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Written by CGNY   
Friday, 14 February 2014 20:22

Tim van Paradijs (Invite) is a purveyor of finest quality techno from around the globe! From its inception his own "INVITES CHOICE" podcast has been showcasing some stellar artists. But Tim is a great dj and producer in his own right, clocking up many years in the music business and over the last decade or so the techno train. His own sets have been some of CGNY's favorites and we're very pleased that he made a 3 hour guest mix to share this week. Enjoy!

CGNY: First of all thank you for taking time to do this! I’ve been a fan of your podcast INVITES CHOICE for a while! Tell us about your start in this crazy world of techno!

Tim: It didn't start with techno. In 1989 I received a cassette from a guy who was living in the same street. I knew his brother and I always heard strange and freaky sounds coming out of his room. He gave me the cassette with acid, rave, hardcore etc. From that moment I was addicted. I listened to a diverse range of genres. I think I discovered techno back in 1994. In the beginning I didn't understand it. It took me a few months before I understood it. I started buying techno records in 1996 and after my first Awakenings visit in October 1997 I was totally addicted to techno. The only music I listen to at that time was techno, just 24/7. Played 6 or more hour sets every day at home.

CGNY: The Dutch have a long history of involvement in techno and dance music. What were you listening to growing up and why do you think you gravitated towards techno?

Tim: As I mentioned earlier I listened to acid, rave, hardcore etc. I always heard a lot of Bob Dylan music in the years before. My dad is a fan of Dylan. He has a hugely diverse music collection, so I heard different genres. I'm really bad when it comes to names of the artists. I'm one of those guys who recognizes the artwork cover ;-) I always liked 60's music, old school hip-hop.

CGNY: When and how did you get into djing? What was your first piece of professional gear? What was your first gig like?

Tim: I started djing when I was sixteen years of age, so almost 17 years ago. I had already bought my first records a year earlier, but I started mixing when I was sixteen.

I was always interested when I saw djs playing their music at parties where I was dancing.

My first piece was a belt-drive turntable. It sucked, but hey better than nothing ;-)

My first gig was just a few months after I started mixing. It was an illegal party at a parking garage for about 500 people.

CGNY: What gave you the impetus to start your own podcast given the field of our industry is thick with them and why do you think it’s achieved such popularity?

Tim: Before I launched the podcast I had three reasons in my mind why I’d like to have my own series:

- I like to share good music with people.

- I like to have a nice balanced list with artists. Unknown or well known!

- All artists have total freedom in their choice of music!

I get a lot of compliments about the artists I've invited. People say that they're discovering a lot of new names.

For me it's very important to invite the new generation! There are so many good artists out there!

I always kept an eye on the new generation in the days when I was organizing parties and programming other parties 13 years ago. I always did the program for the 2nd room, which was the talent room. These things I now use in my podcast series, but mostly with the new generation artists from other countries. 

Besides the compliments about the artists I've invited, I think there are a lot of strong and exclusive mixes. I really thank the artists for this great quality.

In the end the artists are producing the quality of Invite's Choice. I'm only the guy who tries to invite a nice list of cool artists!

CGNY: With Invite – are you actively recruiting new folks or do you find now that people are submitting mixes to you? What do you look for in an artist you want to feature?

Tim: Yes, I'm actively recruiting new artists! There're artists who send me mixes, but when they're not on my long wish list they will not be providing a mix.

It's very simple. When I dig the releases of the artist I'm open for an episode!

CGNY: Your own dj sets are pretty special. What do you seek to achieve when playing for a crowd? What’s your prep before a gig?

Tim: Most important for me is that people have a good time! There are too many djs around who forget the people on the dance floor. Maybe I'm old-fashioned with my thoughts about djing, but never forget the people on the dance floor!

I don't have a special prep for a gig. Of course I will select proper music for the time and party were I will be playing at, but I always look at the dance floor and have enough music with me to change it to the mood of the party and the people!

CGNY: What about productions and remixes – what have you got going on – any special plans for 2014?

Tim: At the end of 2013 I finished my remix for Modular Expansion, a label from Greece. It will be out in a few months.

After the summer I will start my own Invite's Choice records label. It will be on vinyl! I think it's a nice addition next to the weekly podcast series.

It will be a platform to release my own original material as well as remixes from artists who already released a podcast.

I have plans this year to release more music but unfortunately there's no news to share with you right now!

CGNY: What have been some of your favorite places to play both here and abroad?

Tim: I've seen almost every club in The Netherlands but there are a few favorites! I had my first legal gig back in 2001 at location De Vloer which is nowadays known as Tivoli de Helling, Utrecht. I played there around 25 times in the last 12 years. It's still a special place for me! Doornroosje - Nijmegen is without a doubt one of my favorites. Burgerweeshuis - Deventer is wicked! Trouw - Amsterdam is beautiful. I really think that Paradigm - Groningen is totally Invite proof.

There's one other location that I’d like to mention. Since I visited it back in 1997 it was my biggest dream to play at Awakenings. I had the honour to close the amazing Gashouder - Amsterdam in 2008 after Jeff Mills. It's still the craziest gig I have done so far. Something I will never ever forget!

When it comes to playing abroad, I had the lucky chance to play in nine countries. My first one in Croatia in 2002 was amazing. It was a small outdoor festival near to a river.

The three times in Slovenia were great as well Czech Rep, which was organized in an old bathhouse which was built around 1500.

In 2012 I played in Edinburgh. I love the Scottish crowd. Friendly and crazy in one! YAS!

Played around 10 times in Belgium. Recently I had a great gig at Petrol Club - Antwerp.

CGNY: What is one of your pet peeves (if you have any!) about the industry you work in?

Tim: Unfortunately there are more and more people who don't give a damn about music. Showing their new clothes and talking all night is something you often see nowadays (in The Netherlands). Of course I understand that people will respond after the drop of a break, but the mainstream people only respond on breaks or highlights, while the rest of the set is more interesting.

CGNY: What do you like to do in your down time – secretly an avid stamp collector?!

Tim: I really like to go to the gym. You can catch me there 4 or 5 times a week! A few months ago I started reading books. I never liked it. I always had concentration problems. I still have those problems, but I try to interested myself in other things besides music.

CGNY: You can give one piece of music to a visitor from another galaxy that summarizes your taste?

Tim: Yann Tiersen - Comptine d'un autre été

CGNY: Thank you Tim!

Check out Tims exclusive guest mix below

Last Updated on Wednesday, 19 February 2014 15:07

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