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Written by CGNY   
Tuesday, 16 September 2014 16:34

Synthek and Audiolouis are Unwise. But there is nothing unwise about their debut full length album out on Natch Records. With lush electronica and a rich audiovisual component, this duo are making waves in the techno world. Next up is a slew of remixes for Unwise including some CGNY faves Zadig and Sleeparchive.

CGNY: Hello and thanks for the chance to chat about your latest project. First of all how do you know each other and start working on music together?

Unwise: We met something like 8 years ago, living in the same city we got to know each other through mutual friends. We frequented a sound engineer school in Naples and, after the diploma, Luca moved to London. We were not in touch during that period but when he came back to Italy, after two years, we started to write music together, and consequently realizing the desire to open a techno label: Natch Records.

CGNY: This album feels like a full delicious techno meal, one course following the next! When you work on a release such as this are you focused on putting tracks together to ‘paint a picture” if you will or do you approach as individual tracks standing alone and then put them together afterwards?

Unwise: The “Album Picture” was painted with a totally different approach. The album is techno, but talks also about ambient, dub, electronic, idm… all influences which never showed up in our past releases. The album was conceived in studio, where we worked back to back on every single tracks, and starting from ambient tool and experimental dub, it was really natural to blend all together.


CGNY: How does living and working in Berlin shape your music design?

Unwise: Moving to Berlin was probably the key in our music development since we have the opportunity to live close to many other artists and perceive many great influences. Berlin is the perfect place to fully dedicate to your own creative world and deliver your true self through the music.

CGNY: And now the process of your remixes for these tracks begins! Some pretty great names lined up for that including Zadig and Antigone (swa both play in Tresor recently) How did you decide on whom you wanted for remixers?

Unwise: We wanted to involve the artists that we deeply respect, trying to make a good balance between them. Somehow, each artist draws another. We choose them thinking which one could reflect which track best. The album tunes drew on the style and the identity of Natch Records, and the remixes rapresent in full the face of the label.

CGNY: Great visuals also with this project. Tell us a bit about working with your AV designers?

Unwise: Licht Pfad studio is composed of unique visual designers. We deeply admire their talent in creating a strong bridge between sound and images, presenting our music in the best way possible.

Luca met Stanislav, the founder, during a gig at Tresor, since he’s not just a visual artist but also a really amazing live performer. After some talks the idea came up to start a collaboration, which gave birth to this 20 minutes video featuring the preview of Unwise album which expresses a different dedicated visual for each track, simply amazing. We didn’t really plan in advance how the final work would look like and they managed to create visuals that are totally fitting our music and also our taste. That’s exactly the moment when we feel that our music is not only appreciated but also understood by the audience.


CGNY: What are some of the modules you use to produce? And how to you resolve musical differences as a duo? (if any!)

Unwise: Basically, we use 2 workstations synchronized via midi, where one takes care of the rhythm part and the other of the soundscape and effect. As outboard we have a Moog Slim Phatty which is very useful for bass and medium frequency, then we have a Roland SH-101, Nordlead 2x and a 4 voices synth Elektron Analog4 and all of them are mostly processed by a Sherman filter bank 2. The idea comes out after hours of recording, where we just play without a guideline. Then we edit the best synth part to build the final tune.

CGNY: Where are you performing next?

Unwise: Despite the fact that we share the studio since years, we don’t play together so often but we are working to make it happen.

There will be some single gigs for Synthek in south of Italy, London and Berlin and an upcoming tour in  South America in the end of the year…but also together for one of more dates of the album tour, planned for this years in London,Rome and Naples for now…

CGNY: Where’s your favorite place to eat in Berlin?

What we really miss from our country (Naples) is the pizza, so nothing better than “Masaniello”:)

CGNY: An alien lands from another planet and has no clue what techno is! What track/album do you hand over as a learning tool?

Unwise: Unwise and Lie To God are definitely the tracks that are worth listening :)






Last Updated on Friday, 19 September 2014 19:57

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