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Written by CGNY   
Saturday, 08 May 2010 17:20

An interview with Lisa Lashes... by Gar Browne

An interview with Lisa Lashes

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Gar : Hi Lisa, you've such a busy schedule in December. Your myspace page lists The Syndicate, The Tivoli, (to name a few) and to top it all off, Godskitchen on New Years Eve, How do you fit it all in and what do you do when not in gigging or in the studio?

Lisa : I'm playing Boxing Day in Dublin at the Tivoli Theatre and Belfast at King's Hall which are great gigs to shake off my Xmas dinner and far too many mice pies! I'm also doing 2 great gigs NYE - Godskitchen in Cardiff and Storm in Coalville, so a busy December for me. I don't get a lot of time off, but when I have a day here and there, I will see my friends or have a dinner party at my house to catch up with everyone. We sometimes go out to a club, but more often I prefer to stay in and get my friend round ,who's a great chef, to cook us a really nice meal.

Gar : You are considered a pioneer of house music during the 90's, helping to promote this genre and are often referred to as the Queen of Hard House. How has the Hard House scene changed since then?

Lisa : The hard house scene went through a bit of a bad patch in the last few years but I think its found its niche in the dance world now and people are actually embracing our music, which should have always happened. I think we have some great producers making some great cross-over music too and that's what I'm loving about playing all the different genres of tunes in my main sets. Of course the scene will go up and down like any style but I feel at the moment the clubs are getting busier and people are enjoying getting out, partying, dancing and having fun.

Gar : You are playing in the Tivoli on 26th December. Are you looking forward to the gig? What can the crowd expect on the night?

Lisa : Everyone should expect to hear some great new music, not just from myself but from Scott project and Alex Kidd too.

Gar : While you are primarily known for Hard House, you have been known to play hard trance, psychedelic trance and techno. Is hard house still your first love?

Lisa : It really is my first love but I play any music that I feel is worth a play and that I know the crowd will love too.

Gar : You have collaborated with Anne Savage, Rachel Auburn and Lisa Pin Up as part of Tidy Girls. How does a collaborative approach add to the experience?

Lisa : It was great to work with the girls and other artists through the years. It takes the pressure off a little when you can do collaborations as you have a bunch of ideas from different people rather than just what I think should work.

Gar : You have gigged at a lot of festivals in 2008 including Planetlove, Global Gathering and Escape into the Park. What do you enjoy most about the festival scene?

Lisa : I love doing the festivals. Seeing thousands of people coming together through music is always amazing and when the weathers right, the music's good and everyone's happy, there's no better place to be.

Gar : Who is your favourite artist at the moment?

Lisa : I've always been a massive fan of BK. (Ben Keen) Love the music he produces and he's an all round great guy...

Gar : As we are approaching the end of 2008, what plans do you have for 2009?

Lisa : I'm working on a new artist album which will hopefully be completed in 2009 and hopefully I can do a mix compilation as I've not done one for a year. I'm also on my 7th Lashed music release , so I'm concentrating on getting some new tunes ready to be released on my label, as I'm collaborating with a lot of new producers and engineers in the UK. With my domestic and international bookings, I'm in for a busy 2009...


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