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Written by CGNY   
Monday, 02 June 2014 14:32

The beauty of music for me is all about discovery; finding an artist or a new sound you hadn't heard before. While Christian Wünsch has been working as dj/producer for many years his new release Internal Conversion is most certainly a discovery and a wonderous entrance into a new world. We caught up with him for a little chat.

CGNY: Hi Christian! I’ve literally just finished listening to your new release, “Internal Conversion” on Pole Group and I’m super impressed. Every track is solid gold techno. Tell us a little about your inspiration for this album? How long were you in the studio on this project?

CW: Hi CGNY! First of all, thanks for your nice words.

I actually came up with the plan to make an album around 2 years ago, I spent an incredible amount of time in the studio working on this idea and trying to perfect the sounds that I wanted, however that doesn't mean to say that it took me 2 years to create. In fact a number of tracks I was working on for this project were actually put out as EPs prior to the release of ‘Internal Conversion’. I’d say that he majority of the tracks from the album were made between October 2013 and January 2014, apart from 2 of them that were made in the beginning of 2013.

CGNY: The album is described as a “voyage into sound”. What do you think makes that voyage happen – is it melody, drums, a particular vision of atmosphere you wish to create?

CW: Well, I think that probably in most of the tracks is the atmosphere with some sounds that make this voyage happen but also the drums do the job in others..

CGNY: The track titles are interesting, Augen Electrons (my fave track) and Nuclear Transition to mention two. How did you decide upon the track titles?

CW: All tracks names are related to the album´s title "Internal Conversion", I took them from an article about nuclear process.

CGNY: You are the only techno or indeed music producer I’ve come across from Monaco! But you grew up in Spain mostly. How did you get involved in the music business?

CW: Haha, actually I haven't come across any other techno producers from Monaco either, although there must be some good electronic producers there, somewhere!

Anyway, as you said I grew up in Spain mostly, that´s why I feel more Spanish than anything else.

I started out on my musical path djing at home in 1992, three years later in 1995 I moved over to the UK for 2 years and enrolled on a sound engineering course, it was this time that I started to produce electronic music.

In 1997 I sent a tape to Sonar which was selected and they invited me to play at the festival. That was my second gig ever and the beginning of my career!

CGNY: How do you think techno and your sound specifically has evolved over the years?

CW: Well I think techno has evolved a lot over the years but all ways conserving the essence, so has my sound.

CGNY: Where do you love playing the most?

CW: Right now i would say Holland!!! The crowds there are amazing, they always give 100 percent to the party.

CGNY: Are you still passionate about djing as when you started?

CW: Yes!!! techno passion forever!!!

CGNY: Where are you playing next and any plans for a Stateside visit?

CW: My next gigs are in Holland (Amsterdam, Arnhem, Urtrecht), Spain (Barcelona, Madrid, Vitoria, La Coruña), Hungary (Budapest), Germany (Berlin)... Lots coming up!

CGNY: An alien lands from another planet and has no clue what techno is! What track/album do you hand over as a learning tool?

CW: Internal Empire by Mr Hood! and of course I will show them my album too to see what they think about it… :)

More on Christian below:



Take a preview listen to Internal Conversion below:

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