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Written by CGNY   
Friday, 06 September 2013 18:30

In order to understand the history of techno, you have to know Detroit and the DJ's that have come from there who brought this sound to the world. Buzz Goree is such a dj. One of the original Underground Resistance members, he can trace his roots in music back to the early days of the emerging Detroit techno Now based in Berlin and touring extensively in Europe (also played Movement 2013) we caught up with him to find out a little of what makes him tick musically.

CGNY: Hi Buzz!! Can you tell us a little about your musical journey – where and when you got started?

Buzz: I started djing at the age of 12 years old in Detroit, playing back yard parties.

CGNY: Being a native Detroiter you had to have been around all the guys who brought this sound to life! Who did you first hear growing up and what made you decide to go into music as a dj/producer?

Buzz: I got my influence from watching clips on TV of footage of the Studio 54. I noticed the camera was always on the Dj. I was also influenced by a radio disc jockey by the name of "Tiger Dan" in the mid 70's and "The Electrifying Mojo" at the age of 14. I realized I was actually pretty good as a dj so I decided that it was the path I wanted to follow.

CGNY: Tell us about what’s going on with Mixworks as well – you had a major release this year with The Advent?

Buzz: Mixworks is currently focused on releasing new records and as well as production from Mixworks the group and artist development.

CGNY: You decided to move to Berlin last year. What prompted that decision?

Buzz: Actually I moved to Berlin in 2005 but I’m often in Detroit a few times a year. I noticed the United States was going through serious changes in the after math of 911, so I felt it was best to move to Europe: just more gigs there and easier travel.  Yes since I moved to Europe, I am able to play for my fans more often especially small underground promoters who are not in the game for big profits who support Detroit Techno and cannot afford big name dj's and sometimes cannot afford the flight cost of flying dj's over from the States. I like working with the underground promoters because I learned they really respect the music and they respect the underground spirit.

CGNY: How do you like Berlin versus Detroit?

Buzz: Well it’s a big difference from Berlin and Detroit. I love Berlin for its thriving night life and they support artists. I enjoy meeting interesting people from all over the world in Berlin.

CGNY: What is the Buzz Goree sound…I know you’re a vinyl guy mostly?

Buzz: My style is labeled as "The Detroit Sound”. I play hard house, minimal tech, and hi tech funk.

CGNY: What other career might you have chosen if not music?

Buzz: I would have been a chef.  I went to school for cooking.

CGNY: Tell us about what it was like being part of the UR (Underground Resistance)?

Buzz: Being in UR was a great stage to learn the music business, and learning how to make great world music. When I started in UR, there was no internet we just had fax machines so it was very hard work and very expensive to do international business. I’m still involved with the unit; me and Mike will always be brothers!

CGNY: How do you feel Detroit is for music these days – apart from Movement is there a good scene there?

Buzz: Well it’s hard and sometimes impossible to duplicate the past. Back in the early 90's we were on a serious quest in creating the Detroit Underground scene because the main stream clubs would not allow us in the clubs to dj so we had to create our own venues to play the music. Once we created venues the underground music lovers came to listen to me dj. I have been beaten up by cops and thrown in jail for playing this (Drug Music) as Detroit Police called it. There are not too many people releasing vinyl records from Detroit, just the veterans and a few nu-skool producers. But most of the nu-skool producers are digital download sluts. The underground scene is small but it’s consistent.

CGNY: With regard to gigs – what’s coming up this year for you?

Buzz: Well I’m focusing on producing for the next 6 months.

CGNY: When can we see you in NYC?

Buzz: As soon as a real promoter who is not just into booking big names but wants the true underground sound and wants to hear Buzz "Bangin" Goree spread his sonic gospel!

CGNY: What is your favorite ‘floor filler” track at the moment?

Buzz: Airglow Fires -R&S, Advent -D sector - Mixworks




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