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Written by CGNY   
Saturday, 08 May 2010 17:20

An interview with Alex Kidd... by Gar Browne

An interview with Alex Kidd

Alex kindly answered a few questions for us! He's playing in The Zoo in Kilkenny, with Lisa Pin-up on the 13th of December and at Kiddfectious in Galway, with Lisa Lashes and Scot Project on the 29th of December.

For futher information and track previews check out the following...


Hi Alex, thanks for taking the time to answer a few questions for us.

Gar : Firstly, the website, http://www.djalexkidd.com/, it scares the pants off us! But, we got to admit, peeking between closed hands, it looks kinda cool. What was the inspiration behind it and what reaction have you gotten to it?

Alex : Its a platform for Alex Kidd portals so my fans and followers can see what's going on in the world of the Kidd - the ideas of the branding spawned from the whole Kiddfectious name - where there are no boundaries and anything goes - where anarchy and innovation collide. The short movie see's Alex Kidd surrounded by loads of hot zombie chicks that are pumping him full of needles and tubes - quite taboo but gives a paralleled image of my music and DJ sets - all is calm then something triggers inside me and i let loose ...its all very tongue in cheek and comes from the creative angle of comic strips and cartoon story lines but it seems to have pushed the right buttons

Gar : With 2008 drawing to a close, have you any highlights?

Alex : Highlights include winning the BEST DJ 2008 award at H.D.A , having my debut BBC Radio 1 Essential mix, spinning for Q-Dance on their debut Australia tour, playing billions of festivals including Planet Love and Kiddstock of course!

Gar : What DJ or group would you recommend to our visitors?

Alex : Evil Activities ha be warned - he is lethal! Also Kidd Kaos - he is on fire!

Gar : Lisa Lashes mentioned in a previous interview with us that she though the Hard-House scene had gone through a bad patch lately, but that now it had found it's niche. What’s your thoughts on that?

Alex : Well i don't play hard house so i don't really know the answer to that. The hard trance hardstyle and hard dance music and clubs seems to be at an all time high though - game on!

Gar : Your record label, Kiddfectious is up and running, how's life as a successful business man? And does running a record label mean we'll see less of you behind the decks?

Alex : Life as a successful business man is great except for the fact that business is all about making money and I’m always skint. But my passion is for the scene and the music so as long as everything is running the way I like and in the direction I want then I’m happy. Kiddfectious is more than just a record label, its the events and platform in which I showcase everything I’m about and into - from music and artists right down to the very vibe of what I love about clubbing... check www.kiddfectious.com so you can check out the forthcoming events, the big one coming up next is the Kiddfectious debut in Galway - with myself , Lashes and a certain Mr Project on the line up alongside new wizz-kidd - Kidd Kaos - this will be off the richter scale...!

Gar : You're playing in the Goodgreef Chrsitmas Cracker (with Lisa Pinup) in Kilkenny on the 13th of December, then again, Kiddfectious in Galway with Lisa Lashes and Scot Project on the 29th of December. What can your Irish fans expect to hear and are you looking forward to the gig?

Alex : Last time i played Kilkenny the police shut the club down after i had only played a couple of tracks so I thought it would be good to come back and deliver a full set for everyone who came to see me the first time.

Yeah as i said above. its a big time for me in Ireland right now because its no secret that they are the most loyal and up for it of all my fans. Its been a long time coming but it has been on my agenda to service the loyal fan base with an event of Kiddfectious proportions and this mammoth onslaught in Galway will prove how ahead of the game AKHQ really is... .this is going to be one special night and will re-write the rule book...

Gar : So, the future! What can we expect for you in 2009?

Alex : Definitely more studio work and more productions because i miss being in the studio - all the event promoting and brand pushing limits my time so i need to get that sorted for 09. Also i want to push a live set for future shows so i will start getting to work on that soon as well. Kiddfectous Ibiza and Kiddstock 09 will be stealing the headlines this summer and I'm getting moist when we have been making plans and coming up with ideas for these concepts. Check out news on the Kiddfectious birthday in Manchester in January - and then the big Kiddfectious arena at Fantazia in Feb - all big tings in the world of ak ! x


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