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Written by CGNY   
Monday, 31 March 2014 14:04

For French electronic artist Rone - inspiration is everywhere! His latest release "Apache" showcases the mult-talented producers broad sweep of electronica from dance floor to the deeper, "thinkier' groove. He is at Glasslands this Thursday and will head out west to play Coachella later this month. We caught up with him ahead of his NYC appearance.

CGNY: Bienvenue et merci pour cette interview! First of all I’m looking at the amount of plays on SC for one of your tracks on your latest release Apache – something like 30,000!! Beautiful music! Congrats. How long have you been working on this record?

Rone: I produced the 3 new tracks during the Tohu Bohu album tour in France… I “tested” them several times live, I made them evolve from one concert to the next… eventually I finished them, giving the final touch in a few days in the studio. I’ve been working on that record for quite a while, but at the same time it was all quite spontaneous.

CGNY: Apache is out on Agoria’s label and you’ve also release on Curle (Lucy) (both featured on CGnY previously). Do you adapt your music for a particular label ahead of time or do you make it and then see where the best fit is?

Rone: No, I don’t really make my music sound different according to the label it’s on… Actually I’ve been faithful to the label Infiné for a while because with them I feel free to do whatever I want. My sound evolves naturally, over meeting people, working on projects, collaborations…or my own wishes. When I worked with the band The National, with High Priest (of Antipop Consortium) or with John Stanier (of Battles), every single time it took me to a different place. I’d even say my sound is totally different if I work for a movie soundtrack, or when I prepare a live set for a club at 3am… That’s what I like: to not set myself limits when it comes to sound experimenting.

CGNY: Did you grow up listening to any particular style of music? Any traditional music training? Seems like there might be!?

Rone: I was lucky enough to grow up in a rather varied musical environment. At home when I was a child, my mum listened to classical music and jazz in the living room, while my sister was listening to rock and rap in her bedroom… And I was sailing from one environment to the other. It gave me a good background. Then I made my own musical discoveries, especially with electronic music.

CGNY: How would you describe your music to those who may not be familiar?

Rone: It’s very difficult to describe music with words, especially one's own. My music’s often been referred to as “cinematographic" electronic music. I must admit that, even in my dance floor tracks, I like the idea that my music tells a story, that it takes the listener on a journey...

CGNY: Would you say the move to Berlin has helped or changed your musical output in anyway- being as it’s a hub for electronic music these days?

Rone: Yes, the environment has a big influence on creativity, that’s for sure. But I wouldn’t say that I’ve been influenced by Berlin’s electronic scene; at the end of the day I don’t go out to clubs that much because I already spend so much time in the studio and on the road playing my own concerts. It’s more the city itself that’s been a source of influence: the space, rhythm, encounters… Actually I just moved back to France; let’s see how that will translate on the next album.

"Inspiration is everywhere. Really! In art, the news, everyday life… it’s difficult to identify. The problem is not the inspiration, it’s the expiration. We have it all in us… the hardest part is to get it all out, to express it with music. "

CGNY: What was your inspiration for this latest work – and in general for your music?

Rone: Inspiration is everywhere. Really! In art, the news, everyday life… it’s difficult to identify. The problem is not the inspiration, it’s the expiration. We have it all in us… the hardest part is to get it all out, to express it with music.

CGNY: Have you played the US before? Will this be a live set you’re playing here?

Rone: Yes, I already played once in Washington and in New York. I loved it! I’m glad to come back to NYC, and to be able to go for the first time to Detroit, Chicago, Los Angeles, San Francisco… I’ll play my music live, and I can’t wait to see the response!

CGNY: How has the tour been going so far for you – any stand out gigs? We’re looking forward to your show at Glasslands Thursday.

Rone: The tour’s going really well! In a way it’s the reward for long hours spent alone in the studio, I get to play for big crowds, to travel, make encounters…

CGNY: Will you have any time to sight-see while you’re here?

Rone: Not really because the tour is quite full-on with a gig nearly every night… but I hope to be able to enjoy every city I’m playing.

CGNY: You must be excited to be playing Coachella? It’s such a huge music festival!

Rone: Yes of course! I’m really proud and happy! Such a cult festival.


Popgun presents Rone plays Glasslands Gallery Thursday April 3rd. tickets here



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