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Written by CGNY   
Friday, 08 November 2013 19:51


It's always good to catch up with folks CGNY's feature at the inception of the site and see where and what they've been up to. Lenny Posso has been working away the past 2 years, steadily building a heady mix of techno releases on Thema and the sister/brother label Chronicle. Tomorrow night he's back on the deck in NYC at Output part of the BEMF (Brooklyn Electronic Music Festival) happening this weekend. Let's have a peak shall we?

CGNY: So Lenny it’s been a while since we connected – tell us a bit about what’s been going with you.  I know you’ve got a lot of activity going on with your label Thema and also Chronicle.

Lenny: Hi Fiona, yes it has been awhile and there’s tons going on. I’m very happy to announce a stable residency at Output with many dates and great artists lined up for the next coming months. I left the DYI parties behind as we all know how hard they may be to successfully execute. I don't have that much time to invest in these types of things as I've been focusing on the labels while holding down a full time job and doing freelance projects on the side. As you know NYC is a hustle….and it’s not cheap place.

But early next spring I plan to make the move over to Berlin as I've been wanting to do for some time. I'm getting all the necessary things lined up for that (website for the labels, one for myself as a professional graphic designer, re-branding the label, products to help promote the labels, booking agent and such…). I can say though, that it won't be a permanent stay, just for a good chuck of time. I need to get over there to be able to delve more into Thema, Chronicle, and Thema Nights. I can also say that most of the focus lately has been on Chronicle as it is shaping up to be a really amazing and fulfilling project. I look forward in developing that platform a lot further…

CGNY: You’re playing with our good friend and yours Steve Rachmad on Nov 9th at Output as part of Brooklyn Electronic Music Festival. First time at Output – excited to be on the decks there? It’s been 3 years to my knowledge since you both shared the decks at the CGNY/Trilogy party!

Lenny: Yeah I can't wait to see Steve again, last few times he's been in town we had a great time. He's such an easy going great guy. One thing I love about Steve is that with all the success he is still a real person. In other words he doesn't let it get to is head. But yes, I’m very excited to man the decks with that amazing sound system. I look forward to flexing on that Funktion One, should be a lot of fun!

CGNY: You’ve been touring a lot recently – tell us about any special stand out gigs overseas that you’ve had?

Lenny: Yes I have been and very happy to be doing so! So once I settle into Berlin, that will be one of the main objectives as I have a lot of friends and connections throughout Europe, Russia, and Asia. One key place that will always hold a special place in my heart is Lyon as they have been one of the major supporters for me and the label. The vibe is amazing there, so much love… however I can say that the best place for me that I've been playing at quite regularly is at Kater Holzig in Berlin. What I love about the space is that it’s not the most glamorous or famous of clubs, but its dirty, gritty and has an amazing sound system in all the rooms (I enjoy playing the big room the most). The crowd goes absolutely crazy with whatever I play, I love it! I can go as deep and or as heavy as I like and their there with me the whole time, I love it! I've played for like 5 hours once and it was a serious journey!  I sweat my ass off while playing and best of all I make everyone in the room sweat as well. In the end of my sets I always feel like it’s worth it…  all the uphill battles, going upstream, all the crap that one has to deal with over here to stay in the game. I always have a great time playing there. I was just invited to play there on their closing weekend this December 29, 2013. They have to close their doors cause of some lease expiring and moving to a new spot later on in the year. I've also been invited to play at some super legendary clubs for Thema Nights and Chronicle in the near future, but I’ll hold that under wraps for now ;) A lot of love for the labels over there, so yeah I do look forward to establishing a headquarters in Berlin. I think it’s going to be a lot of fun!

CGNY: The last time I saw you – you played a super set at Cameo Gallery with Mike Huckaby. How much does the Detroit sound influence your style – I know you’ve worked a lot with Terrence Dixon on Thema, so it seems like it does!

Lenny: Yeah-that was a fun night playing with Mike. I also played with him earlier in the year at the Rex in Paris. Unfortunately I was fighting the super flu which later turned into a sinus infection, so you can only imagine. Regardless it was an honor to play at the Rex and with Mike, so I did the best I could. As for Cameo, that was definitely a good night! Those guys are doing a great job there. As far as my sound goes, Detroit has always been a great influence on me but I can also say so has London, the French scene, and the Germans. I think it’s hard to define one particular place that has the greatest influence on me.

CGNY: Another CGNY favorite whom we’re hoping to feature soon on the site is Staffan Linzatti – tell me about how you came to find him and work with him on Chronicle.

Lenny: Ah-good old Staffan, I love that guy! Let’s see, how did I find him? I think it was this one record that he made on Stockholm Ltd, a track called "Prophet of Regret" which was an amazing track and after hearing it played on major systems, I knew I had to get in touch with him. I felt he had the sound and textures that I was looking for to help define the sound of Chronicle. So yeah, our first Chronicle release with him "The Confirmer" (EVENT0003) was a huge success and now doing a following up release titled "The Slight, But Dramatic Difference" which is also another monster! That’s up next after Aiken's "Eternal Dreamer" (EVENT0006). So look out for it, it should be coming out by the end of the year. I'm very excited about it.

CGNY: Whats next after Output gig –wise and any other projects you can tell us about?

Lenny: Up next, after the night with Steve and Mathias, I will be playing December 20th for Bunker with Thema Nights in the Panther Room with Dave Aju and Elbee Bad and then in January with Norm Tally, also at Output. And as mentioned in the previous question I will also be heading over to Berlin for a short tour from December 26th through January 6th.

I'm also very excited for the next upcoming Thema release with a good friend Kosme from Lyon with his debut EP, that one is killer deep house bomb. Staffan dropping his next EP for Chronicle, both coming out before end of the year, so look out for those two!  Oh also some nice new talents coming up on Thema Digital with an amazing artist from Japan, Hokuto Sato. After that one, will be from a good friend who used to live in Brooklyn but now lives in Berlin, Damien K. Sahri and then a follow up w Martin Bellomo.

So that's it for now, always tons of things in the pipeline. I want to thank you Fiona for this interview and I look forward to seeing you on the dance floor. You Rock!

Here's a link to a super mix - Lenny has shared part of with us. Enjoy! Proper techno!



1. Samuli Kemppi - Risset's Glitch - Chronicle
2. Staffan Linzatti - Destination - Chronicle
3. Samuli Kemppi - Transmission - Chronicle
4. Function - Against The Wall - Ostgut Ton
5. Thomas Heckman -untitled -  Sub~Wave
6. Jonas Kopp - In My Soul - Traut Music
7. Floorplan - Eclipse - M-Plant
8. Reeko - Segmento 2 - Mental Disorder
9. Staffan Linzatti - Another Welcome - Chronicle
10. Claude Young - Locked - Disco B
11. Planetary Assault Systems - Turn - Mote Evolver
12.  Phase - untitled - Cosmic
13.  Rødhåd - Hope - Distopian

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