a soulfull edge.

Gar : You're known to be a big record collector. How big is your collection? do you have any favourites?

Vadim : Well its big, really BIG. hahahaaha. However I have been selling chunks off recently. I'm moving soon to Berlin and cannot take them all with me. As for favourites - minnie ripperton - adventures in paradise

Gar : What was the last record you bought?

Vadim : Gregory Issacs - tribute to wadee on 7"

Gar : You're playing in Crawdaddy, in Dublin, on the 17th of December. Are you looking forward to the gig? What can the crowd expect to hear?

Vadim : Well I taylor my sets each nite to the crowd. Sometimes I can go across the board and thats my favourite type of gigs. Sometimes I have less freedom. The last party in Dublin last year was great so hopefully people will have a bassline foot stomping handbagging jumping rip roarer of a night.


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