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Written by CGNY   
Saturday, 08 May 2010 16:35

An interview with Shit Robot... by Fiona Walsh


Shit Robot

Marcus Lambkin began DJing in 1992 after moving to NYC from Dublin. There he got together with some friends to play dance music on a Sunday night at the now famous rock venue, Brownies. After learning the ropes, Marcus made a mix tape and handed it out to three venues in the hopes of getting some work. He got three gigs, which went on to become two residencies. One of which was the now legendary Save The Robots, where Marcus was resident for 2 years. During this time Marcus met fellow Irishman Dominique Keegan and formed Plant Records, Plant Saturdays and Plant Bar. The latter went on be called the “coolest and loudest bar in New York City” by face magazine (10/02). It was at Plant Bar that Marcus and DFA’s James Murphy started the Shit Robot party, named after James’ crap robot drawing…


Shit Robot

Fiona: So I have to ask you – where did the name Shit Robot come from?

Shit Robot: I have James Murphy to thank for that. Thanks James, career suicide, nice one! It’s from a party we used to do together in NY. When Wrong Galaxy was coming out he asked if I was going to be Marcus lambkin or Shit Robot. I never liked being DJ Marcus Lambkin, I just thought it was pretty lame, I figured I should have some balls and go for it. I really wasn’t thinking past the 12” though I have to admit. I never thought I’d be signed to DFA and have an album coming out.

Fiona: What were your influences growing up – the music you listened to?

Shit Robot: Before acid house I listened to a lot of Killing Joke, The Ramones and Dead Kennedys, stuff like that.

Fiona: You started deejaying when you came to NYC, how did that come about? Were you djing in Ireland before you moved here?

Shit Robot: No, I had never DJ’ed before. I used to hang out with Johnny Moy in the shed in his back garden when he was learning to DJ, so I picked up the ropes there. I was buying records for years though. The good ones were really hard to get in Dublin back then though, only a couple of copies would come in and the likes of Johnny and Liam Dollard would get them, so I used to buy a lot of weirder stuff for the B-sides. When I moved to NY I found all those hard to get records in the shitty bins in the house stores, it was a gold mine for me.

Fiona: Tell us about your work with DFA records? What was your first release with them?

Shit Robot: Wrong Galaxy was the first release. There’s not much to say about working with DFA, it’s basically a bunch of friends hanging out and making music together. It‘s pretty sweet.

Fiona: You live in Germany now? But you frequent NYC – how do you feel the dance music scene has changed over the years – any trends you’ve noticed?

Shit Robot: Yeah, it’s changed a lot. The disco scene has really grown, it’s a great thing. NY clubs can be weird sometimes and seeing all the hipsters getting off to disco is great.

Shit Robot

Fiona: Do you get to play in Ireland much? And what’s it like going home? Any thoughts on the EDM and producers coming out of from Ireland?

Shit Robot: Yeah, I play here quite a bit, it’s great. I love coming home and the Irish clubbers are awesome, it’s one of my favorite places to play in the world. The crowd are really up for it and they are well educated, it’s a real pleasure. Yeah, I think there is a lot of good, young, up and coming producers coming out of Ireland right now, there seems to be some great bands too.

Fiona: You play an eclectic mix of music in your sets spinning Dennis Ferrer and Lipps Inc on your last NYC gig – do you favor a particular style?

Shit Robot: No, not really, it depends on where I’m playing. I like to mix it up a bit, I get bored playing the same style after a while. I do love playing techno and house though.

Fiona: Any artists you are really liking these days?

Shit Robot: Yeah, that Dennis Ferrer track you mentioned is one of my faves right now, he rules.

Fiona: What’s next for Shit Robot? When are you back in NYC/Dublin next?

Shit Robot: I’m playing in Dublin this weekend actually, Saturday night at The Good Bits, can’t wait. I’m also playing in Cork with Generic People on Friday. Come say hi!

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