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Written by CGNY   
Wednesday, 11 December 2013 15:09

People complain about the internet and its vagaries of communication but one thing is has done is allowed ease of accessibility to artists and music we might not otherwise encounter so easily. Thus is the case with Dutch dj/producer Dimi Angelis. I heard one of Dimis sets a few years back and immediately knew this was one to watch! Previously featured in the New Noise section, Dimi and his producing partner Jeroen Search are going from strength to strength and this weekend sees them play live at Berghain and I will be fortunate to be in attendance! Here's a little catch up with Dimi ahead of his gig.

CGNY: Tell us a bit about what's been going on with you since we last did the feature on CGNY?

Dimi: A lot has been going on. Deep techno is becoming more popular again and it continues to grow which is good for the whole techno scene and for our label A&S. More frequent studio sessions are fun too. No struggling about what to do but but creating what your heart says. We also started doing A&S live gigs which is going well. Very interesting bookings lined up for 2014!

CGNY: You're playing Berghain Dec 14 - A&S live...excited and why is Berghain such a special party?Also you will be coming here to NYC in January- finally - excited to share your music with the NYC crowds?What's going on with Counterpart?

Dimi: Berghain is Techno. The venue, the sound system, the crowd, the interaction and the energy. Everything is perfect for a great performance. Actually you can’t go wrong over there. I’m sure we will have a lot of fun!

And yeah! I’m really looking forward to my gig in NYC in January for Erratic. As you said, it’s finally going to happen, yes! I’ve never played in the USA before so I’m really curious to see how the people will respond to my music and dj set.

Heard great stories from colleagues about NYC parties so I’m looking forward to this trip a lot. Excited!

No news about Counterpart, however. We put Counterpart on hold for a while to focus more on A&S and A&S Live. More news in 2014. Stay tuned..

CGNY: What has been the highlight of 2013?

Dimi: Pfeeew, dunno what to say.  It’s to easy to say its the Berghain gig. I think its the Berghain gig (LoL) but also the success of our label A&S and the amazing support from Jeff Mills, Ben Klock and DVS1. Jeroen and I feel blessed that they support our stuff so much. When I look back at 2013 this whole year feels good, especially musicwise with many great gigs. Basically, 2013 is one big highlight sort of.

CGNY: Your favorite track (of another artist) if you have one?

Dimi: Only one?!  Nah, that’s not possible. I will give you 3 tracks I like a lot at this moment and which I’ve been playing in almost all of my sets recently.

Inigo Kennedy - VHSK II - Token

Legowelt - Do What You Gotta Do - Creme

Rich Oddie - Boodstream - Surface

To be honest, there’s way too much good music nowadays to choose just one (or three) and I’m happy with a shitload of good techno in 2013!

For more on Dimi go here - www.dimiangelis.com

A&S live - part of Klubnacht at Berghain Sat Dec 14th.

Last Updated on Wednesday, 11 December 2013 16:41

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