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Written by CGNY   
Monday, 12 August 2013 14:10

Giorgio Gigli is a techno master. From deep, evocative soundscapes as evidenced in his collab with Obtane (below - a CGNY favorite) to his new release on EDLX label "Inside" that show his thoughtful approach to music.  We hope he makes it to NYC soon! In the meantime check out his latest podcast on for CLR - out today and read these words below!

CGNY: Hi Giorgio! Thanks for chatting to us. First off congrats on the new release on EDLX – which came out on July 15. It's a typical high quality Gigli release!  Tell us about the process behind this release on Speedy J’s label? EDLX is such a renowned label but you've released before here. What's "Inside" this!

Giorgio: Hi, is a pleasure talk with you!

I’m very happy hat you like “Inside”, when I’ve spoken with Jochem the 1st time about the idea to make my solo EP on EDLX, he was enthusiastic, he told me that loves my atmospheres and sound concept,  so for me it was a very important test.

I tried to do an EP that locked up inside my best concept about my style. Jochem is a very proactive person, and we discussed for a long time about the final concept, so we had lots of ideas how best to develop the EP step by step. Therefore meticulous attention has been given to packaging with a laser vinyl cut. The final result is a collector’s item.

CGNY: Wow so nice! When did you start making music, did you play any instruments?  Who did you listen to or was influenced by when you were growing up?

Giorgio: I am self-taught… I was ‘born” as a dee jay in 1991. My first approach was looking at other artists, I was fascinated by the gestures of djs with vinyls, through the years came the desire to produce music and the instruments that I learned to use over time are the synthesizers that I’ve now in my studio.

CGNY: Your music has at times an element of 'doom' techno - big spacey themes... where do you think that comes from? Who do you listen beside you?  Anyone we'd surprised maybe to hear you have in your collection!  (Do you sometimes go out for dancing?)

Giorgio: I think that my music tells what I am, so in all my productions you can “read” my story, and then you will understand immediately that I am a lover of film soundtracks.

I like many kinds of interpretation from Clint Mansell arriving to master Angelo Badalamenti, one of the most important artists that have inspired my sound concept.

I listen to many kinds of music, at the moment listening latest album from Boards of Canada, the “Grey” soundtrack, Zoviet France and UNKLE “End Titles... Stories for Film”

In the last years my passion for collecting vinyl is growing and my collection at the moment is very interesting, to name a few: Ennio Morricone ‎– The Thing - Original Motion Picture Soundtrack, Sounds Of The Space Age - From Sputnik To Lunar Landing Label: National Geographic ‎ and atom earth mother Ancient Faith.

I love going out to listen to other artists, it is one more incentive to stay with friends and get new ideas for my own music.

CGNY: How are the Italian club scenes or venues?  Are there a lot of chances for new comers / producers?

Giorgio: At the moment in Italy the club scene is growing. In the last years many promoters have organized many interesting events especially in Rome where there are many impressive locations that are good for these kinds of parties.

In Italy there are interesting artists but at the same time is not easy for all express themselves…

CGNY: What is your favorite club or venue in EUR/Italy. Any good places to you suggest for people who love your music to go check out?

Giorgio: There are in Europe two clubs that I love, Berghain (Berlin) and Maassilo (Rotterdam) in Rome there are other two important clubs; Goa and Brancaleone

CGNY: You've had a few collabs (Perc, Obtane) but any particular artist you would like to collaborate with - maybe not even in the techno genre? What do you think of cross-overs in the broader sense of dance music?

Giorgio: I love to make collaborations, it is the best way to know yourself…the connection with other artists makes you grow, I would love to have collaborated with Pete Namlook but that will stay a dream.

At the moment dance music has became pop music so there are different points of views about it, compared to how the music is interpreted. Dance music has become the soundtrack of our life, we can find it everywhere.

CGNY: Where are you playing next and what other productions are you working on?

Giorgio: At the moment my agencies are planning my next dates and tour for 2013/2014. There are many requests and that makes me very happy.

I working constantly in the studio, so there are always new collaborations etc, etc. In the next days will be released on Par Recordings, my collaboration with George Par a very interesting artist from Uruguay

I’ve finished an EP with Brendon Moeller a  remix for Wall Music and also working for M_Rec. Of course I would love one day to make an album, but first I need to find the time for all!

CGNY: You had many gigs in Europe, is there any chance that we will catch a gig in NYC sometime soon?

Giorgio: Hey sounds good! Of course, I would love to come in NYC for a tour. I hope that someone books me soon for that!

CGNY: Do you have any suggestions for aspiring djs or producers?

Giorgio: These kinds of questions are always not easy for me! Please if anyone has some suggestions for me, I'll invite him for a typical Italian dinner in my house and we can talk about it!

For more information visit -https://www.facebook.com/GiorgioGigliOfficial




Interview for CGNY by Kanako Kitada.

Last Updated on Monday, 12 August 2013 15:06

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