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Written by CGNY   
Saturday, 08 May 2010 16:41

An interview with Chymera... by Gar Browne

An interview with Chymera

Chymera is playing in The Twisted Pepper on the 10th of January. Check out the event listing here.

For futher information and track previews check out the following...


DJ Gar : With 2008 almost over, do you have any highlights of the year?

Chymera : Probably playing in Japan at the Womb club, something I had always dreamed about doing. I got to stay for a week and it was a fantastic experience.

DJ Gar : Techno is still somewhat underground in Ireland, the majority of clubs tend to favour a more commercial sound, although we are seeing more Techno acts performing around the country recently, particularly German acts. (Michael Mayer, Apparat, Sashca Funke, Sick Girls, Modeselektor (all played recently)) What's your opinion of the Irish scene and how does it compare to the scene in Barcelona?

Chymera : Well I've been living away from Ireland for over 2 years now, but I have always found the Irish scene to be excellent. It's smaller than the rock or indie scene for sure, and there's less dedicated venues than you might find in other countries but the sheer variety of underground club music on offer in ireland, dublin particularly, is enough to rival many other places. Down the country in other towns and cities it's a different matter, but if I ever return to Ireland, probably the only place I could live is Dublin.. just for the variety of music on offer. There's generally always some big name internationals playing most weeekends, along with assorted local djs, and you can hear many different genres in my opinion. I would probably say there's more on offer in Dublin than in Barcelona, simply because every single club and bar here pumps out either miminal, or "deep house" which is really minimal with some more organic samples. There's very few places here brave enough to put on different types of music. That said, the club scene is very healthy here. There's generally always very large turnouts for gigs, which does make a difference. I found that in Dublin it is a lottery to fill a club, one week it's packed, the next it's empty, often regardless of who's playing.

DJ Gar : Your myspace page lists some interesting influences. From Steve Rachmad and Speedy J (who also have upcoming Dublin gigs) to Megadeath and Pantera!! And the fact that you initially hated house music is well documented. Your sound has been described as "a European's take on Detroit techno" and "Gregory is at his best when he stirs his cauldron of deep melodies, dark rhythms and intricate textures into unexpected blends" Keeping in mind all of the above, it's makes describing the Chymera sound challenging!! How would you describe it?

Chymera : Yeah I think that everything I have ever listened to, since a young age up until now influences my sound in some way.. whether you can hear the influence or not. I would describe the Chymera sound simply as melodic techno. It touches on many different genres but I think melodic techno is generally the best way to describe it.

DJ Gar : You played Deaf 2008 with John Daly and Soul AD. How was the gig and how do Irish crowds compare to the international crowds you've played for?

Chymera : Great fun, although I was sick as a dog with flu! There was a big crowd and the reaction was very positive. I have to say I generally always enjoy playing in Ireland. I've played here for many years while developing my live sound and dj style and I usually know what the crowds are going to be like. It's tough sometimes playing in a foreign country and you have no idea how your music is going to be received. I do get very nervous before any gig, big or small, but the nerves diminish if it's somewhere that I have played before and I know what to expect from the crowd. On occasion the support djs are playing something completely different to what I play and I have to wonder if the promoter has even listened to any of my sets before booking. I just have to play my thing, and usually it goes down very well.

DJ Gar : Your debut album, "Everybody dies... Even horses", released in 2005, received some great reviews. Since then you've consistently released a string of singles, EP's and remixes, with tracks licensed for several high profile mixes (Global Underground, Fabric etc) plus being voted 3rd best chillout artist in the 2007 beatport awards... all impressive stuff. Was there a pivotal moment when you though, "damn , I've made it!!!"

Chymera : Hmmm, I guess the pivotal moment for me was signing a track to Ovum back in 2006 (although it didn't come out until 2007). That was the first big 'wow' moment. Another would have been the first couple times that I unexpectedly heard some random international DJ playing one of my tracks out in their sets. Since then I've been taking things more in my stride. I'm confident in my abilities as a producer although I'm still nowhere near the level that I want to be. I've been pushing myself in the studio all of this year and its been a difficult but rewarding experience. I'm finishing up some new things now which should see the light of day in 2009.

DJ Gar : What was the last album you bought and the last gig you went to?

Chymera : Last album I bought was 'Pj Harvey - Stories from the city, Stories from the sea', and last gig I went to was last night, the macarena in barcelona.. for some late drinks.

DJ Gar : You're playing the Twisted Pepper on the 10th of January are you looking forward to the gig and what can the crowd expect to hear?

Chymera : Absolutely.. Always a pleasure to play for the bodytonic guys. I loved the Pod and I'm interested to see what the Twisted pepper is like now. I've also got a new toy for my live sets, so I'll be busting out some sounds on that for the live gig.

DJ Gar : So, the future! Any major plans for 2009?

Chymera : Major plans, hmmm ... Make music, find a girlfriend, eat more food, cut down on alcohol, get fit, and plan world domination.


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