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Written by CGNY   
Saturday, 08 May 2010 17:18

An interview with Audiojack... by Gar Browne

An interview with Audiojack

For futher information and track previews check out the following...


Hi guys, thanks for taking the time to answer a few of my questions.

Gar : I’ve been doing a bit of poking around your website http://www.audiojackmusic.com/ and what you’ve achieved to date has been very impressive. A critically acclaimed debut release (Robot), the respect of your peers and you get to travel the world too! Nice one!

Audiojack : Thanks!

Gar : So, with 2008 drawing to an end, what’s been the highlight of the year and what’s the highlight of the career?

Audiojack : We’ve had a really great year with lots of highlights so it’s difficult to pinpoint one particular gig or tour… Our tours of Australia, Brazil, United States and Japan were all really great. If we had to pick one specific gig it would be something of a toss up between Midi in Cluj, Gossip and Kudos beach in Mamaia, Sonar in Barcelona and Das Versteck in Dortmund. Gossip was particularly fun, in Mamaia they have a massive festival at the start of May when most of the young Romanians flock to the coast. We DJ’d from 3-10am at the club then went to the beach and played back to back with some of our Romanian DJ friends all day!

Gar : The last comment on your website (04/11/ 2008) mentions a US tour, how did it go?

Audiojack : Yeah it was a lot of fun! With the exception of Vancouver we’d played for all the clubs before so we already had lots of friends on each gig. It’s much better when you’ve already got a group of friends you can hook up with in each city, local knowledge is always good for discovering stuff to do. We’ve toured America 4 times now and it’s been better every time. Avalon in Los Angeles and End Up in San Francisco were particularly special on this tour.

Gar : Your website also mentions the following… Audiojack’s music takes influence from various styles and is typically hard to categorize. Although I love a challenge, maybe you guys could describe your sound?

Audiojack : Music to make people dance… As long as it flows together and makes people have a good time that’s what’s important to us. But if you were looking for a more specific genre-isation it’s usually somewhere between house and techno.

Gar : You’re debut album, Radio, is due for release 2009. How’s the recording experience been? As a duo, do you ever have disagreement in terms of musical direction or who makes the coffee?!

Audiojack : It’s taken us just over a year to get the album finished as we’ve been touring so much. It’s been completed in fits and starts really. We got about 4 of the tracks completed in two weeks when we had some time off! We’ve never really had a disagreement on the musical direction, as we spend so much time together on the road our influences are much of the same as each other. Compromise is always important to help things run smoothly.

Gar : Your first original release, Robot, 5 letter word, beginning with R, your debut album, 5 letter word, beginning with R. Coincidence?

Audiojack : Completely! Think you’ve spent too many hours watching the X-Files!

Gar : You’re playing McGruders, in Dublin, on the 20th of December. With 200 live shows under your belt to date, you could probably do it blindfolded (which would make for a very, VERY interesting gig!) What can your fans expect? Do you tend to stick to set routines or do you get a chance to be creative?

Audiojack : We never have routines for sets, it’s impossible! You never know what to expect when you arrive at a venue, sometimes the crowd want the music a lot housier, sometimes they want more techno. Sometimes the warm up DJ might be playing at 134bpm (in which case he’ll get a slap!), sometimes at 125bpm. So it’s best to just know your records and go in there with an open mind.

People can expect to hear a mix of our own productions and their first chance to hear some of the material from our upcoming album along with lots of music from other producers that we really like at the moment. We’ve played in Dublin a few times before and never been disappointed so were really looking forward to this one!

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