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Written by CGNY   
Friday, 15 April 2016 15:35

It takes all kinds of strategies and approaches to get people to hear your music these days. Sometimes a clip of viral footage can showcase a track better than any amount of promos or big name plays. Such is the case with one of the most recent releases from Fabrice Torricella. The Italian DJ/producer (based in France) came to our attention via a huge viral clip!! We investigated and tracked him down for your reading pleasure!

CGNY: First of all congrats on Coven! This is the track that brought you to my attention.  You made the trailer for that which features some old school rave footage. And the track was a perfect fit.  I googled it because it sounded like an old school rave track itself! Imagine my surprise to find it was freshly made!Tell us a little about the origins of that?

FT: Hi! First I want to thank you for your attention. “Coven” is a track I made during the winter of 2015. I wanted to do something really old school and underground with this theme. When the track was finished, I was not happy with the result. A few weeks later I made some changes, but I never sent it to labels because the track was too much different from the actual techno sound.  Finally I decided to release it on my own label Qubiq Records for the 5 years sampler. It was re-released in December 2015 as an EP with 2 additional remixes from Al Ferox & Ethan Fawkes. The trailer was an idea from Arthur (Easy Morph) who works with my label. The old school rave footage was perfect with the track. Now it's the best seller of the label, and permitted us to have an incredible visibility all around the world due to the reposts of the clip.

CGNY: You have your own label as you mentioned, Qubiq Records.  What artists do you work with besides yourself – do you strive for a particular sound?

FT: Yes. Qubiq Records was created in 2010. A lot of international artists are now working with us and Qubiq is growing up slowly but surely with the kind of quality I want. We're producing a powerful techno and underground sound.  I'm not looking at the names but the quality of the demos I receive. I think it's the right way.

CGNY: There are some great techno talents coming from France these days. Do you think there is a reason for that – a resurgence of interest in techno or it’s been there all along?

FT: I think there are great talents everywhere now not just particularly in France. In the 90's to produce a good track, you needed at least 2000 dollars of gear. Now with laptop and music software, you can let go your creativity. Techno was more underground before. Now this music style touches more and more people every day, and the interest for it is growing up.

CGNY: As regards your music and techno djing – what got you into the scene initially? What drew you to the music?

FT: I started at the end of the 90s. I turned into techno because it was easier for me to create music with drum machines, groove boxes, and samplers because I don't play any instruments. I remember the first time I heard techno music I fell in love with it.

CGNY: Where are you playing out these days and what are your plans for 2016?

FT: I just played this year in 2 big festivals and the last one a few weeks ago (Wat Music Festival). For the past 2 years I'm not playing a lot but I look always for the quality of my gigs.

For 2016 I would love to play again in Germany and in Ibiza.For the producer side, I'm still working with Bush Records this year and I have some objectives to sign with some new labels.

CGNY: What’s your gear set up like? – to produce and dj?

FT: To produce I use Ableton Live with Maschine and some hardware (Roland MC 505 - Roland MC 808 - TR707 - M-Audio Venom - Compressor).

To dj, I play cds, vinyls or Sync with Traktor Scratch Pro and Maschine as controller.  I'm not a big fan of USB keys.  (It’s my old school side lol).

For live acts, I use Ableton live with APC40 + Maschine + MC808.

CGNY: What other projects/gigs are you working on?

FT: I have another side project for producing house music. (Just 3 EPs in 3 years) and I lead another label called Qubiq Platinum Series for electronica and finest techno. Now I concentrate on my next releases as Fabrice Torricella.

CGNY: What message if any are you trying to convey in your music or you just want people to dance?!

FT: I make the music I love: dark and percussive.  There is not a special message in my music. If my tracks are played and people enjoy them, it's says I've done my job.

CGNY: Favorite track at the moment – (not your own!)

FT: Red Hot Chili Peppers - Fortune Faded (with the mighty John Frusciante on guitar). Not a new track. Not a techno track. But my favorite actually.

Check out Fabrice here

Soundcloud : https://soundcloud.com/fabrice-torricella

Facebook : https://www.facebook.com/Fabrice-Torricella-1715366902031934/?fref=ts

Last Updated on Friday, 15 April 2016 16:01

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