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Written by CGNY   
Friday, 25 October 2013 16:24

It's always a pleasure to feature local talent on CGNY and this week is no exception. Tim Chan aka Chanski is an up and coming techno dj and producer here with a brand new release on Aerotropic. Since our first days of connecting on a dance floor and subsequently working together doing the CGNY Dark Edition parties (with cassegrain and REALMZ), I've known that Tim had something special. His sets are always surprising and delicious and now with his new productions we can hear even more of his own unique spin on techno. He's been featured as guest mixer many times but this time we got a chance to chat to him and hear his own techno journey! Read the words below from Adrianna Tobar.

CGNY: It’s a pleasure to be interviewing you today Chanski I want to start off with, how about a bit about your background for readers who aren’t familiar with Chanski?

Chanski: I started deejaying as Chanski four years ago at local parties in NYC bars and lounges. I’m an avid follower of Techno music in NYC underground scene. I started producing about two years ago and with a recent first EP release on Aerotropic.

CGNY: How did your DJ/producing all begin?

Chanski: It was during a time that I was going to give up electronic music, what I mean by give up is, I got tired of the sound that was played in NYC clubs. So, I was going to give up on going out and move on with the current music scene. But then I met a current friend of mine. We got to talk about music and we had similar taste but he was definitely more knowledgeable. He introduced me to this type of "Techno" sound…long story short he took me to this party in Brooklyn called The Bunker. The deejay that was playing that night was Ben Klock. I never heard of him before and he was playing this sound that was very different and foreign to my ears. Definitely different from what I was use to hearing in NYC clubs. I was amazed, completely in awe. It was a sound I never heard before, not only the music was great, the vibe and the crowd were amazing. It was something I was searching for a long time that disappeared from the NYC scene I’m used to. I had such an amazing time, I started going to every event. That’s kind of how it sparked my interest again in music.

CGNY: You said you were about to give up on electronic music, what were you listening at around this time that made you lose that spark which techno brought back?

Chanski: This was a point were a lot of clubs got shut down in NYC. I was following progressive house and minimal at that time, before that it was generally everything that was being played at Limelight, Twilo, and Tunnel, but the clubs all disappeared from NYC. Then after, I got bored of the sound. I started researching this Techno sound and that’s how it began.

CGNY: Techno changed your life in a different direction. Right when you thought it was over it just began.

Chanski: I never thought I was going to start deejaying or producing. I got this idea that I should create my own music and DJ. I was listening to electronic music for so long; I thought why I don’t do something about it. When I heard Techno, I wanted to hear more of this sound. So I started to learn how to DJ. I did a lot of research of what’s out there; what I can use to DJ. I discovered there are lot of new music software and technology that made it easier to learn how to DJ and create music where as many years ago it was a lot more difficult and expensive.

CGNY: So it seems that producing might have always been an interest. Do you enjoy one over the other?

Chanski: I enjoy producing better; I wanted to create my own sound. I was very curious of how the electronic music production process works. It was a curiosity and also a challenge for me.

CGNY: And 2 years later your first EP release on Aerotropic. How did this come about?

Chanski: Meeting people at parties, I went to a Twice as Proper event; I met Daniel who is the founder of Twice as Proper. As I got to know him we shared stories and he asked me to send him some of my production tracks because one of his good friends who is a well-known DJ/Producer Onda Skillet, was starting a new music label called Aerotropic. He was looking for new materials to be released. This gave me a goal to go back and finish all my tracks because I never really finalized my tracks to completion. I only produce for myself and for my own listening enjoyment. He happened to love my stuff and decided to release my first EP on Aerotropic.

CGNY: Name of your EP is called Resurrection, what does this name mean to you?

Chanski: Before I was introduced to Aerotropic, I had the chance to release one of my tracks on a really well known label. However, it fell through. I was okay with it because I was only producing for my own enjoyment and continued too. When this opportunity came up with Aerotropic, I was excited. I felt that my tracks were being resurrected.

CGNY: I’m really digging that story and dope name. When I hear the name "Resurrection" I am curious to hear your tracks. Some of your tracks on Beatport are categorize as minimal/techno, how would you describe your tracks to those who haven’t heard your sound?

Chanski: When I produce my tracks, I produce with a lot of emotion and feelings. Some might describe my sound as hypnotic, moody, and dark. It’s a fair description, but at the end of day it’s what I feel. I create sound that moves me.

CGNY: I surely agree. Any special projects you’re currently working on?

Chanski: I have a new EP coming out soon on Aerotropic. Also, currently working on my first remix of Craft’s production. I like to think all my musical projects are special. I’ve been producing a lot lately and continuing to think of new ways to implement new sounds into my DJ performance.

CGNY: Looking forward to listening to the new EP being released. Chanski put together an exquisitely exclusive mix including some of his production. Any final words of wisdom for your music followers and readers?

Chanski: Go out and support your local DJ’s. And hope you enjoy listening as much as I enjoy putting together this mix.

Enjoy this exclusive CGNY guest mix below from Chanski!

Thanks to Adrianna Tobar for the feature!

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